Obama Era Economic Stagnation Explained by Lemonade and Cookies

We don't need to ask the wizards of the Ivy League why Obamanomics is not working.  Everything we need to know can be explained with lemonade and cookies.  Or more specifically, a couple of news items from the last few days involving lemonade and cookies pretty well demonstrates why the economy is doing well in a few select places while being in the tank overall.  Two little anecdotes define conservative versus liberal economic thinking, not to mention the inevitable failure of the Obama regime. First, in Bethesda, Maryland parents were fined 500 dollars when their kids had the temerity to run an "un-authorized" lemonade (and other cold drinks) stand.  In fact, the venture was in part a fundraising effort to boot.  Talk about making lemons out of lemonade.  Now if you're scoring at home, this stunning tale makes it Bureaucrats 1 Entrepreneurs 0 in blue-state Maryland. Meanwhile, in Texas, Governor Rick Perry signed into law SB 81, making it legal for kids...(Read Full Article)