Obama's Good War

Well, well, well, so Obama has embarked on his third war in little more than two years. You've got to admit that "flexibility" is his middle name. Or at least one of his middle names: Barack Barry Hussein "Flexibility" Soetoro Obama, Jr. Those are the names we know so far, but The Donald thinks there might be more.

Whodda thunk? Here we are barely into the first week of what started out as a "No-Fly Zone" and it is now turning out to be Air Al Qaida. Ten years ago, AQ had a mere four civilian airplanes to crash into Manhattan, DC and Pennsylvania. Now they have a couple of hundred Tomahawk cruise missiles and a ton of American jets, carrier groups, and some NATO odds and ends, to trade off one ugly tyrant for whoever washes up next on the shores of Tripoli. And the best thing is that the United States has no visible strategic interest in Libya. This is done purely out of the goodness of our hearts, as President Obama explained the other day. Aren't we wonderful? All the liberals are feeling proud to be Americans, after all.

What a relief! For the Democrats, George W. Bush was eight years of "No Blood for Oil!" But barely 24 months later, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan are "Plenty of blood for oil!" -- as long as it's not our oil. We've just outsourced deep sea drilling to Cuba and Brazil, people who really know how to drill for oil. We have China and Russia publicly explaining international morality to Obama. Gitmo is now a permanent fixture for the War on Terror (or whatever it's called this week). We have two ultramodern Iranian warships in the Mediterranean. The little people are finally getting a voice in Cairo. Peace and love are breakin' out all over.

Obama started his Middle Eastern policy with a grand speech from Al Azhar University in Cairo, the source of anti-Western fatwas galore for the Muslim world. Two years later he's Super-Bush. George W. Bush got a pair of shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi "reporter" at the end of his second term, to loud cheers from the US media. Barack Obama is treated with superstitious reverence by the same objective journOlistas, after community disorganizing the Congressional Democrats, The New York Times business model, Newsweek, the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, British Petroleum, the US economy, the Chicago Carbon Exchange and the State of Wisconsin.

Who needs the Tea Party? Obama is doing the job for them. He's the worst enemy the Left has had since Reagan, and the best thing is that they're still in love with him. The Left still can't criticize this president because he's Their Guy, and they are still locked into their own mental concrete. Never again will they be able to say that they're all about Peace and Love, that they would never invade a Muslim country (it's number three so far), that they know how to run the US economy, that the Euros will love our peaceful new non-leadership of the world, or that a black guy has to be elected, to prove to the world how enlightened we are, no matter what he believes, or whether he can open the door to the Oval Office.

Good psychiatrists know that you can't treat narcissistic personalities directly. What you do is to just let life happen to your most arrogant narcissist, and then when they keep getting bloody noses and blaming it on George W. Bush, you just keep asking them "How are you doing this week?" Just give them unconditional positive regard, and eventually they figure it out for themselves.

Americans can consider this administration to be the single most expensive case of psychotherapy in human history. So what if the bill is running up into the trillions of bucks, and the media are still in denial? They still love ObamaCare. They love the post-modern foreign policy. They suddenly get the point of anti-missile defense, because soon Iran's missiles will be able to reach Saudi Arabia and Israel, Paris, Berlin, and Times Square in Manhattan.  Obama has made even the Europeans really militant about Muslim extremism -- so militant that they've now got the US Navy and Air Force on the job. Hell, the Saudis are invading Bahrain to knock down Iranian-inspired rebels. The Egyptians are worried to death about Libyan unrest, and will probably volunteer to knock down Qaddafi next door. Even the MoBros are worried about real anarchy.

Hillary Clinton has turned into a neocon. Notice that? The Clintons sound militantly pro-Western, if not pro-American. Ban Ki Moon has the shakes at the UN about the Norks and their nuclear export trade. The IAEA is sounding almost sane about nuclear proliferation, after slyly covering up Iranian nukes under El Baradei. All the pompous stars of liberal hypocrisy are getting faked out, and they're dancing as fast as they can to memorize their lines of the day. We've had CNN and CBS news reporters getting beaten up in Tahrir Square, amid applause from intellectual leaders of the Left, who are finally seeing their blood-thirsty dreams coming to fruition. In London the Ritz has been trashed by anarchists, supported by half a million welfare state employees who are scared of losing their do-nothing jobs as Europe's budgets are beginning to collapse.  And global warming is dead -- nobody believes it any more.

Now, think about this: could McCain have accomplished this much in a mere two years? I can't imagine it. McCain might be more in touch with reality than Barack H. Obama, Jr. But Obama has squeezed more realism out of the mind-numbed Left in two years than any Republican could have. He's just followed their dreamy prescriptions and we can see the results every single day.

Give this guy four more years and by 2016 the adult wing of liberalism, which has disappeared since the radical Left took over, will have to take charge in the Democratic Party again. The radical Left has been squeezed out of the House already. Madcap Democrats like Dick Durbin now look like the Saudi suck-ups they really are. All we have to do is let ObamaCare run your doctors and hospital care, and soon the inevitable earthquake will keep the Left out of power for a generation.

And best of all, it's only cost us fourteen trillion dollars so far.

It could have been worse.
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