B.H. Obama: Shameless Imperialist

We’ve just watched Obama commit an act of imperialistic aggression against a peaceful sovereign state. Mubarak’s Egypt threatened no one. It was the great pillar of stability in the Middle East for thirty years. Its government was far more civilized than Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and fifty other corrupt and tyrannical members of the United Nations.

Obama’s whole spiel to the Left has been that he is an anti-colonial socialist; that’s why he wrote Dreams from My Father. Obama Sr. was a big anti-colonialist. Obama has claimed (at various times) to be the new Nelson Mandela, as well as the new Abe Lincoln, and most recently, the new Ronald Reagan.

But Reagan worked to liberate the oppressed peoples of Eastern Europe from Soviet tyranny. Barack Obama has now pushed, and pushed, and pushed to overthrow the government of a sovereign Muslim nation, the only Arab power to ever sign a peace treaty with Israel.

According to the lickspittles of the New York Times, this must be a great victory for democracy. They have failed to explain why that must be; instead, they’ve been chasing headlines, along with the other idiot media.  But there hasn’t even been an election in Egypt. Obama didn’t demand an election, and when Mubarak promised free and fair elections he was contemptuously turned down -- not by the people of Egypt, but by Washington, D.C.

The Tahrir Square mob was coordinated by a 30 year old Arabic-speaking Google executive. The Mu-Bros will now get a big vote -- like Hitler and the Turkish Muslim Brothers -- because Egyptians have been taught to believe all of the Mu-Bros fondest fascist beliefs. Egypt’s Muslim Brothers have already called for war with Israel.

Egypt is now a carbon copy of the way in Turkey, Gaza and Iran were taken over by the Muslim totalitarians. Turkey had excellent relations with Israel and Europe before the Brotherhood took over. Today it is an Islamofascist ally of Iran against the civilized world.

When Communists like Lenin committed aggression they re-defined the word “imperialism.” According to Lenin, Marxist tyrannies could never be imperialistic, no matter how many Ukrainians, Czechs, and Poles they murdered. That is why the Soviet Empire was never allowed to be called what it was: An Empire. Its abject colonial subjects in Eastern Europe are still afraid today of another Russian imperial assault.

Communists can’t be imperialistic, no matter how much they act like Nazi Germany. That is how the Communists conquered China, Cambodia, South Vietnam, and all the rest with no criticism in the West. You see, Communist imperialism was good imperialism.

Enter Obama. What Obama just did was encourage a twittered revolt against Mubarak, and then publicly, brutally, in the most humiliating way, order him to resign. Joe Stalin would have been proud. So would Mao Zedong. This is what the Soviets tried to do all around the world.

Obama has now turned the United States into a Leftist Imperialist power.

What’s his purpose? It can only be one. Obama believes the nonsense that all the problems of the Middle East would be solved if only Israel compromises enough with its deadliest enemies. Obama does not care about the fascist regime in Iran. When peaceful protesters were thronging the streets of Tehran last year he did nothing. It’s not a popular government that he cares about.

Rather, Obama and the radical Left are forging another Communist-Fascist alliance, exactly like the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938, which split up Poland and started World War Two. The new Red-Black alliance links the Radical Left with the Muslim radicals who attacked us on 9/11.

While the media are covering up this reality, we can see it all over the place: In the Ground Zero mosque, in the insane Congressional testimony by our DNI Clapper, that the Mu-Bros are “secular,” and in any number of other media-supported lies that serve only Muslim fascists and hard Leftists around the world.

In politics the question is always “Cui Bono?” -- Whom does it serve? And when you look at Obama’s brutal imperialistic push to get rid of Mubarak over the last several weeks, you know exactly whom it serves.

It serves radical Islam, because the Muslim Brothers now have a clear path to power in Egypt. They already control Turkey, Gaza, and soon, the West Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan has played a moderating role in the Middle East for generations; it is now threatened by a radical Muslim revolt.

This is Obama’s route to imperial power. It is consistent with all his actions in the last two years, and particularly with today’s public humiliation of the strongest Arab power in the world.

Obama’s ego is Napoleonic. He needs to expand his power without limits. That’s the nature of malignant narcissism.

Civilized and democratic peoples suffer when Napoleonic characters take power. We can’t see the end game yet. This might or might not end in a major war or worse. But we have a riverboat gambler running the ship of state, and he loves to play with the power of “audacity.”

That was Napoleon’s motto: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’laudace.” Which worked fine for Napoleon’s field marshals, but not so well for all the defeated peoples of Europe and the Middle East. And in the end, Napoleon’s audacity died in the snows of the Russian winter.

With the radical Obama administration, the United States has now embarked on a perilous course. Instead of keeping the dominoes from toppling, Obama is malignantly pushing them into the arms of Islamic radicals. That kind of gamble has never before worked to the betterment of humanity.

On the contrary: It has always led to disaster before.

Whether Obama the magic trickster can now pull it off in the nuclearizing Middle East is very doubtful, and therefore very dangerous.