Rethinking Foreign Policy

A thought experiment for you: Imagine that CableGate happened when the name of the American President was George W. Bush and the name of the Secretary of State was Condoleezza Rice.A frenzied hysteria would surely break out in the media and Congress. Incompetence, neglect, stupidity, betrayal, and worse would be charged.Condoleezza Rice would be forced to resign within hours of the documents' appearance on  WikiLeaks. Impeachment proceedings against Bush would start within days.But what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander, should it not?It just so happens that one of the greatest diplomatic gaffes in the history of global foreign affairs was committed on Mrs. Clinton's watch. Now the whole world can go to the internet and learn -- courtesy of Mrs. Clinton's State Department -- that the world's so-called leaders are for the most part liars, crooks, or worse. Thank you, Mrs. Clinton. You have done the people of the world a great favor. Now they can see what...(Read Full Article)