What Obama Will Not Say at the SOTU

The annual take-a-stab guessing game of what any president will say at the State of the Union address is now on.  If I might, I would like to play the other side of that card.  Here is what President Obama will not say in his SOTU speech.

-- That he has heard the American people clearly.  That he understands the concerns about government-run health care.  That he knows now that liberals forcing a government takeover of the health care system threatens serious economic problems and worse threatens individual liberties.

-- That forcibly making individuals buy a product is un-American.  That all Americans do have access to health care; it's just that some cannot afford health insurance.

-- That our national debt is, in fact, a crisis and a national security issue.

-- That printing money and spending it lavishly on Democratic political interests and even on himself through parties, vacations, and golf was wrong.

-- That his party's polities overseeing Fannie and Freddie were, in fact, the core problem in the housing crisis.  That government-ordered housing for all is a massive failure.

-- That government takeovers of private companies are problematic, to the tune of socialistic.

-- That his policies punish private companies and American workers by using phony scare tactics to stop and prevent us from becoming more energy independent.

-- That his Jeremiah Wright-taught knee-jerk reaction of automatically assuming racism in this country was beyond wrong.  That white cops should not be automatically presumed guilty of racism.  That black radicals are not automatically assumed innocent of voter intimidation.  That he has failed beyond measure in improving racial relations, that he and his party have strained racial relations even farther, and worse, that his party has done so intentionally.

-- That many states are now in economic peril, and even critical fiscal danger, because of unfunded pensions of public workers handed out mostly by Democratic politicians seeking not only to buy votes, but to own those votes forever by bribing individuals into a lifetime on the government dole.

-- That individuals in economically viable conservative states will be forcibly taxed to pay for the gross excesses in economically unstable liberal-run states.

-- That the continued lack of success in government-run public education is due in large part to teachers' unions that place job security as a first priority.  That school vouchers do work, and that the grossest hypocrisy in our nation comes from the elite liberals who send their children to private schools while protecting unions by standing against vouchers.

-- That Mexico is a near-failed state.  That our southern border is at great risk of spinning out of control.  That our federal government has failed in one of its core duties: to protect our borders.  That the states being forced to act individually to protect themselves are, in fact, right to do so.

-- That our porous border leads to serious felonies that endanger our citizens through narcotics traffic and human smuggling and even permits aid to foreign terrorists.

-- That the New START offered to Russia puts our country at great risk.  That all but abandoning the space program puts us at the mercy of the Europeans, Russians, and even Indians to even get into space to advance our objectives and protect our interests.

-- That Americans should never bow to foreign leaders.  That Great Britain is special to us.  That we will, as we should, stand behind Israel.  That our allies matter more than our enemies.

-- That offering at least vocal support of liberty to those seeking it, as in the case of the Iranian uprising, is in our best interest, and that a failure to do so is tremendously damaging.  That in great part, his foreign policy has put us at a disadvantage.

-- That the United States' military's main goal is not to act as an experimental social and cultural club.

-- That making "Muslim outreach" a part of the mission statement of NASA was pointless, feel-good blabber.

-- That freedom is far, far more important than "fairness."

-- That liberty is far, far more important than equality of outcome.

-- That changing the verbiage of "global warming" because it's been so cold, to "global climate disruption" does not change the falsity of the claim that man is responsible for the weather.

-- And that it is leftists' rage and propaganda that are the most uncivil acts in our country.

In other words, what the president will not say in his state of the union is...the truth.

John Fricke is a national radio and TV host and conservative opinion commentator.  His website is www.johnfricke.pedia.com.