How to Get Rich from Liberal Delusions

The secret to instant wealth is to spot a mass delusion and bet against it.  The Tulip Craze.  Florida swamp land.  

Getting the timing right is tricky, but we are blessed with an overload of mass delusions.  You can pick your own favorite.  Delusional bubbles have to pop at some point, because the people who are paying for them eventually figure out that they've been had.

Global warming fraud is now in the midst of a slow collapse.  The Chicago Carbon Exchange just closed, because the investors figured out the scam.  But the list of liberal crazes is long, and we can expect the media to make up ever-new headlines to keep their business model alive.  For George Soros, it's not only profitable, but it's also a good cause, because socialist world government is his guiding fantasy.  It was socialist Europe that made up global warming, and turned Mad Cow into a mass hysteria.  You can bet that the big investors had it figured out long before things got rolling.

Then there is the Chevy Volt, a fantasy "hybrid," financed in part by thirteen trillion tax dollars from Obama.  There will be huge government subsidies for electrical charging stations to juice up your golf cart every forty miles.  So invest in golf cart technology. 

Then there is ZeroCare, Bee Colony Collapse disease, and flesh-eating bacteria.  What will they call next season's flu virus?  Maybe Mad Swine Flu?

The one thing we know is that the left will find another scare story to panic you with.

Our media hysterias are so dumb -- they are so anti-science, anti-technology, and anti-common sense -- that the only question is "When will the next balloon go up?"

But don't expect the libs to figure it out.  They will fall for it the way they always do.  Mass delusion satisfies their need for a personal faith.  They may not believe in any organized religion, but the media have them believing in organized panics.

Making money from liberal delusions is not new.  Bernie Madoff ran his Ponzi scheme on liberal charities 'cause that's where the biggest suckers are.  Starry-eyed college kids are now planning careers in "the nonprofit sector," meaning they expect to take their salaries and perks off the top.  But they need good media sob stories, like Obama's and Bill Ayers's pitch to a foundation, getting 196 million bucks for inner-city schools with a "jazz-based curriculum."  Then they took the money to buy political IOUs in Chicago.

Obama started off as a con artist, and he is still doing it, but on a much grander scale.  Millions of liberals still bow down to their little home shrine of Obama today because they're terrified of being called "racists" if they don't.  Political correctness is a giant guilt trip to bilk America.  Al Sharpton goes for direct extortion, but there are many ways to milk this cow. 

Barney Frank specialized in laws requiring empty mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie, and then he got his friends big jobs at those fraudocracies.  But that takes clout in the Democratic Party or the Chicago Machine.  Buying politicians is cheap, because election campaigns are inexpensive compared to what you can get from them.  As for the Big Liberal Media like Ted Turner and GE, they just give Obama free glorification and call it "news."  The Democrats pay back the favor with special goodies for GE and Ted.  That's why GE and the guvmint are such good chums. 

If I were the Saudis, I would be buying the green movement in Europe and America, just like the KGB did for almost a century.  The Saudis would be crazy not to.  After all, if Canadian shale comes up with endless clean natural gas, the price of oil is bound to fall.  If you're a Saudi princeling, what do you do?  You give money to Al Gore and his green mob.  Oil is the only saleable commodity in Saudi Arabia, other than hate-the-infidels propaganda and the hajj.  So they need liberal mass delusions to stop safe nuclear power in America and Europe.

It can't take a lot of money to buy agents of influence in the media; just find some up-and-coming greenie fanatics in the journalism schools and turn them to your cause as early as possible.  The professors will help you spot them, just like Cambridge professors spotted homosexual Communists in the 1930s.  British intelligence was completely penetrated by the KGB, and in more ways than one.  Give the kids free trips to Saudi, and swamp them with the ecological idealism of the Saudi Royals.  Then you get them jobs in the media and pick out the winners.  If they have useful addictions, you can keep them hooked.  Green propaganda has to get nuttier and nuttier as the media frauds bid for more money from the Saudis.

Love and peace, dude, love and peace.

As ZeroCare takes over our medical care, millions of Americans will go for treatment in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand.  Obama's death panels are going to schedule your decease in time to save money.  ZeroCare is going to turn American medicine into a single, finite kitty.  Your spending on medicine now means less for everybody else.  But you don't have to obey the new Medical Commissars.  You can retire abroad, or just go there for medical treatment.  That's why socialist governments always need to be more and more coercive, because people keep trying to run away.  Black and gray markets are bound to explode.

The feds will try to stop you, of course.  They can't stop Mexican illegals crossing the border with drugs, but they will try to stop you from fleeing with your own money.  In socialist Europe, there is a huge flow of money to Switzerland and Luxembourg, which have less banking regulation.  Barbados and Belize will rise, along with Greenland, Vanuatu, and Nova Scotia.

Drugs are a substitute for money, like gold and jewels, but I wouldn't invest in poisons that kill people.  There are true believers in marijuana, like George Soros, who won't have any qualms about investing a couple of hundred million in such a beneficial vegetable.  Joseph Kennedy, Sr. made his family fortune smuggling booze during Prohibition, and alcohol kills more people than cigarettes.  A lot of the Irish have a genetic susceptibility to alcoholism, so old Joe made his millions from creating giant epidemics of misery, violence, and early death among his own Irish supporters.

Today the EU capital of Brussels is famous for graft, because tens of thousands of EU decrees come from there.  The EU in Brussels has never passed its own annual audits.  Never.  Political corruption goes with coercing free markets.  You can therefore expect the flow of money to lobbyists, tax lawyers, and tax havens to explode. 

When Bill Clinton federalized Utah Lands, Senator Feinstein's billionaire husband shifted his money to Chinese mining.  Why?  Because Clinton took known Utah minerals off the market "to protect the environment."  Chinese minerals were bound to go up because there are only so many identified mineral sources.  The eco-ninnies were manipulated, but they still adore Bill for playing to their batty beliefs.  It's happy time for all, especially the Bernie Madoffs of this world.

Liberal gullibility is the most biggest resource in the world.  All you have to do is spot the latest crazes (easy enough) and place your bets the other way.  It's like your own casino.  In the long run, you can't lose, because reality always wins in the end.  The only question is when those bubbles will pop.

I recommend diversification.
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