Fanning Imaginary Flames: A Look Back At The Great Church Fire Propaganda Campaign

Fifteen summers ago, America's news media informed us that black churches throughout the South were being torched by white racists.  The purported wave of arsons dominated the airwaves and generated thousands of newspaper articles.  Pundits, politicians and preachers decried the terrorism and the hate it represented.  In fact, it never happened. Here is the little-known story of how an obscure radical group teamed up with a leftist national church organization, an unprincipled President and a legion of compliant news outlets to create a media firestorm -- one based entirely on lies.  The activists  In late March of 1996, The Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR) and the National Council of Churches (NCC) held a joint press conference to report a huge increase in the number of arsons committed against black churches.  In media interviews, the Rev. Mac Charles Jones, a CDR board member, blamed "a well-organized white-supremacist movement" for what he called...(Read Full Article)