GOP? What GOP?

With the 2012 presidential election fast-approaching, one has to wonder if the Grand Old Party will again manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Obama regime has certainly greased the skids for a GOP win but will the Republican National Committee (RNC) engineer another defeat as it did with candidacies of McCain and Dole?

The core problem is that the GOP is a philosophically schizoid entity. It's effectively two parties: middle-American conservatives and internationalist RINO's (Republican's in name only) casting one shadow. Conservatives are nationalists who adhere to Constitutional principles emphasizing individual liberty and limited government.

The RINO wing is more likely to have offshore business interests so their allegiance to American national sovereignty gets diluted by internationalist concerns. Or so it appears from their diffidence and general passivity regarding adherence to our Constitutional protections. Indifference to, or even support for, illegal immigration is a current example.

The generally wealthier, well-connected RINO's have long dominated the GOP via the RNC which provides support to those candidates it favors. Traditionally those candidates have been those who have loyally toed the "don't-rock-the-boat" RINO party-line. So proven RINO geezers (think Bob Dole) totter on to the campaign trail while talented young-lion Constitutional-conservatives are sent to the back of the bus to pay their dues and do what they're told.

For the GOP then, time in the trenches and a bland, passive "centrism" seem to replace any articulate, energetic, explicative endorsement or vigorous defense of our nation's Constitutional principles. No, it's all about getting majorities and committee chairmanships to steer pork to the ‘right' places. Anyone willing to put an (R) after their name will help to get those all-important Congressional majorities regardless of their personal ideology. Liberals who can't find space on the Democrat roster have learned they can get elected running as a Republican (e.g.; Arlen Specter; Dede Scozzafava) The RINO is born.

And what are we to make of a John McCain who co-authors a prima facie unconstitutional campaign finance reform bill which, incredibly, gets signed into law by then-President G.W. Bush, with key provisions eventually being struck down by the courts?

The GOP characteristically drifts feebly in thrall of a controversy-phobic "leadership" allowing the focused firepower of an agenda-driven Left to further its goal of  "...fundamentally transforming America". Incredibly, the splintered GOP seems blind, or just indifferent, to the Gramscian subversion that has been allowed to pollute all aspects of our institutional infrastructure, particularly our education system, which has become little more than a ladder of "what-to-think" indoctrination centers.

So the Left, aided by the GOP and public apathy,  has passively institutionalized such totalitarian behavior-control mechanisms as political correctness; "speech codes"; subjectively and arbitrarily determined "hate crimes"; unconstitutional "affirmative action" quota hiring edicts and the odious hypocrisy of the notorious double standard . Such unconstitutional hypocrisy's just get jammed down the public throat by social activists and colluding politicians.

An invisible but culturally deadly adjunct of this subversive cultural makeover is the poisonous fog of "postmodernism" which began seeping out of socialist Europe (ca 1960) and subsequently diffused throughout the Liberal Arts departments of American universities.  Postmodernism may be best described as an ideological mush intended to rehabilitate the historically failed dogmas of utopian socialism.  The core of postmodernism is the assertion that objective reality and truth do not, indeed cannot, exist and need to be determined arbitrarily by a collectivist ruling elite on a case-by-case basis.  By this "reasoning" socialism has never failed it has just been unfairly judged by the "flawed" standards of "outdated" scientific modernism.

Simply put, postmodernism is the very embodiment of Leftist irrationality.

Virtually every university student for the past twenty-five years or more has been subjected to this Leftist revisionism via an explosion of junk classes (e.g. "gender studies") taught in the liberal arts colleges. From such indoctrination have emerged "situational ethics," "moral relativism," "restorative justice," and related ambiguities which infuse the contemporary Left. Accordingly, that Left has written itself a blank check to just make things up on the fly conveniently advancing  its subversive agenda.

All this is important for the following reasons. First, it makes clear the subjectivity and irrationality of the political Left and the futility of factual argument with its adherents.  The Collectivist Left is no less than a secular religious faith impervious to reasoned argument.  It is a faith dedicated to deconstructing the existing Judeo-Christian ethos on which America was built and replacing it with a global egalitarian socioeconomic homogeneity, aka communism. 

Second, postmodernism's denial of any objective truth effectively defines honesty out of existence.  The "truth" becomes whatever the Left needs at any given moment to advance its authoritarian agenda.  Remember this the next time a Nancy Pelosi or some other Leftist stares wide-eyed into a TV camera and blatantly lies to the American public.

Third, the philosophically conflicted GOP needs to understand how the postmodern Left uses the Hegelian Dialectic as a revolutionary tool to incrementally deconstruct and reshape the existing order of things. The dialectic method fits naturally into political discourse but there are some jokers that the Left slips into its deck of postmodern cards.

One joker is that the political issue du jour is almost always chosen by the pro-active Left to further its always-needy socialist agenda.  Some sort of crisis, real or manufactured, is often used to get public and media attention.  As Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's former chief of staff put it "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."  The "serious crisis" is often an emotional "bait" issue camouflaging what amounts to another political power grab. "Global warming" is one such faux crisis used to disguise nationalizing the oil, gas and related power producing industries and drive another stake into the heart of the free enterprise system.

A most important joker linked to the first, is to emotionalize everything to help generate media-flogged hysteria to provoke immediate action and pass a bill before everyone sobers up.  So we get "drowning" polar bears to get the AGW issue into the school system which is a vast and hugely effective propaganda network.  Meanwhile Al Gore works feverishly to establish carbon credits on the commodities exchange market.  Gore gets richer and Big Brother accrues significantly more power.                                                    

Finally we have the Leftist mantra of "politicize, polarize, demonize and demagogue."  This joker was played most recently in both the Federal Budget debate and the Tucson shootings in which Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was seriously wounded.  In the former instance, Democrats ominously warned us of potentially lunch-less school children; dog food-eating Grandmas; and back-alley abortions by rusty coat hanger among other imagined perils.

We were told by the local sheriff, within hours of the Tucson shooting, that it was the result of hate speech coming from the political Right.  One has to marvel at such an amazing feat of sociological analysis considering the circumstances and time frame. Upon subsequently more rational investigation, the shooter turned out to be a demented loner more attuned to totalitarian ideology than anything else.  But Sarah Palin and the Tea Party got smeared once again so political mission accomplished: Politicize; Polarize; Demonize and Demagogue.

What's important is to understand how the Left uses the dialectic method specifically to shift the debate from the rational to the emotional. The Left, by nature, runs on emotion and innately understands that it's easier to feel than to think.  Emotionalizing issues seduces the unwary and conveniently relieves the Left of any need to provide factual information or logical argument in support of its dismal objectives.  What it does require is a megaphone to generate hysteria.  The corrupt and biased mass Media is more than happy to fill that need.

To what extent the Republican Party is aware of what's been outlined here is uncertain.  What is certain is that the GOP is in desperate need of a philosophical focus to match that of an ideological invader which is relentlessly committed to "fundamentally changing America."  The postmodern ethos makes clear that this adversary does not share the Judeo-Christian ethical values of most Americans. To assume otherwise is sociopolitical suicide.

At stake is no less than the Constitutional soul of America. And that needs to be the Republican Party's focus as 2012 looms. If America lapses into a "Peoples Republic" or some "UN District X" the RINO bourgeoisie will be among the first to feel the collectivist chokehold. Time is running out. 
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