A Passover Present From Obama

For Mr. Geert de Wilders, leader of the new anti-fascist Resistance in the Netherlands, who is now on trial in Amsterdam for telling the truth. 

"The lights are going out all over Europe."
- Geert de Wilders, Feb. 7, 2011. Attributed to Sir Edward Grey.

"I want my Al Jazeerah."
- Naomi Wolf in the Huffington Post.

Some liberal Jewish friends last week invited me to their Passover Seder tonight, and I had such a sick feeling about sitting with friends who are in massive denial of reality that I had to excuse myself.

I can't do it this year.

Passover celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from national humiliation and slavery in ancient Egypt. Easter commemorates Jesus' Last Supper in Jerusalem, when, as an observant Jew, he also recited the Passover story. For serious Christians, Easter is a yearly reminder of the life, death, and meaning of Jesus of Nazareth.

By all means let us celebrate the holidays. But let's not forget that they are more than feel-good celebrations. They are meant to sound warnings, too.

If you don't understand that those warnings apply to us today you don't understand your own holidays.

Egyptian bondage was not a feel-good time for the Hebrew people, and the Crucifixion is a not a feel-good symbol. These are not Hallmark cutie holidays. They were shaped by people who were not sloppy, sentimental, goofy liberals. And no, Jesus wasn't one of those either, no matter what your neighbor thinks.

Passover and Easter are stories of ultimate hope, but they are also pretty unflinching warning about human evil. They are centuries-old warnings, but they are pretty relevant today, aren't they?

There is a reason why Judaism and Christianity put the problem of human evil at the forefront of their teachings. Slavery is evil, and so was the Roman occupation of the Land of Israel, and the Roman custom of crucifixion to inflict horrific torture before death. Religious traditions are supposed to keep us from repeating ancient mistakes and horrors. We like to sweeten and sentimentalize them, but none of the original sources sentimentalized evil. They saw too much of it.

My question is: how we can celebrate the holidays this year without feeling like sickening hypocrites? Dante placed hypocrites in the eighth circle of Hell. That's a pretty good metaphor for intelligent people who are trying night and day hard to blind us to plain and obvious danger to our survival, rights, and freedoms. If you don't believe that, try practicing your religion in Saudi Arabia.

If you don't know what the dangers are today please watch this and this and this. If you don't want to know, just let yourself feel the fear. FDR was right that all we have to fear is fear itself.  Get over your fear and you'll figure out how to act.  Effective action is a lot better than fear and helplessness. It could also save our civilization from the barbarians.

The most famous "denialist" of danger today is Barack Hussein Obama, who has spent his whole life rationalizing, denying and defending the totalitarian Left and totalitarian Islam. Why he would do such a mad and destructive thing is a question for psychiatrists. The fact that he does it is beyond doubt.

Obama actually believes what Naomi Wolf put into her HuffPo headline last week: "I want my Al Jazeerah." Obama and Wolf believe we don't get enough Islamofascist propaganda. They think we need more, just to set our minds straight, like NPR.

If you want to see what Naomi is yearning for, MEMRI has it in English translations, videos and analytical essays, like this and  this. In the minds of normal people, Al Jazeerah may be running raving hate speech, but Obama and Naomi Wolf can't get enough of it.

So, I wonder ... How many Passover and Easter celebrations this year will remind people about the Left-fascist alliance in Europe and America? Or isn't anybody paying attention?

If so, the Tea Party should start its own Passover and Easter celebrations.

I'll be there.

Naomi Wolf is not alone in yearning for a lot more Al Jazeerah.  J Street is the George Soros front for radical Leftists who have the shocking gall to claim to speak for all American Jews. Nobody elected J Street to anything. Except Mr. Soros's checkbook. Like Joe Kennedy, Sr., Soros will give you all the agit-prop his money can buy.

J Street is a classical propaganda front, like the NAACP and NOW. If those groups were legitimate they would speak up for black people and women in places like Afghanistan and Africa. They never do. Never. The NAACP doesn't care about black slavery and genocide in Africa, and NOW doesn't care about honor killings of teenage Muslim girls in London.

If that doesn't tell you who they are, then nothing will.

Divide-and-conquer fronts like J Street are an old Stalinist agit-prop tool. George Soros grew up in Hungary during the Stalin-Hitler time, when the radical Left forged a bloody alliance with the Nazis, just as today they have forged an alliance with Radical Islam. The American Thinker and other reliable sources have traced that alliance step by step. Just look it up.

Soros is just doing today what he did when he sold the furniture of Jewish families who were deported from Budapest to the concentration camps. It could be a sort of repetition compulsion for Mr. Soros. He has told the world that he feels no survivor guilt about the Nazis. Instead of guilt, Mr. Soros attacks open societies wherever they can still be found. Where's Dr. Freud when we need him? I'll bet Freud knew all about the Soroses of this world.

As for Obama, he is now community organizing the whole Middle East.

Iran is now expected to go nuclear between 2012 and 2015.

Read that again. Please.

By forcing President Hosni Mubarak out of power, Obama blew apart the only viable peace agreement in the history of the Middle East, the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty, which was negotiated by Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, and Jimmy the Clueless Cottuh. Shortly afterwards Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Those are the same Moo Bros who are now preparing to take over Egypt, according to the New York Times itself.

Saul Alinsky was a Euro socialist, totalitarian brand. That's what Rules for Radicals is all about. Obama is an Alinsky clone. Connect the dots.  

Take Europe. (Please!)

Europe is the place the New York Times wants the United States to be. But just like J Street, today EU elections are pure fronts, because the EU Parliament can't pass any laws, and the real powermongers are not elected

The EU Left imported 53 million Muslims from places like the North West Territories of Pakistan, where folks take their Islam straight, along with honor killings of teenage girls and suicide bombings of the innocent wherever they may be found. The Euro elite imported its Muslims as cheap votes in London, Rotterdam, and Paris. The immigrants get paid off with welfare, and for extras they get their own imams from Saudi Arabia, who preach Wahhabi ideology straight from the 7th century desert. It follows that Europe will soon have a new refugee problem, with Europeans getting out instead of Libyans trying to get in.

Saddam Hussein used his UN Food for Oil billions that were supposed to feed hungry Iraqi children, and instead bought President Chirac of France, plus half the United Nations. The Iranians and Saudis can read the newspapers, even if American liberals can't. Even Gaddafi paid off the Brits to get his Lockerbie bomber out of jail.

In 1939, the year of the Hitler-Stalin treaty, European Jews celebrated Passover much as they do today. The Jews who survived the Holocaust told story after story of seeing their friends and family in massive denial of what was coming down later on that year. In 1939 Christians celebrated Easter as usual, and only a few, like Winston Churchill, were mentally clear enough to sound the alarm. People in denial only listened to Churchill after Europe was crushed.

Wishful dreamers in 1939 were utterly unprepared for the Soviet-Nazi Axis bearing down on them. Hitler and Stalin split up Poland in a few weeks. Hitler's tanks drove through Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the rest in a few weeks. The French just collapsed and negotiated a humiliating surrender.

But then Hitler and Stalin didn't have any nuclear weapons. Blitzkrieg is so 1939.  Today's it could happen minutes and hours.

I keep wondering why American Jews and Christians are so silent today.  Has the Left managed to scapegoat them so badly that they dare not speak up?  Or are there millions and millions of people who are just looking for a chance to be heard?

If all Americans today are in mass denial, I suggest that we forego Passover and Easter this year.

Instead, let's have a national Day of Mourning, to remember the values we used to hold dear, and which we have now abandoned.  

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