Obama Thinks You're an Idiot: Is He Right?

I know too many educated idiots.  I'm sorry.  I know I'm not supposed to say that word.  It just keeps popping back into my mind, like some Politically Incorrect obsession that haunts you, until you want to scream "Sex is dirty!  It's dirty!  Moo-hah-hah-hah-hah..."

Sorry about that.  It's only a little Tourette tic I've picked up from living in PC America (almost as bad as PC Europe).

A liberal E.I. told me this week that her whole family was ready to vote for Obama again, because after all, her grown-up daughters would get their medical care free that way.  Since neither of the college-educated kids have real jobs, even in their late 20s, they will need all the guvmint help they can get.

I swear.  True story.

My friend is an E.I., and so is her whole family.  These are nominally educated folks who fit Obama's expansive definition of "the rich," as they will soon find out, when it's much too late.  But mentally they are deprived, ignorant, superstitious and foolish.  It's the life choices they've made.  They are Obama's natural prey.

I can't help thinking that word "idiot" over and over again, as hard as I try to be Politically Correct.  I have compassion for idiots.  I just don't want to be governed by them, or by the con artists and serial liars they keep voting for.  Bill Clinton.  Barack Obama.  Joe Biden.  Name your own.  It's obvious by now that Obama doesn't even bother to memorize his script anymore.  He just tells 'em anything that pops into his mind, and all the E.I.s instantly bow down and knock their heads in the dirt.  What a brilliant guy this is!

William F. Buckley solved the liberal labeling problem on his Firing Line show one night when he called an honored guest "an idiot" and immediately added, "...I meant that in the Greek sense, of course."

Nobody seemed to mind. He got away with it.

Buckley didn't have Google Translate, but I do, so I checked it.  The English word "idiot" translates into Greek "elythios," which translates back into English "stupid."  I figure it's close enough.

Obama thinks you're a dumb sucker who will fall for any nonsense syllables he croons in that mellifluous baritone, like Bing Crosby on the radio long ago, and liberals lose all their muscle tone and swoon...the blood drains from their brains...they keel over.  "Will somebody help the lady who just fainted in row seven?  Give her some air, please..."

I don't know if David Axelrod hired all those fainting goo-goos in Obama's mosh pits, but I bet they'll do it again.  It's what they're good at.

The fainters may be feinting (or feigning fainting) but I've actually gone and sought out liberals in the fetid mental swamps, just to ask them if they really are as dumb as they vote.  It's just one of the front line combat duties I perform for this column.

And, by gum, Obama is right!  They really are what the Romans used to call stulti, which is what the Greeks used to call "elythios," and the Jews of Europe called "meshugeneh," or possibly "a little child with water on the brain."

So we have a wannabe rockstar president who is completely wrong about every US policy, domestic and foreign, but he's right about his own voters.  We don't have an Abe Lincoln in the White House (as Obama once said in a rare moment of humility) nor a Reagan (as he also got the mediots to say one day).

We have no Lincoln, alas, but we do have Elvis Obama pretending to steer the ship.  All those sounds of breaking glass are real chunks of governmental sanity breaking into a thousand pieces.  See the Middle East?  Now watch me fix it!  See unemployment?  Millions of Green jobs!  Global Warming?  It's gone already!  Waddaguy.

And here he's running again, like one of those Road Runner cartoons.  Running is what he does best.  In fact, it might be the only thing he does.  Recession?  Unemployment?  Libya? Egypt?  I'm outahere.  I'm running again!

The biggest idiots in this country are the mediots who just read their JournOlist scripts on TV every night.  They get it hot off the fax, and it's obvious that they never, ever ask embarrassing questions.  As soon as the Japanese finish manufacturing their pet doggie robot they will make an airhead news cutie, and nobody will spot the difference.

Our journOlists are cloned by Communication Departments on the colleges, where kids have to go after flunking out of Education and Phys Ed.  You can see what the requirements are for Communications majors on the web.  They don't hide it.

Lincoln's government for, by, and of the people is now Monty Python's Flying Circus, for, by and of the...but I repeat myself.  If Lincoln ever came back and read the Gettysburg Address, some news director would give him the hook in 30 seconds flat.  "Four score and seven years ago..." and college students will wonder why Lincoln only got four scores.  They score more than that every Saturday night.

In 1865 Americans understood the Gettysburg Address.  They didn't have much formal schooling, but they had a thirst for education.  They were better-read, better-spoken, had a richer vocabulary, and were far more morally serious than any of our journOlistas today.

The left calls this "progress."  Because their side is Progressive.  It's logic, see?  If you're a Progressive, then anything you do, no matter how idiotic, is Progress.

Well the Progressive Europeans are now desperately trying to regress, trying to scramble back from the suicidal abyss of multiculturalism by giving civics tests to immigrants flying in from the more retro parts of the world.  They try to teach them things like "you're not supposed to kill your daughter if she goes on a date."  But like everything in Europe today, they go about it in a dreamy and half-hearted way, like showing gay porn flicks to Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands, who get a hearty laugh out of it and beat their wives afterwards, just in case they kept their eyes open during the flick.  Porn is fine for men; women are risking their lives.

At least the French are trying.  Nicolas Sarkozy thinks that banning the burqa will keep out the suicide bombers, not understanding that radical Muslims are far more serious, in their medieval way, than the French have been since General Foch.  The burqa is trivial.  It's not even in the Koran.  These people will kill you for what you believe, not for what you wear, and they will not be fooled by empty symbolism.  Empty symbolism means an empty civilization.

Obama is a perfect lightweight for these times; he's a Hollow Man.  That's why Obama is not a Muslim any more than Bing Crosby was.

When Obama runs into a snarl like the Middle East, he starts off by taking a victory lap, and then when things get hard, he tells our ally Mubarak to Resign Now, and 30 years' negotiated peace goes down the drain.  And the liberal media say...nothing, because they are E.I.s, too.  We churn 'em out by the millions.  Obama is an abysmally ignorant and irresponsible man, drunk on his own ego.  The mediots have no idea, and frankly, they like it better that way. 

When Iran explodes its first Big One next year, our civilizational crisis will become unavoidable.  Europe is utterly pathetic, and has to look to us or to the Russians for protection.  I think they might end up buying Russian cover, since Moscow is willing to kill people and have its soldiers die, just for the joys of Imperium.  The Europeans are not willing to do that because they can't remember what they were all about in the first place.

With a working missile defense America can finally go home, except that the Iranians are an Armageddon Cult that doesn't  respond to rational carrots and sticks.  I say let's allow Russia to police the Gulf.  It's in their neighborhood.  They can have the oil if they keep down the crazies.

If we can elect Sarah Palin president next year, and have a Republican Congress, we can start full-scale domestic fuel development from shale and oil, making us independent from the Saudis and their ilk.  Israel can take care of itself; it's the most stable government in the Middle East, and it will soon have its own supply of natural gas and oil from shale. 

Of course everybody will go nuclear, because Obama has let that critical moment in history when nuclear proliferation could be halted slip right by him.  After that we will see a mighty global struggle between radical Islam and Western, Chinese, and Hindu civilization -- it's been going on since Mohammed and the Persians and Byzantines.  We will lose some, we will win some.  I say we go with the modernizing peoples of the world, the ones who are instinctively on the side of rationality, prosperity, and wherever possible, electoral government.  Our standard should not be protecting the Europeans who will not protect themselves.  Instead, we should seek allies in Australia, India, Japan, and maybe Russia and China, depending on how they behave.

If we develop our domestic fuels we don't need the Muslim countries at all.  If we perfect missile defenses we can wall off all the plague bacilli that spread epidemics around the world.

Meanwhile we are stuck with a parasitical population of Educated Idiots, the dumbed-down victims of the welfare state.  It's not their IQ or their formal education.  It's just their lifelong unwillingness to see the world for what it is.  Are we now 51 percent functionally disabled?  Or just 45 percent?

On that question the fate of the United States may rest.

Good luck to all of us.
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