Islamo-phobia and Palin-phobia

A phobia is an unjustified fear, like a fear of harmless spiders or walking across a bridge. Our media specialize in spreading phobias: Global warming. Flesh-eating bacteria.  Carbon fuels.  None of those are likely to harm you, not unless you inject nasty bacteria under your skin. By comparison, the media cover-up of who Obama really is -- a rigid hard-left ideologue -- is going to hurt this country for decades to come. The media use false fears to cover up genuine dangers, like Islamic fascism. Or have you forgotten already who committed the 9/11 massacres? The media have been trying to make you forget.

News outlets pump out a daily diet of false fears.  If they don't want you to see a genuine threat, they cover it up with phony threats. Our news media don't spread the truth. They spread agit-prop.

They also mislabel rational fears as imaginary phobias. "Islamophobia," is a deliberately misleading label made up by some PR hack hired by the Saudis after 9/11. Like most propaganda, it is a lie; first, there are real things to fear about Islamic fascism, so it's not a phobia at all. And second, the American people are painstakingly decent and accepting of Muslims. We are insanely tolerant of really evil folks; that is why 9/11 happened. As a country we suffer from a Typhoid Mary media --  they will spread sickness and vulnerability, and make a nice profit from it. 

Unlike race hatreds against Blacks, Jews, and other ethnicities, fear of Islamic throat-cutting is just facing reality. What's not to fear about a bloody-minded ideology that wants to chop your head off for the greater glory of God? The 9/11 hijackers used box-cutting razors  to cut the throats of innocent pilots and flight attendants, exactly the same style of butchery that devout Muslims employ to kill sheep every year, during the media-celebrated holiday of Eid el Adha. (The feast of Jacob's sacrifice.). That's just about the only time liberals express any respect for religion.

The media always forget to tell you how much  the throat-cutting of sheep on Eid looks like the throat-cutting of American flight personnel on 9/11. Odd, ain't it? Minister Louis Farrakhan knows all about it, and so does Rev. Jerry Wright, who started his career as a Muslim. Obama was raised with Muslims, so there's no doubt he knows about throat-cutting, too. Everybody knows about it, except the American people, who are not allowed to know. Our pathological media at work.

Islam is dangerous because it treats people like sheep to be killed if they don't obey. European literature begins with the Song of Roland, a chanson de geste about a famous last stand by Charlemagne's knight Roland in Europe's first war against the Saracens (Muslims). The Song of Roland came to be the symbol of resistance by Christian Europe against Muslim head-choppers.

American history also begins with a battle against the Barbary (Muslim) pirates of North Africa. Remember this?

            From the halls of Montezuma

            To the shores of Tripoli

On the shores of Tripoli today, Muammar Khadafi still has the same barbaric morals as the pirates who preyed on US ships during the Jefferson administration. Jefferson used the US Marines to cope with the slave-taking pirates of Tripoli. Somali pirates are doing the same today. Their ideology is identical, and so are their actions. 

Islam has waged war against the West for 1,200 years, which seems to be why the Left adores it. It's a medieval brand of totalitarianism. Obama was raised by such people. Obama's Third World Socialism is an update of Leninism, another totalitarian creed parading under the guise of peace and love -- if you kowtow to them first.

In Obama's opinion Muslims are the victims of "racism," even though they are not a race. But Islam is a war-making ideology against infidels like Jews, Christians, atheists, Marxists, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, and heretical versions of Islam itself. Muslims are not supposed to hate you by race. They are supposed to hate you by dogma, as dictated by Mohammed in 7th century Arabia. Mohammed was a desert pirate, and not surprisingly, he created a war-promoting religion. That is why conversion by the sword, slavery, theft, looting, rape, murder, wife abuse, cutting off the hands of thieves, child abuse and genocide are officially authorized under Shari'ah.

But only for bad people, you see. That makes it okay.

Totalitarian ideologues will kill you for not bowing to their will. Hitler and Stalin were atheistic totalitarians, and Bin Laden is a religious totalitarian. They will both kill you if you don't follow their orders.  Bin Laden killed 3,000 people in Manhattan on a single day in September,  2001 -- and today, the Obama Administration still can't figure out why a radical Muslim shoots two American soldiers in Germany while screaming Allahu Akhbar!  This is the smartest US President ever, straight out of Harvard Law and Chicago politics. What could possibly motivate this airport killer to shoot American soldiers? They can't figure it out.

This is also the week that Hillary decided to praise Al Jazeerah, the biggest Muslim propaganda channel. The Left is malignant and perverse; they do these things knowingly. They talk tolerance for Muslims, but their aim is to protect fascist killers.  If Americans were not dumbed down and intimidated by our leftist schools and media, we would rise up in our wrath and destroy a lot of liberal political careers. Neither Hillary nor Obama deserve election as garbage collectors.  They are not ignorant but perverse.

Radical Islam is now getting armed up with nuclear weapons in Pakistan and Iran. If you're not afraid of that, you are dumbed down or delusional. You are letting the media dictate your thoughts. You are lying to yourself to earn their approval. Think again, if you want to survive.

The Left is in noisy denial of Islam's danger to civilization, but then the Left has totalitarian fantasies of its own. They keep making friends with Nazis and fascist Muslims, figuring they can exploit their anti-Western rage for their own purposes. Besides, they like to see anarchy; at bottom, leftism is a primitive urge to destroy, like a bully pulling the wings off butterflies. Leftists are totalitarians with smiling faces, and they are all over our society today, like a new outbreak of an old, old virus.

What about Palin-phobia? It is an irrational fear of Governor Sarah Palin, propagated by leftist ideologues. Governor Palin is beautiful, smart, has lots of common sense, and she is running the biggest head-trip on the Left since the heyday of Ronald Reagan. They should be afraid of Palin, because she could just drive them back into that old dustbin of history, just like Ronald Reagan did with the Soviets.

Palin is the biggest danger the Left can see. If she is elected president, I think it will be morning in America again.

The great thing about Reagan was that the libs couldn't ignore him. He was a painful burr in their saddle, and they couldn't get rid of him because he spoke directly to people, bypassing the corrupting filters of the media.  When Reagan became president, the mullahs suddenly backed off, the Soviet Union crumbled, and the rest is history.

The Left can't ignore Sarah Palin either. They can't stop scratching that scab. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank has outed himself and his fellow travelers by starting the first twitter campaign in favor of censorship. It's his "Ignore Sarah Palin" campaign. This is how the media really think; the First Amendment exists for them, but not for any conservative.

Most leftists carry little censors in their heads. If they can get you to punish yourself for thinking Politically Incorrect thoughts, they don't have to control you. You'll do it for them in your own head.

The day you stop being that,  the Wicked Witch of the West will be exposed, and the media narrative will crumble. That is why Dana Milbank is indoctrinating tweeters to avoid thinking about Sarah Palin.

But Milbank can't drive Sarah out of his own mind. She is beautiful, vigorous, wholesome, has a loaded shotgun, and is passionate about her values. She has charisma. Milbank wants to control Governor Palin, and he will never do it.

The Left runs a sexual power trip. Marxists have exploited women sexually since Karl Marx impoverished his wife Jennie and his children to keep up his quest for absolute power. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was infamous for exploiting his mistresses and depositing their new-born babies in the nearest foundling home. It suited his monstrous selfishness.

Palin is a target for the left because (a) they want to score with the lady and (b) they can't, because she is married with kids, and actually takes her family seriously. Feminists have their own neurotic hang-ups with sex and power, and they hate Sarah Palin because she is a liberated woman, completely free of their hang-ups. The nastiness of the feminist left looks like something out of the Witches of Eastwick. They keep showing their mean side to Palin, and people can see it. In the fullness of time it will come back to bite them.

It is a fine and noble thing to see Sarah Palin driving Dana Milbank off the edge. Ronald Reagan just had to grin on TV and say "There they go again!" and most people got the point. Sarah Palin is like that. Her very way of being cuts through the inky smoke the Left keeps squirting into the air. Palin only needs is to be herself and Dana Milbank goes hooting through the moonlit sky again.

A true phobia is a neurosis, and it just keeps repeating itself. The Left can't stop their Palin-phobia. They can't stop themselves from tearing off the mask. Behind the professional smiles, their real faces are cruel and destructive. Palin brings out the true nature of the Left.

Long may she drive them batty.