Jews Not Welcome to Buy Delta Tickets to Saudi Arabia

Delta Air Lines is adding Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance.  This will make it easier for Americans to fly to Saudi Arabia -- unless you're Jewish.  Saudi law bans Jews from entering Saudi Arabia, and Delta's partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines requires it to accept that law.  That means if you're Jewish or hold a passport from Israel and try to get on a flight to Jeddah out of New York or Washington, Delta employees will stop you.

Saudi Arabia is not the only country in the Middle East that forbids people with Israeli passports, as well as people who have simply visited Israel, from entering.  Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and others don't let Jews in, either.  So Delta is respecting the entry regulations of Saudi Arabia, not adopting consciously discriminatory policies against Jews. 

Why was the world up in arms over apartheid in South Africa but never says anything about this?  Why isn't there a global boycott of Saudi Arabia over its religious and gender apartheid?  The world could afford to be self-righteous about South Africa, but needs Saudi oil -- and Obama is doing nothing to drill here or open up our own oil reserves.

He should.  These Saudi rules are not worthy of respect, and no U.S. company should accommodate them.  It is illegal in the United States to discriminate on the basis of religion, and that's the only law that Delta should respect. 

And so Colby M. May, director and senior counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, said that his group was going to take action: "As we learn more about the issue and facts, we are determined to ensure that American citizens do not face discrimination by airlines like Delta that are passenger code-sharing with Saudi Arabian Airlines. We will be communicating our position with members of Congress, the State Department and Delta Air Lines to ensure that the rights of American citizens are protected."

If Delta airlines can adopt the "no Jews" policy of a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, would it not be fitting, and in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual respect, to adopt a "no Muslims" policy on certain airlines?  Lord knows, travel would be so much easier and enjoyable again, and cheaper (with security costs dramatically cut).  And we certainly would have no need for the TSA. 

Once we accept these racist Sharia-compliant regulations, it is a slippery slope.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is doing just that, forcing American companies to give special break times to Muslim workers for prayers, and inconveniencing the non-Muslim workers who have to work longer hours to make up for the Muslims' special breaks.

A federal judge awarded 1.35 million dollars to Somali Muslims.  The gripe?  Not receiving adequate prayer time.  Forget the fact that these some of same Muslim workers have been violent against their co-workers and the city itself.  Forget their Ramadan violence.  Forget the fact that some of these Muslims have vanished off the street, recruited to go to jihad and join the holy war in Somalia, with Americans living in fear of their return.  Forget all that.  What happened to no special classes for special people?  This is America -- there should be no special rights for special classes.

The EEOC is the willing dhimmi for creeping Sharia in the workplace, at the behest of the Hamas-tied Muslim Brotherhood group the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  Would they do this for complaints from Christians, Jews, and other non-believers in Islam?  Christians and Jews go to churches and synagogues to pray, not to their workplaces.  Yet now Hamas-tied CAIR, with the aid of tough Somali advocates, is turning workplaces into de facto mosques.

Mind you, it is not necessary for a Muslim to pray at a certain time.  These actions are merely devices in which to impose Islam on non-believers.  Prayer is not required on a strict schedule if a Muslim is unable to pray at the specified time; Muslim prayers are commonly "made up" after work or school.  This is true even in Muslim countries, including Iran. 

Muslim footbaths in airports and universities, Muslim cab drivers who refuse to take passengers with dogs or alcohol, prayer times in public schools, prayer times in the workplace, colleges forced to have separate swimming times for Islamic men and women so not to offend Muslims...this is how you lose your country.  These "initiatives "are to impose their will upon us, not to enable them to honor ironclad religious responsibilities.

Delta should have refused to partner with the Saudis rather than accommodate their Jew-hatred.  At a certain point we must draw the line and stand up for our values.  Otherwise we will find that there is always more Sharia to accommodate -- with each new demand more hateful and anti-Semitic than the last.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of and the author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War On America (Simon & Schuster).

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