Obama: 'The best revolutions are organic'

We finally have a quote from Obama that sounds authentic. It's something he believes, or at least it's something that some Marxist professor told him back at Occidental or Columbia, in the old dope-smoking days, one that stuck in his mind. Behind the scenes in the White House Obama apparently trotted out this gem of Marxist-Leninist wisdom several times during the Middle East firestorms of the last two months, according to this source:

"The best revolutions are organic."

This is while they are trying to decide whether to save any lives, and the whole Muslim world is exploding.  Obama is doing nothing except giving a push to Mubarak and Khadafi -- which is bound to make things worse in the short run. In Egypt the military took over and stabilized the situation, and Libya has a real civil war. But Iran is doing fine, thanks to Obama's gullibility in dealing with the blood-spattered mullahs.

Oh, well. Zero out of three ain't bad.

But now we know why The President of the United States was doing nothing. He wasn't protecting the rebels in Libya from the tender mercies of Khaddafi's air force, because a Western intervention in Africa would not be "organic."

That's ‘cause "the best revolutions are organic."

Now "organic" doesn't mean that the Egyptian rebellion was grown in goat manure, or that it came in little recycled bags complete with a jolly banana sticker and locally grown, certified  E coli.

No, this is "organic" the way grand historical speculators like Marx, Lenin, Arnold Toynbee and Oswald Spengler liked to use "organic." 

Here's an example from Wikipedia:

"In 1920 Spengler produced Prussiandom and Socialism (Preußentum und Sozialismus), which argued for an organic, nationalist version of socialism and authoritarianism. (Italics added)... "

The Nazis claimed that their revolution was "organic," just like Spengler's idea. The word "organic" has a specific meaning in this madcap fantasy world.  It means "having a united racial soul." No kidding. It all makes perfect sense in German Romanticism, which loved being organic. (Don't ask.)

For Hitler and the Nazis, "organic" referred to the natural connection between Der Fuehrer and Das Volk, the people and the dictator. They were held to be a single, "organic" unity, or as hundreds of thousands of Nazis liked to chant at Nueremburg, "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer!"  (One people, one empire, one dictator!). The Nazis believed in drowning their individual identities in the people's mass movement. Organic.

Obama is no Nazi -- heaven forfend! He's a Third World socialist, which makes him a Leninist, since it was Lenin who peddled the lie that Communists can't be imperialistic in the Third World, no matter how many people they killed in Cambodia and China. Remember, our media respected Lenin's definition of imperialism, so they could never call the USSR an empire, and all those Eastern European colonies were not colonies.  Lenin proved it, by having leftist professors around the world teach that only capitalists can have empires.

Obama's notion of "organic revolutions" comes from a French Leninist movement of "negritude," or ideological blackness. It means "really, truly black," as opposed to phony blackness, like the kind Justice Clarence Thomas has. To the Madcap Left, Sarah Palin is not a real woman, Justice Thomas isn't black, and Obama, who has no personal roots in the American black experience at all, is really black. Black is not a color.

Organically, you understand. 

Obama read Franz Fanon's famous book, The Wretched of the Earth, which, naturally, blamed all the suffering in the world on capitalism, even though it was capitalism that started the Industrial Revolution two centuries ago, along with the scientific, medical, and agricultural revolutions that are leading to unprecedented health and well-being in the former colonies.  

Facts have no bearing on anything in this fantasy world.  

Fanon was cited by Obama as one of his revolutionary influences.  He was among the Marxist exploiters who made a very good living from Third World misery, before India and China rejected their head trip and discovered capitalism. India and China are now getting rich at unprecedented speed, but Obama still believes in Frantz Fanon and "organic" revolutions.

Frantz Fanon is dead. But he lives in our English Departments. Here is a little essay from one Professor Angela Sorby, published it in the Chronicle of Higher Education on April 1, 2009. It's her fantasy about 2020, when the Obama Recession will celebrate its tenth year:

"Class absenteeism has plummeted. Plagiarism is nonexistent. Enthusiastic discussions about Frantz Fanon echo through the halls ...."

Frantz Fanon?  Yes, it's Obama's organic hero again!

None of this belongs in a White House of sane and realistic people. It is grotesque. Obama's White House today is evading the very real question of innocent people whose lives are at risk in Libya. They are pumping dense clouds of smoke to cover up their real thinking.

The best evidence we have for American inaction in the Middle East -- Libya, but also Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt -- is that "the best revolutions are organic."

Quoth Our President.
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