NPR on a Bad Day

NPR Ombudsman: "We haven't moved beyond the simplistic view of a Third World liberation movement against oppressive Israelis."   NPR staffers have a history of speaking frankly in private meetings about their liberal anti-Israel bias.  Until James O'Keefe's recent sting operation, videotaping a meeting between the NPR fundraising executive Ron Schiller with men he believed to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood, such admissions of bias were never made public.  At the meeting, Schiller called white, Middle America Christians scary and racist, and assured the putative Muslim Brothers that there were no pro-Israel voices at NPR, not even among donors.  It was a bad day for NPR.  Since then NPR has denied they are a liberal news outlet, self-righteously claiming they are a model of centrist reporting.  I was not surprised at Schiller's frank anti-Zionism and the subsequent claims that NPR is a paragon of fairness.  Two months after 9/11,...(Read Full Article)