What does 'Presidential' Mean?

Having sorted through the flotsam and jetsam for the last year of what those who scorn Sarah Palin have to say, I'd like to offer a little down-home, Nebraska fly-over country armchair musing.

Let's address the "pundits" first.  They fall into three classes; first you have the Roves and the Gingriches, the big guns no longer in power.  They're on the wane -- Gingrich is nearly irrelevant and Rove is hanging on through the grace of the Fox Powerbrokers.  He's like the incest born offspring on display at the carnival sideshows of my youth.  Parade him out; wring what juice is left in his continence as his notoriety evolves from architect to anachronism.  

Next in the pecking order are the elitist "blog" by-liners, spewing left-handed compliments as justification for conservatism -- a dime a dozen, and not worth the cost of a candle to shine the light on their "do over" mentality.  

Last of course, and the group I belong to, the actual class of people so minor as to be only found pathetically seeking recognition or redemption for votes of elections past.

All have something to say about Palin, while most don't have a clue as to what she represents, or are incapable of critical analysis. These scornful voices emanate from those who simply do not understand what lies in the hearts and minds of people such as Sarah Palin. What many of us do understand is simply that we do not care who is President; we care who is "Presidential."  

Sarah Palin represents what a president should be in these very troubled times; she's made choices in the last several years which many misinterpret in the framework of their own shortcoming.  The slings and arrows launched at Palin  vibrate with bias, chauvinism, elitism, and partisan politics  and a sense of superior intellect from the howling scornful classes mentioned above.  

I offer one man's simple observation -- a view from a citizen born and raised in the heartland of the rugged Great Plains: Sarah Palin has done more for the sanctity of life, for the preservation of American values, for the American traditions of integrity and honesty in political discourse than all the wannabe pundits across the country beating their chests and voicing "expert" proclamations of disdain since the name Sarah Palin became a household word.

We know Sarah Palin well enough now to know that she would take the burden of president if she felt it would be best for her country. She would step aside and put her credentials and principles behind another leader if she felt it would be best for her country. She has, is, and will continue to do what is best for our country with no focus on personal gain other than the security of America.

From the perch of a humble patriot citizen in the heartland of America, I believe that Sarah Palin wants what I want -- our American life as our forefathers intended: a Constitutional Republic, with checks and balances in place.  If she can deliver this, she'll likely seek office; if she can contribute or support a candidate, she'll do that, too.  If she can serve best on the periphery, that'll be the role she takes. She'll seek to save the country with her actions, not risk its destruction because of a lust for power.

Citizen patriots, I'm sure that you, like myself, have your own image of what it means to be "Presidential," and that you have a worthy candidate in mind who might fill this important role. I urge you to tell us about this person. I've told you what I think, so tell us your story and we'll listen with an open heart and mind.  Don't we all want what's best for our beloved country?

Michael Hauschild is a retired graduate studies instructor of Geography and a research scientist in the field of Agronomy. He lives in Papillion, Nebraska.
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