Obama, Islam, and the Forcible Virginity Test

Two months after Obama insisted that President Mubarak had to resign after 30 years in office for not being nice enough to the "young democracy demonstrators" in Tahrir Square, the New York Times has finally stated the obvious: the Muslim Brotherhood is winning the power struggle in Egypt. Duh. Ya think?

The media have also belatedly seen fit to print the fact that sixteen unmarried women were arrested in the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, and that Egyptian military submitted all sixteen to a compulsory "virginity test" in jail, just to see if they were properly modest Muslim virgins.

Think about the sadistic "logic" of that. To see if unmarried Muslim women were virgins, obedient to Islam, they were essentially humiliated, abused, and perhaps raped in public.

Will somebody please tell Germaine Greer? Or Helen Thomas? Christiane Ahmanpour? The nearest Women's Studies Department at your local university? Or are their phones busy again, and they're not paying attention? Maybe they're afraid of "Islamophobia"?

Those Cairo cops represent the forces of law and order in Egypt, the same forces we are expecting to work out an enlightened, democratic regime after Hosni Mubarak. That "virginity test" shows what this Muslim revolution is about. It's not about Jeffersonian democracy. It is all about the never-ending failure of Islam to come to terms with civilized values, the ones the West chose two centuries ago during the period called the Enlightenment.

The United States Constitution is still by far the most successful political outcome of the Enlightenment. Nothing else comes close. Constitutionalism is the only successful political tradition that has ever been designed to deal with the disease of abuse of power. If you want an image of raw abuse of power, think Tahrir Square and the forcible virginity test.

Apparently the White House and every liberal looneytunes airhead in the West is stunned, just stunned, m'dear, by the Muslim reactionaries who are grabbing power all over the Arab world. Who coulda thunk? Obama meant so well. All the good libs are eager to vote for him again in 2012, 'cause of all the good intentions and lovely words he has brought to our foreign policy. Liberal delusions are always stronger than reality. If reality had anything to do with it, they would have dumped their dysfunctional beliefs fifty years ago.

Conservatives have known about the threat of Islamic fascism for 30 years, ever since Jimmy Carter let "some kind of saint" Ayatollah Khomeini assume absolute power in Tehran in 1979. When Carter stopped Iran's military from supporting the Shah, Khomeini promptly had assassinated, imprisoned, and tortured the Shah's supporters, plus any democratic opposition groups, plus the Communist faction of the Mujahhedin Khalq, plus anybody else who stood in this way -- including those American diplomats he kept locked up at the US Embassy for a year until Ronald Reagan got elected.

Then Khomeini had a war with Saddam that killed a million people. But Jimmy Carter is still completely convinced that he Did the Right Thing back in 1979. None so blind as will not see.

Obama has never understood the US Constitution, apparently, because he has that basic delusion of all the little leftocrats everywhere: He's the good guy. All that stuff about "power corrupts" just doesn't apply to him. That's only for the bad people, you see. Like Christian conservatives.

Obama is a power-happy ideologue, and the biggest question today is whether the United States Constitution can survive his years in power.  The founders knew about the Obamas of this world, because they saw them everywhere. There is nothing new about grandiosity and fragile self-esteem. You can read all about it in Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and before that, the Biblical Book of Kings. It's even in the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Human nature hasn't changed one little bit in 6,000 years.

The American founders built the Constitution to withstand narcissistic power grabbers.  After their handiwork was adopted, some of them saw Napoleon rise to power after the French Revolution, the original Man on a White Horse, come to rescue humanity from the anarchy of revolution. Napoleon killed more Europeans than anybody else before the two world wars. The founders didn't like what they saw in France. Jefferson and Franklin both had been US Ambassadors there. They could see it for themselves.

After Napoleon, Europe wandered away from its own Enlightenment tradition into Marxism, National Socialism, monarchism, revenge-driven nationalism, imperialism, Islam (in the Ottoman Empire), and any number of other tyrannies. The trendiest thinkers over there are boasting how they are "post-modern," which means "I'm dead set against the Enlightenment."

That's how Marxism has now become big on American campuses. Our professors are aping their European idols' love affairs with totalitarian ideologies, in spite of the millions of victims those pathologies always leave behind. In the ass-backwards world of the Left this is called "Progressivism." Really. Just check 'em out on Huffpo.

Islam came straight from the Arabian desert of the 7th century. It reflects the lives of desert pirates, robbers, rapists and genociders, which was perfectly suited to nomadic life in the desert. That's how tribes conquered each other, as Lawrence of Arabia found out again in World War I. Desert Arabs literally took no prisoners -- except for women and children, who became slaves. Lawrence was a British romantic who hero-worshipped the desert Arabs, and then, after putting King Faisal into power, he decided to disappear forever,  in deep disgust with his own romance with murderous primitives.

Wherever reactionary Islam takes over it re-creates  the 7th century desert. Since the breakdown of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I,  the Muslim world has been zig-zagging between modern values, like equality for women, and medieval desert values. Iran was a great victory for the reactionary throwbacks, and Obama has just tipped the balance in that direction again.

This is exactly what the likes of Code Pink and Bill Ayers were agitating for six months ago, in alliance with Hamas and Hezb'allah. It was so Progressive. The Muslim Revolt may spell the end of women's rights around the Muslim world, as well as electoral government and the whole Constitutional order that made the modern world possible -- including nations of laws, science, technology, free speech, the works.  Reactionary Islam took over in Iran thirty years ago, and now it's out of control, thanks to the criminal collusion of the Left. Don't forget that. This is not just the Mo Bros. It's the Mo's plus Code Pink that makes this happen. If you want to know whom to blame for the forcible "virginity test," yes, you can blame Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamins.

The New York Times reports that the Egyptian Bros and the military are now allied to take over. Right at the start the Bros called for war with Israel, because it was their enemy Mubarak who kept the Egyptian-Israeli Peace treaty going for three decades.  The Bros also brought back from exile their own Ayatollah Khomeini, Al Qaradawi, and celebrated with their own Million Muslim March in Tahrir Square. They also threw out the Google twitter mobster who helped make the revolt happen.

So much for the "young democracy demonstrators." They are being treated like the demonstrators in Tehran, the ones Obama didn't give a hoot about for fear of offending ol' bloody-handed  Ahmadinejad.

Are you surprised? I hope not. We are seeing a chain reaction from Morocco to Pakistan. In two years the chain reactions may be nuclear, starting with Iran, but then followed by everyone who can pay for nukes from Pakistan and North Korea: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, maybe Bahrain and the UAE. Every Saudi billionaire will want his own nuke, and some of them will pass them on to Al Qaida. Islam is all about charity, you see.

The Middle East has always been a powder keg, and Obama just tossed in a match to see what was gonna happen, like a kid with fireworks. Community agitators live to agitate, and now we see one community after another crumbling as a direct result of all that agit-prop. This is the biggest victory for Alinsky's Rules for Radicals:  Let's light it up and see what happens! No wonder Alinsky dedicated that book to Lucifer.

"All the best revolutions are organic" was Obama's Leninist piece of wisdom when he was yelling at Hillary in the White House several weeks ago. "All the best revolutions." Think about that.

Libya is now being bombed, because, after under-reacting to Ahmadinejad in Tehran, Obama is now over-reacting in Egypt and Libya. Hey, it's a revolution, baby! Celebrate!

Before the Watts Riots of 1966, a famous black radio jockey had this signature slogan: Burn, Baby, Burn! Then the riots happened, with people actually burning down houses, and the jock changed his slogan to: "Have Mercy, Baby!" That's Obama. 

What is it about liberals that they can't figure out murderous ideologies?

Future historians will look back and ask "Who lost the Middle East?" The answer is going to hit them right between the eyes: It was Obama's gross arrogance and ignorance, in kowtowing to Islamic fascism just by apologizing to them and giving them the Peace Sign, like some Indian chief in the Lone Ranger. "How! Friend!" "You, me, smoke peace pipe!"

This is because Obama really understands the Underdeveloped World, you see.

Will the US Constitution survive this president? I don't know. Maybe that sturdy old vessel might sail back to harbor, with considerable damage to those old timbers, those strong sails and ropes.

Or maybe it will sink. 

What are the odds?

Do we have any takers?
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