The Warmist Cult

I have been reading that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011.  This is extremely distressing to me, since I have a daughter who is getting married on this date and it's too late to reschedule the wedding.

This apocalyptic prediction is being promoted by a group of religious cultists.  Big surprise.  They are being led by radical evangelist Harold Camping.  He has been labeled a "false prophet", mainly due to the fact that his predictions are not reliable.  His previous pronouncement of the "end times" was September 6, 1994.  As the thousands of cult leaders before him, his track record as a prognosticator stinks on ice.  Nevertheless, his devoted followers will uncritically follow him into the abyss.

In a similar manner, the global warmist cult has its false prophets as well.   George Soros-sponsored climatologist James Hansen leads with the prediction that we only have two more years before it will be too late to save the world from a fiery fate.  I would be more inclined to take him seriously if he hadn't previously made a number of erroneous apocalyptic pronouncements.  In the mid-1980's he confidently proclaimed that the Earth would be 2 to 4 degrees warmer by 2010 and New York City highways would be under water.  
Leading global warming proponent and climate scientist Phil Jones (co-creator of the infamous "hockey stick" graph used by Al Gore in his infamous fiction film "An Inconvenient Truth") revealed that he destroyed the original raw data that supported the global warming hypothesis, making it impossible to review or verify his findings. Additionally, Jones and other climate science associates actively suppressed any scientific studies which disputed their claims, as evidenced in the "Climategate" e-mails.

Jones confessed last year that no warming of the Earth has actually occurred for the past fifteen years. This has been confirmed by NOAA satellite temperature data records

The lead author of the also infamous UN IPCC report, Dr. John Christy recently admitted that global warming is a "non-falsifiable hypothesis". This means it cannot be classified as an actual scientific theory, but instead relegated to a quasi-religious dogma based upon a belief rather than verifiable facts.  

Since the principle warmists have admitted the sham or have been revealed as "false prophets", I view those who remain "true believers" to be truly pathetic individuals.  They are cultists worshiping at the altar of Gaia, anxiously wringing their hands in fear and demanding tribute and sacrifice from the masses.   

This Shakespearean comedy would be hysterical was it not for the tragic fact that billions of dollars have been squandered and continue to be stolen from our economy and our personal finances because of this blatant falsehood and these misguided individuals.

A US Senate report on EPA global warming policy released in September, 2010 indicated that the EPA estimated that an expenditure of $78 billion per year until 2100 (90 years) will result in lowering the Earth's temperature by 0.006 to 0.0015 degrees centigrade.  If the average of these predicted temperature reduction figures (0.00375 degrees) is used to calculate the cost of lowering the Earth's temperature, the result is a mind-boggling $1,900 trillion for each degree of lowered temperature.

Since the entire US economy only consists of about $15 trillion this year, it will take every dollar bill on the planet for the next 90 years to make an insignificant dent in the phantom global warming threat.  In other words, the whole idea that human beings can affect the temperature of the Earth is preposterous and the EPA has admitted as much.

Coincidentally, an official report from an economically-troubled Japan just revealed that the country spent $78 billion on global warming research that was determined to be "fruitless".  Imagine if they had used that money for a better purpose, such as improving the safety of their nuclear reactors.

For that matter, imagine what the US could do with the extra trillions of dollars we will "fruitlessly" flush down the toilet in the worship of Gaia if the warmist cult has its way.   Could we find cures for cancer and heart disease?  Could we permanently address worldwide hunger with advanced agricultural processes?  Perhaps we could use it to eventually colonize Mars. 

With that amount of capital, the possibilities for realistically improving our lives are limitless.  Maybe we should just be more pragmatic and actually balance the budget first.

Maurice Strong, another George Soros-sponsored false prophet and primary architect of the UN global warming and global governance project Agenda 21, once asked "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"

It's becoming apparent as the facts are revealed that this is a cult with a suicide pact.  And all of us are expected to drink the Kool-aid with them.  We need to end this dangerous farce now.

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