Will Obama Sink the Democrats?

The media are playing "divide and conquer" games against Republicans now, a strategy that worked in 2008 by leaving us with John McCain as the only candidate.  This time they are swinging between viciously attacking Sarah Palin and her family, and hyping real or imaginary divisions between Republicans -- never among the Democrats, who present the image of a united front with Stalinesque unity.  But you can bet there's a lot of vicious in-fighting among Obama, the Clintons, and all the rest, because Obama may be destroying the Democratic Party as we know it.


Already the media are spreading the Big Lie that the GOP has a "weak field" of candidates, declared and undeclared.  Like Rudy Giuliani, the best NYC mayor in the last half century and a heroic figure on 9/11/01.  Or the four successful former governors of Alaska, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Minnesota.  We have one accomplished black businessman, who looks, acts, and talks like a responsible adult, and two brave and articulate conservative women.  Even with his flaws, Newt Gingrich was the most powerful GOP Speaker of the House in the last half century.  This is a "weak field"?


When know-nothing Obama ran in 2008, the left orgasmed all over itself, and swung a Nobel Peace Prize for him, just for running while black.  Even today Obama is a hyped-up incompetent compared to Giuliani.


What the left really fears is that Obama will sink the Democrats.  American political parties come and go.  In the 19th century the Whigs died out and the Republicans emerged with Abraham Lincoln.  Harry Truman's Democrats were forced to purge the Stalinist left from the Democratic Party, making a fast switch to the mainstream because they were deeply penetrated by Stalin's spies and agents of influence.  Americans were justifiably scared of Stalin's nuclear bombs, weapons so big and destructive that nobody knew what might happen.  The Democrats, some of them vociferously pro-Soviet, had to change in order to survive.  They produced generations of mainstream liberals -- Truman, Humphrey, LBJ, JFK -- who would look exactly like conservatives today.  Without purging the totalitarian left, they would have died as a party.


Today, as soon as Iran explodes a bomb, Obama is going to be in deep, deep trouble with American voters.  Nuclear proliferation is now happening all over the Middle East, because Arabs fear a nuclear Iran much more than a nuclear Israel.  Obama has Carterized the most unstable region in the world ten times over.  The Democrats well remember how Jimmy got beaten by Ronald Reagan.


The left cannot be trusted in the War on Terror.  Carter let the Shah of Iran be overthrown by murderous tyrannical throwback Ayatollah Khomeini.  The left is just weak-minded -- which is why they keep denying there is a war going on, even when our troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and parts of Africa like Somalia.


When the history of the War on Terror is written, it will start with Jimmy Carter, who honestly thought that bloody-minded old Khomeini was "some kind of saint," according to his UN Ambassador Andrew Young.  The Shah was pro-American, and educated generations of Iranians (including women) in modern ways of thinking.  When Carter allowed Khomeini to take Iran, the mullahs immediately killed off the secular opposition, tried to overthrow the Saudis next door, and ended up in a vicious war with Saddam that killed a million people.  Today they control Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.  They have always had tactical alliances with Sunni terror groups like Hamas, the Taliban, and Al Qaida.  Afghanistan is taking huge bribes from Iran.  The Iraqis are worried that as soon as the Americans leave, they will be next.


Thank you, peace-loving Jimmy Carter.  What a masterstroke it was to enable the first modern throwback terror regime in the Islamic world.  What an example for future generations Jimmy Carter gave us.


Americans who are not mentally comatose today are turning against Obama, because O openly pushed  Mubarak out of power in Egypt, thereby sabotaging the only effective peace treaty in the Middle East.  Anybody who doesn't see that as a disaster is simply lost to reason.  But a lot of liberals will never, ever get it.


Just like Jimmy Carter, Obama is bringing to power the most radical Islamists in Egypt, Turkey, and the other Sunni nations.  Obama has done nothing to stop Iran's ruthless march to nuclear power, so that the Saudis may now be ordering their own off-the-shelf nukes from Pakistan.  China just announced that "any American attack on Pakistan would be treated like an attack on China."  North Korea allowed a US nuclear scientist to visit a brand-new enrichment plant that could only have come from China.


Is this a royal mess or what?  And that's only his Foreign Follies.


Domestically, what has Obama done?  He's Carterized the economy, with inflation rising for food and gas, and economic stagnation causing almost 10 percent unemployment.  He has constantly insulted and demoralized ordinary Americans.  He is a racial divider, not a healer.  He has literally given the middle digit to Hillary Clinton on television, and symbolically dissed just about everybody else, especially the most productive people in America.


Obama has lost the House of Representatives for the Democrats, and that means that hungry liberals all over the country see their career prospects stymied.  His plans for a second term are terrifying: like running your medical care from DC.  Rationing medical care for seniors, like the UK.  Driving doctors out of business.  Affirmative action in all the medical schools, just like Hillary proposed in the 90s.


Listen to these mainstream commentators.


Michael Barone keeps warning that Obama has brought in "gangster government."  That's the considered judgment of the best-known PhD political scientist in the country, the editor of the Almanac of American Politics.


Patrick Caddell, after a long career as a mainstream Democratic pollster, is utterly enraged at the leftward lurch of the Demagogues since Clinton.  Caddell is just about the last honest man on that side of the aisle.  All the decent people in the Democratic Party have been chased out.


Charles Krauthammer, the only other conservative at the Washington Post, just wrote that:


Note how Obama has undermined Israel's negotiating position. He is demanding that Israel go into peace talks having already forfeited its claim to the territory won in the '67 war -- its only bargaining chip. Remember: That '67 line runs right through Jerusalem. Thus the starting point of negotiations would be that the Western Wall and even Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter are Palestinian -- alien territory for which Israel must now bargain.

The very idea that Judaism's holiest shrine is alien or that Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter is rightfully or historically or demographically Arab is an absurdity.


This is not just about Israel. Imagine what people are thinking in Taiwan, South Korea, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia -- all international flashpoints where trust in American assurances has kept the peace for long decades.  When Obama publicly abandons Israel, people start shaking in fear all over the world.


The leftist monopoly on the news is crumbling.  The new conservative media are expanding and in quality and quantity, a long-delayed response to the leftist degradation of our culture.  Conservatives now have the most articulate speakers in the country, including Rush Limbaugh, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and more.


The left is intellectually bankrupt, and the only thing keeping it alive is media control and government payoffs.  The only way the left can stay in power is by monopolizing the media and the schools, to brainwash an entire nation about such little things as the history of the Cold War.


Obama himself is locked in post-colonial socialism, an ideology that has been completely rejected in China, Russia, India, and much of Latin America and Africa.


It is fear, and not self-confidence, that is making lefties like Chris Matthews act like aggressive chimps.  When chimpanzees feel scared they go into a very aggressive stance, tear branches off the bushes, bare their teeth, and make loud noises.  That's Matthews today.  This is not what people do when they feel confident.  It's what the power class does when it's afraid of losing it all.


Some leftists are scared that another McCarthyist backlash will arise if Obama loses.  They have brainwashed themselves so much about Joe McCarthy that they are now scared of normal Americans.  But they also know how extreme they look.  To answer Rush Limbaugh the left presents vicious name-callers like Ed Schultz and a squad of Hollywood airheads.  If they felt confident they would simply answer substantive arguments with their own.  But they are dreadfully weak on substance.


When Americans become serious again -- when Iran's big bomb goes off, or the Great Recession keeps going -- they will vote out Obama and the Democrats.


Every time you read another JourNOlist claiming the GOP is in trouble, just change the word "Republican" to "Democrat."  The left isn't losing sleep about Republican losses.  They can see the earth yawning open under their own feet, ready to swallow them up, just as the House Democrats were swallowed up in the midterms.  Don't think they aren't worried about their poll numbers.  Don't think they aren't scared about Tea Party Americans.  Don't think they can allow conservatives like you and me to exercise our free speech.  They feel panicked, vulnerable, and incompetent.  That's where all the rage is coming from.


Historically, leftward lurches in America are always followed by conservative corrections.  Woodrow Wilson was followed by Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover; FDR and Truman by Eisenhower; JFK was relatively conservative by leftist standards, but after LBJ swung hard left, Nixon and Ford succeeded him.  Jimmy Carter led straight to Ronald Reagan.  Bill Clinton was stymied by a powerful GOP Congress.  And Obama...


We'll find out soon. The SEIU has just pulled out their old Communist banners, and they are tearing off the mask.  ACORN is back in business.  George Soros is funding all the loudest leftist fronts.  Marxists are suddenly sprouting all over the campuses, like an outbreak of ugly pimples.  The left is out of the closet.


Yet the Global Warming fraud has been exposed, and the Democrats have suddenly found out they want missile defenses.  We now have Aegis-equipped anti-missile vessels near all the hot spots in the world; that's the technology the left threw screaming fits about for decades.  Had the left won that debate we would now be exposed to the tender mercies of Iranian missiles a half an hour away.  Now that the US has proven that missile defense is possible, every other nation in the world is rushing them into place.


The phony "energy crisis" is on its last legs as countries like Poland, Canada, China, and Israel have discovered major deposits of convertible shale deposits.  Natural gas from shale will break the monopoly of OPEC in less than a decade, and reactionary Islam will then lose its big money edge in the world.  The Middle East will lose much of its strategic importance as shale deposits are exploited all over the world.


Obama is starting his reelection campaign six months early. The left is already flooding us with phony pre-election headlines and disinformation.  Those are signs of panic.  They can read the portents of doom in the polls.


The left is strongest on hype, not substance.  Alinsky taught them that the appearance of power beats real power.  They are always puffing themselves up like blowfish, and trying to demoralize the rest of us.  Just watch it happen.


By next year we will know if the left can fool all the people all of the time.  No matter how much Obama tries to look like a winner, in fact he is a ball and chain for the Democrats.  He lost the House in the midterms.  Even the French and Chinese are ridiculing him.


Here's hoping that they all sink together, and that a more centrist party will succeed them. 
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