Atlas Is Shrugging In The US And Flexing His Muscles Elsewhere

Ayn Rand was mostly correct when she wrote her magnum opus "Atlas Shrugged." She was incorrect in one important area. She assumed the final option for the wealthy and entrepreneurial class was to go on "strike" and retire to Galt's Gulch. In the modern world the movers and shakers don't strike, they migrate. Atlas is shrugging in the US.  Capital is relocated to regions where it is treated more favorably. Within the country, we see capital and jobs leaving the overtaxed, overregulated Blue states and migrating to smaller government Red states. That provides partial relief, but onerous federal policies cannot be avoided by moving within the country. The increasingly adverse climate at the federal level motivates moving outside the country. This motivation and the resulting movement has been underway for years.  Initially, much relocation was due to comparative advantages in regions around the world as economics would predict and welcome.  Recently, much...(Read Full Article)