Dear 'World Community': You Are Not Our Equals

The so-called world community has no standing to tell the U.S. how to run its affairs.

The political left supports the idea that the United States should conform to "international norms" in matters that range from "global norms of civilian non-possession of firearms" to respect for militant Islam.  As an example, the United Nations' Human Rights Council (HRC) has banned criticisms of Sharia law: "the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights."

The world may indeed be a community but not all members of a community are equal.  The community's wife-beater and drug dealer are not the equals of the community's doctor, home builder, banker, or teacher.  Societies that abuse women and religious minorities under color of the ideology they call Islam are similarly not the equals of Euro-American and primarily Judeo-Christian nations whose laws and cultures encourage freedom of thought, rational inquiry, and full social and economic participation by both sexes and all races and religions.

The left's standard reply to unpleasant statements of truth of this nature consists of the single word "racism."  A behavioral choice, and this includes a society's culture, shared beliefs, and values, is not a race.

A Behavioral Choice is Not a Race

Martin Luther King said to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skins.  The content of the Third World's character, and especially the character of its militant Islamic components, is why these nations are almost universally poor, ignorant, backward, and violent.

They are not poor because they, like Japan, have few natural resources; some are in fact rich in resources like oil.  Japan however made a deliberate and collective choice during the mid-19th century to adopt certain Euro-American values and practices.  It took less than fifty years for Japan to transform itself from a feudal society to an industrialized nation equal to that of any in Europe.  Japan's status as a developing nation therefore indicated genuine development in contrast to today's so-called "developing nations," whose decades of "development" have led nowhere but poverty, ignorance, and squalor.

This also explains why the Third World hates Israel.

Israel is, like Japan, relatively poor in natural resources.  It was however settled by primarily European refugees and emigrants who brought with them Euro-American values that are intolerable to their militant Islamic neighbors.  As reported by the International Monetary Fund, Israel's per-capita gross domestic product (GDP) was $26.7 thousand in 2010.  Iran's is $4.7 thousand, so one oil-poor infidel is on average more than five times as productive as an oil-rich Iranian Shiite.  The per-capita GDPs of Syria and Egypt are less than $3 thousand, and even that of oil powerhouse Saudi Arabia is $17 thousand.

This makes Israel living daily proof of the superiority of infidel culture over militant Islamic culture.  Theocrats, mullahs, and ayatollahs who rely on the darkness of ignorance and superstition to control their subjects cannot tolerate such a beacon in their midst, and that is why they seek Israel's destruction.  It is past time to speak this unpleasant truth and others no matter how many accusations of "racism" they evoke.

Western Civilization is Superior; Live With It

"Whatever happens, we have got / the Maxim gun, and they have not."  The source of this jingoistic slogan was the Battle of Omdurman (1898) in which fanatic cries of "Allahu akbar!" proved no match for European discipline, logistics, and machine guns.  Victor Davis Hansen's Carnage and Culture (pp. 21-22) adds, "Because free inquiry and rationalism are Western trademarks, European armies have marched to war with weapons either superior or equal to their adversaries, and have often been supplied far more lavishly through the Western marriage of capitalism, finance, and sophisticated logistics."  The reference adds that Western science has operated without restraint from "religious fundamentalists, state censors, or stern cultural conservatives" -- that is, the kinds of people who are in charge of most of the Islamic world.

Ernest Volkman's Science Goes to War (p. 60) shows even more explicitly why militant Islamic societies are inferior to Christian, Hindu, and Jewish societies:

At the very moment [Thomas] Aquinas was telling his fellow Europeans how faith and reason could coexist, his counterpart, the leading Arab philosopher Ghazzali, concluded that the treasure of ancient texts represented social dynamite.  The study of science and philosophy, he wrote, was harmful because it would shake man's faith in God and undermine the Muslim religion.  Accordingly, the ruling caliph of Baghdad, to demonstrate his piety, ordered the burning of all manuscripts in the city's great library.

People who read books are universally far more advanced and affluent than people who burn books.  When a society's religious police force half the population to wear face-covering sacks, and when religious reactionaries throw acid in the faces of girls who try to attend school, that society deprives itself of fifty percent of its human potential right up front.  The paucity of Nobel Prizes in the Islamic world underscores this simple and inarguable fact.

Nobel Prize Ratio: Infidels 100, Muslims 1

The world's more than 1.5 billion Muslims have produced a total of nine Nobel Prize winners.  Of these we can dismiss outright the Peace Prizes given to terrorist Yasser Arafat and also Anwar Sadat; it was hardly an achievement for the latter to sign a peace treaty after losing a war he started.  (We dismiss Menachem Begin's Peace Prize for the same reason, as he simply made peace with a defeated aggressor.)  This leaves seven legitimate Muslim Nobel Laureates of whom at least one, Shirin Ebadi, was persecuted by her Muslim-majority nation for the activities that earned her the Peace Prize.

The world's 15 million Jews have meanwhile produced about 160 Nobel Laureates, or more than 22 times as many as the Islamic world.  This is a 2,200 to 1 ratio on a per capita basis.  It comes as no surprise that Islamic supremacists hate Jews as living daily reminders of their culture's inferiority, and they also hate the Christian world for earning almost 100 times as many Nobel Prizes as their own.  "My bully can beat up your honor student" summarizes their attitude but the world's honor students fortunately have enough advanced weapons (per Hansen and Volkman) to keep the bullies in their place.  Bullies whose most imaginative use of construction cranes is to hang gay people, women, and Baha'is don't invent things like stealth bombers, Chobham armor, and Predator drones.

We therefore dismiss with intentional and willful contempt the Human Rights Council's directive against criticism of a misogynistic death cult that incites thousands of acts of mindless violence every year.  Most of these acts are against peaceful and innocent people who identify themselves as Muslims but the bottom line is that this death cult kills people because of who they are (gay, female) or what they believe (Jew, Christian, Hindu, Baha'i, or wrong kind of Muslim).  The HRC's efforts to suppress discussion of this problem make it a willful enabler of and accomplice to human rights violations, and therefore an enemy of civilized humanity.
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