There Is No Democracy Movement In Egypt

There is no democracy movement in Egypt.  A handful of Facebook twenty-somethings in Cairo backed by the Muslim Brotherhood brought Mubarak down not because the mass of Egyptians want to vote, but because they want better jobs.  Ordinary Egyptians do not think about or understand or desire democracy.  They can't support their families because of the crushing weight of a corrupt bureaucracy that squeezes them at every turn.  They want a modern economy, and they don't have one.They are right to care more about jobs than voting, wiser than our legacy media's pundits swooning over their own visions of Egypt's beautiful democratic future.  Prosperity and freedom are not things an election can bring the people of Egypt.  Prosperity and freedom can be achieved only by a constitutional republic, like the one our founding fathers established, that limits government power and enables a free-enterprise system.    For many in the Democratic Party, property...(Read Full Article)