Why Does Uncle Stupid Have to Handle Libya?

Europe is the world's hostile-dependent Welfare Queen, and it is high time for the United States to stop indulging Europe's childish irresponsibility. The Euromedia are constantly telling us they have the answer to the world's problems, and just to prove it, they never actually do anything but criticize Uncle Sam. They call our indulgence of their hostile dependent rage "American Imperialism." The average lefthead in Europe is convinced that all the world's troubles can be blamed on us, and that Progress and International Love and Peace are bound to come... whenever. Meantime they celebrate their own morally superiority and never do anything responsible.

Think Barack H. Obama when you think Europe. He is a European socialist of the Third World (Leninist) variety. Except that now he has to face reality. Soon, they will hate him, too.

When George W. Bush intervened in Iraq, Europe's ruling elite carried on a sustained campaign of personal hatred and rage against Bush for eight years, knowing full well that without American intervention in the Gulf their economies would be starved for lack of fuel.

They have been playing that hostile-dependent game for sixty years and America has indulged them like an overprotective mom. For them America it's not Uncle Sam but Uncle Stupid.

Now that the civilized world claims to be horrified by a grotesque and ranting Col. Khadafi bombing his own people in Libya, Europe is waiting for the United States to put our military lives at risk to protect their southern flank. But Tripoli is only 200 miles from Malta (a member of the EU), Italy is 350 miles, France, Greece and Spain are less than 1,000  miles. That's New York City to Chicago. Sending a dozen jet planes to buzz Col. Khadafi is well within the military capabilities of 300 million prosperous people in Europe. But nobody is talking about it.

Turkey is the biggest military power on the southern NATO flank and desperately wants to be a member of the EU. Let the EU put together a small expeditionary force, control the air by flying their idle military jets over Libya, save the rebellion and starve Khadafi out of power. The United States is expected to do it, while at the same time keeping the peace in the Persian Gulf and Korea.

The Europeans have knowingly eaten their seed grain. They have cannibalized their militaries to run a corrupt and anti-democratic European Union, leaving the primitive duty of self-defense to the United States, a country they feel morally obliged to abuse and trash in public at every possible opportunity.

American radical Leftism is a hostile European ideology that has poisoned our public discourse, the universities, the media. Europe dominates the United Nations in cahoots with reactionary Arab states. Europe constantly tries to compete with us economically by subsidizing their airplane industry (to name but one), and yet it still expects us to take up the complete burden of their defense.

Sixty years ago Europe was in ruins, and it made sense for the US to defend it against a direct Soviet threat. Today Europe has imported 53 million Muslims from the badlands of the world as cheap votes for the Left. Just recently signs of sanity have been appearing in Europe, as Germany's Angela Merkel, France's Nicolas Sarkozy, and Britain's David Cameron have all turned around and finally talked sense about Europe's rush to demographic suicide. But they still won't do what's obvious to a child of six, which is to defend their own southern flank.

Libya is Europe's problem. Turkey was a stable centrist near-democracy until the EU insisted (just like Obama did with Egypt several weeks ago) that elections be held to include the Muslim Brotherhood. Now Turkey's giant armed forces are anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Islamic, and have a dangerous alliance with Ahmadinejad.

The European Union is unelected, and it claims near-total Nanny State control over all Europeans, cleverly by-passing their elected Parliaments. Europe's ruling class has no electoral legitimacy, which is why they are easily corrupted by Arab oil and Russian natural gas. This is what rich teenagers like Bill Ayers do if they are raised without earning their keep.

America must finally let the European delinquent protect itself. Libya is the perfect test case: It is next door to them, and thousands of miles away from us. Khadafi is really a miserable ruler and a loony-tunes to boot. He is killing his own people by the thousands.  But he has bought influence in London and Rome with Libyan oil money.

Four weeks ago Obama was all in favor of pushing over Egypt's Mubarak without knowing what the   outcome would be. That rash and self-indulgent grandstanding act may well turn Egypt into a radical Islamist nation. One obvious Western policy in Libya (and Egypt) is to assist its modernizing factions (which do exist), and to keep that line of support going as the revolution settles out. That's Diplomacy 101. It's how the West kept influence in Pakistan and Turkey until the rise of Islamist radicalism turned us stupid.

All this is plain and simple. What's suicidal and grotesque is the failure of the United States to stand back and tell Libya's Mediterranean neighbors: You help to defeat the loony tunes in Tripoli, and keep supporting the saner factions over there for the next ten or twenty years to protect yourself. Act, don't dither. Don't expect us to pull your cookies out of the fire, the way you've done for sixty years. Become sovereign and responsible powers again.

And if you can't do that, the fault is yours. Don't look to us to protect you from Islamist bombers and Libyan WMDs. We will protect our own neighborhood. Your safety is up to you.
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