Obama: Deniability Man

The liberal mafia was in full-blown ass-kissing suck-up mode last week, knocking their foreheads on the bare earth over and over, to pay homage to His Imperial Highness Barack H. Obama.


They were practically exchanging bodily fluids right there in public.  Last week was pure liberal porn.  The world hasn't seen this kind of abject idol-worshipping adulation from the American left since Uncle Joe Stalin ran the Soviet Empire.  Even the Euroleft looked embarrassed, and it takes a lot to embarrass them.

And all because a team of US Navy SEALs risked their lives to finally bust bin Laden.  Never mind those Navy SEALs and their helicopter crews, or the CIA guys and gals on the ground; Barack Obama is so heroic!


Now here's what I think really happened.  I can't prove it, just call me suspicious.

About two weeks before Obama's Famous Victory, Barry says to Leon Panetta:

Just remember, I don't know nuthin' about this SEAL operation -- unless it works and they kill that dude.  Then you come over here lickety-split and we'll take the Situation Room photos.  I want complete deniability.  If the SEALs crash or get killed, this never happened.  If they get UBL I want all the credit.  Or...maybe you don't want to be SecDef?

Leon: OK, Mr. President.

So they shielded the White House from the Navy SEALs and the CIA, probably with high-level coordination with the Pakistan military, because Musharraf wants to be president again, and he needs to spread around a few billion US dollars to get there.

It's just like Chicago.  Standard Operating Procedure.

Nobody, not even SEAL stealth copters fly into a hostile division headquarter of a fairly modern army, because that would be suicide, which is why bin Laden was kept there.  As long as the Pakis wanted to protect him, to trade him for US favors, or maybe to please Saudi royals who are fellow Wahhabis like bin Laden, UBL was safe.

This operation was a setup.  The Pak Army knew enough to clear the ground and the air.  Otherwise, all it takes is one guy with an RPG to blow up a helicopter that's flying low enough and slow enough to land and take off again.  It might take 15 minutes on the ground to do the job, and you're a sitting duck for UBL's bodyguards and random soldiers.  So this had to be coordinated with all the big players on the ground.

It's like a Chicago mob hit: Everybody knows except the target.

Taking out bin Laden was a win-win-win.  Bin Laden dies a martyr, and the Moo Bro mobs have a new reason to burn American flags.  Obama gets to play Patton to launch his reelection campaign.  Musharraf and the Pak military get more US dollars.

The only thing the administration got wrong was the story.  The White House didn't know what was going down until Panetta told them.  They didn't want to know.  This is the "Vote Present" president, remember?  He only wants to own up if he knows he can take a victory lap for what the SEALs did. 

Once they knew the hit was over, they staged an Obama Drama for the media cameras.  Our JournoLiars are so deeply sunk in phony news that they were happy to get even a BS story.  Only the liberals believe them, anyway, and they are mental robots.  Obama's been refusing the media access for months, making them hungry for big headlines.  Well, here's their perfect break, and it just happens to fit the Party Line.

But then Leon Panetta said one thing and Carney said the opposite, and Hillary a third, John Brennan a fourth, and Barry, Jr., came up with a whole slew of lies, day after weary day.  Bloggers were picking holes in all the stories as fast as they came out.

Then the White House confessed that the heroic Situation Room photo was  faked -- the video feed had been interrupted.

Hoo, boy.  Mad Magazine time.  Is this Alfred E. Neuman or what?

Can't they get anything right?

Real reality only has one edition.  That way you don't have to coordinate different stories.  Fictional "news stories" take a lot of coordination, which is why normal American administrations give just one answer for Special Ops: "No comment."

But normal administrations don't run PR stunts with national security.  This is not a normal administration.  This is the first ACORN administration, and the end justifies the means, just like it says in Alinsky.

Obama desperately wants to look tough.  We can tell, because all the mediots came out with John Wayne headlines.

Suddenly the left is giving Obama the Nobel Prize again for doing nothing -- and looking as phony as Pelosi's facelift.  Except now Our Hero has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat, if you believe the ululating peaceniks of the left. 

The press believes in immaculate deception, especially for millions of suckered followers.  They have found their God, and He is running again.

Get your air sickness bag, here it comes.

It was Molly Dowd who led the brown-nosing journOcrats with this breath-taking whopper headline: "Cool Hand Barack."

No wonder the president's top generals call him "a Cool Hand Luke."

After giving the order for members of a Navy Seals team to execute a fantastically daring plan to, let's be honest, execute Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama put on a tuxedo and gave a comedy speech Saturday night in a Washington ballroom of tippling journalists and Hollywood stars.

OK, get a clean bag if you need one.  Ready?

Dowd ran neck-and-neck with Leslie Stahl, who told the world that Obama "can now spray fairy dust," which makes me wonder what Leslie's been up to.  What's with this fairy dust, Les?  Is that the best you can come up with?

E.J. Dionne chimed in with his version of Obi Machismo.

Barack Obama is not the man many Americans thought he was. This sudden realization has transformed American politics.

Quick work, E.J.!  One head shot and American politics is transformed!

Roger Simon at Politi-con wondered shyly, "Does Osama bin Laden's death make Barack Obama Invincible?"

Well, Superman is supposed to be invincible, idiot!  What's Sarah Palin gonna do, bring kryptonite?

As for the next election, Bawbawah Walters and Joy Behar agreed with Roger Simon that the 2012 election is so over.  Yawn.

Margaret Carlson gave the Party Line du jour her special frilly touch: "Professor Obama turned into General Obama and Ran this Incredible Raid."  Does that sound like kindergarten to you?  Can you tell the difference?

My favorite jour-No-lie of the week came from Howie Fineman, who gushed, "Obama Killing bin Laden Proves 'In Almost Biblical Terms' He's Effective Commander-in-Chief."

Which part of the Bible would that be, Howie?  The part about turning the other cheek, or maybe "an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, foot for a foot"?

Or how about this little gem, from Jeremiah, 9:4-9,

And they will deceive every one his neighbour,

and will not speak the truth:

they have taught their tongue to speak lies,

[and] weary themselves to commit iniquity.

Their habitation [is] deceit;

through deceit they refuse to know me,

saith the LORD.

Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts,

Behold, I will melt them, and try them;

 for what shall I do

 for the daughter of my people?

Their tongue [is as] an arrow shot out;

it speaketh deceit:

[one] speaketh peaceably to his neighbour

with his mouth,

but in his heart he layeth in wait.

Shall I not visit them for these [things]?

saith the LORD:

shall not my soul be avenged

on such a people as this?

It's funny how history keeps repeating, isn't it?

(h/t Newsbusters for the quotations)