A Balanced Budget Amendment is not enough - Give Us Back Our Constitution

Washington is all astir over the Obama administration's demand that the debt ceiling be raised so that the federal government can increase its borrowing (and hence spending).  House Republicans are assuring their Tea Party supporters that they will not vote to increase the debt ceiling without significant reforms in government spending.  For the most part it is not clear what exactly those reforms would be.  No one is proposing spending cuts sufficient to balance the budget in the next fiscal year and, with one exception, the 112th Congress is limited in the extent to which it can bind a future President or Congress.  That exception is a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget.  This would bind future Presidents and Congresses, and force the difficult spending cuts that will be necessary to bring about a truly balanced budget (the Republican proposals usually also impede the Congress' ability to raise taxes, thereby forcing spending cuts as the...(Read Full Article)