Incitement to Tyranny

The left-wing radicals are at it again, folks.  They're revving up their engines on the revolutionary wings of national mourning -- and sparking the now very familiar incitement-to-tyranny fires among an anxiety-ridden populace. 

Arizona families have not even buried their dead yet, and already a big-government Democrat has said he will introduce a bill making it illegal to "threaten" or "incite violence" against a federal official.  First Amendment and personal accountability be darned.  The big-government cultists are on the march.      

Another religious zealot of the "government can heal all wounds" cult, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has used the Arizona tragedy to declare that "the FCC isn't working anymore" and demand a return to the "Fairness Doctrine.  Rep. Slaughter will be using your tax dollars to study how she and her big-government cultists can better "police language on the airwaves," according to Politico.

But the incitement-to-tyranny cake-taker has to be Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), who evidently failed to get the talking points memo on how to spin the Arizona tragedy into grist for the grow-the-government-power mill.  Rep. Clyburn spoke on radio with Ed Schultz in the aftermath of the killing spree, thoroughly mangling the Democrat spin.  From the Real Clear Politics summary (with audio):

"All [of] this stuff taking place in the Chambers the other day, when the Constitution was being read - all that stuff is uncalled for," Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) told the Ed Schultz radio program.

Clyburn says there may be a "direct link" between Sharron Angle's "Second Amendment remedies" comment and the reading of the Constitution with the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords over the weekend. 

The big-government cultists' reaction to the Arizona madman's rampage couldn't possibly have been more predictable.  Mounting a "never let a crisis go to waste" assault on the nation's airwaves, liberals have spun this tragic and insane act exactly as an unnamed Democrat source told Politico they should: "They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers. ... Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people."

And naturally, President Obama -- the head honcho of the "government can heal all wounds" cult -- has just announced that he will be going down to Arizona to give a speech.  Americans can be assured that the president -- enabled by teleprompters on each hip -- will give one of those high-flying speeches like the ones he gave on the campaign trail.  He'll, of course, try to recapture the success of his wildly popular '04 Democrat convention speech, the one that immediately catapulted him to the national stage. 

The president's aim will be yet another call for a big-government remedy to humanity's age-old violence problem.  But no American should forget that Obama's real objective here will be to regain an aura of leadership, a speck of all-but-completely-lost respect for his pitiful presidency. 

And no American ought to forget, either, that it was a Democrat operative from the Clinton years, Mark Penn, who very recently said how wonderful and beneficial it would be to President Obama if he could just have an event similar to Bill Clinton's Oklahoma City bombing. 

If Republicans played politics by the Democrats' utterly amoral code, it would have taken less than 24 hours after Arizona's rampage before conservatives of note were publicly claiming that the gunman, Loughner, had heard Penn's disgusting rumination as a pure and literal call to arms. 

Want to save Obama's presidency?  Democrat Mark Penn just told you -- rather explicitly -- how you could help.  He didn't use any military or hunting metaphors.  He brought up a very real, very tragic event and suggested that "something similar" would be a great boon to Obama's presidency, the same way Oklahoma City's bombing was a real boost to Clinton.

Such putrid reasoning is enough to sicken morally grounded people.

But the "government can cure all human ails" cult is built upon political altars which demand that "no crisis" ever go to "waste."  Hence, the Democrats' current disgraceful incitement to tyranny abounds in the wake of national tragedy.

If I had to guess, I would say that these fervent believers in the socialist-government gospel are privately mourning the lack of even a shred of evidence that Arizona's shooter, Loughner, was a political conservative of the Tea Party bent.  Instead of finding in Loughner's home a shrine to Sarah Palin, police found something resembling a Satanic ritual setup.  In Loughner's backyard, investigators found a camo tent with an altar, which contained a human skull facsimile and dried oranges, suggesting an occult fascination. 

Then, more real evidence surfaced that neither Sarah Palin nor the Tea Parties, nor even any conservative influence, motivated Jared Loughner.  Loughner's obsession with Congresswoman Giffords began at least as far back as 2007, before John McCain brought Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to national attention and long, long, long before the Tea Parties were even an idea in the national psyche.

More bad news came to Democrat operatives when it was learned that Pima county Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was really trying to shield himself from blame when he shamelessly targeted the Tea Parties and conservative rhetoric for the gunman's killing spree.  It has now been alleged that Dupnik's office had received numerous complaints about Jared Loughner's erratic and threatening behavior and that the sheriff had allayed all these concerns with claims that the young man was under the care of mental health professionals.  Sheriff Dupnik (Democrat) has now been publicly called out by the Arizona Republic and asked to stop his political machinations and instead to do his job.

Shame, shame on Sheriff Dupnik.  And shame on every big-government cultist who touted the sheriff's lying assertions as more reason to incite the people to demand more tyrannical law as a cure for violence.

As for me, I shall return to praying and grieving.  The victims and their families deserve a period of mourning. 

Using such a tragedy for political purpose, in the "never let a crisis go to waste" moral vacuum, is a tactic only pure reprobates would employ.  It sickens me to think that America has produced so many such people.  This has been a shameful week in American politics -- one that will hopefully never be repeated.

But I'm not counting on that.  So long as the "government can cure all human ails" cultists are in charge, there are sure to be many more such repulsive displays of self-interest.

And they won't be pretty.

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  She welcomes your comments at