The left sees history's fist coming. Again.

Want to know why the Democrats in Congress are mumbling "f*** the president"?  Want to know why the Cancun mobsters are demanding world power for yesterday's climate fascism?

This is Dunkirk, folks.  It's the Battles of Midway and Gettysburg rolled into one.  This is the watershed moment in history.

This is where the Evil Empire gets its comeuppance.

The next few years may be the most historic ones in our lives.

The left is at the very peak of its power since the Evil Empire fell in 1991, with Obama occupying the White House today, surrounded by his commissars.  The left is still pushing the climate scam because it's the biggest totalitarian power-grab in history, and they can't let go of it -- even if nobody believes Algore anymore.  Trillions of dollars are teetering on the edge, like the Chicago Climate Exchange, and leftists are all rushing in to keep it from screaming down into the steep canyon.  This is right out of a Road Runner cartoon.

But the biggest threat the left sees is Governor Sarah Palin.  And it's not just the American left -- the Euro-lefties hate Governor Palin in the same way they still go foaming at the mouth over Maggie Thatcher.  The U.N. corruptocrats fear her already.  Right now, the worldwide left is feeling a lot more scared than we think.

Here's why:

(a) Palin is Reaganesque beyond any politician we have seen in two decades.  When the Soviet Empire was defeated, it was by three Western conviction leaders: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and John Paul II.

(b) Palin is charismatic far beyond Obama's sputtering appeal.  You can tell Obama's not happy whenever he makes that prune face, like he's biting into a lemon.  Obama looks sour whenever he is not being cheered and adored by the masses.  He needs that adulation to prop up his fragile ego.  Obama can't hide his sour face when things turn bad.

In the Kremlin today, you can bet they are video-screening Obama's prune face frame by frame to see how Our Hero is doing.  And Putin is laughing at the photos.  Putin is a Russian nationalist, and he doesn't want Obama to be the new Lenin.  If anybody is going to be the new Lenin, Putin wants it to be Putin.

(c) Sarah Palin is a Reagan-style constitutionalist.  The hard left understands that, even though they pretend not to.  They know perfectly well who they are and what they are.  The hard left consists of wannabe totalitarians.  You can tell by the fear they show at the prospect of losing power.

George Washington welcomed his chance to leave the presidency and go home, but these people live for the dream of power.  They are obsessed with it.  That's why the Democrats finally showed their rage and anger against Obama in public.  You think only one Congress critter mumbled "f*** the president" to himself?  They've all been saying it over and over again.  They've been waking up at night, screaming it out loud.  Watch all the little cartoon thought bubbles coming from the Democrats in D.C. and you see one giant "f*** the president!"  And Obama knows it.

That's why we need a constitutionalist president again -- because the lust for power is a common human failure.  Obama is not the first.  He is the average power-hungry pol as demonstrated by the last six thousand years of history.  Political parasites have been the bane of human existence since Egypt and Sumer.

We need to see our leaders walking away from power over and over again.  Harry Truman went home and was glad to leave the snake pit of Washington, D.C. behind.  Jimmy Carter didn't want to give up power.  And Obama is going to keep popping up like a bad Jimmy puppet for decades to come.

To the left, we are seeing a perfect replay of the historic crash of the Soviet Union.  They've seen this movie before.

Remember that the Soviet Empire crumbled of its own inner contradictions.  All the West did was show its character and determination.

Remember also that Reagan, John Paul, and Maggie Thatcher were hit by assassination attempts.  Reagan and John Paul were badly wounded and lived with the pain for the rest of their lives.  Thatcher had a lucky escape.  John Paul's assassination plot was traced directly to the KGB; Reagan's and Thatcher's would-be assassins were also radical leftists.

In the end, the Soviet Empire turned out to be 91 percent Potemkin Village and 9 percent real.  But it took real character and courage to blow that house down.

Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paul saw some very bad times, but they didn't give up.

That's the lesson for all conservatives.

Learn it or lose it.  Learn from your own history.

The other side is feeling desperate.  All their power amounts to a false front.

This is the time for conservatives to go for victory.