TSA Groping and Obama's Black Revenge Narrative

The growing TSA groping scandal is another Obama political fiasco, almost a comical way for an American president to commit political suicide. TSA's groping of little kids and their moms instead of going for the bad guys who blew up the Twin Towers fits the narrative of radical black revenge. Now all the rich white folks are treated as police suspects. Let's see how they like it! Or as the hippies used to say, "Up against the wall, m-f!"

The cops are the traditional target of radical Left scapegoating, and even more so for Black Leftists. Obama showed it when Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., himself a racial demagogue, was stopped by an interracial team of cops while breaking and entering into his own house at night. Gates immediately cried "police brutality!," and Obama immediately fell into line. Stupidly, in public. Obama paid a political price for that knee-jerk reaction, but he did not learn from it.

Gates is director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard, where they dig out new and ever more outrageous reasons to be mad at white folks. It's their version of "research." DuBois was a Communist during the Stalin years, and he was surely well-known to Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's surrogate father in Hawaii. 

So Obama hates the cops, even the ones who risk their lives to protect black communities all over the country. In the TSA he has found his perfect instrument of symbolic revenge. If you remember how Hillary Rodham Clinton treated men in uniform at the White House, no matter what the uniform was, you'll get the idea.

Now everybody who flies over Thanksgiving, the quintessential American family holiday, will be dissed by uniformed cops, many of them black, because affirmative action rules the roost at the TSA. If you don't get the role-reversal joke, you're not listening to Obama.

You can bet your last dollar that Rev. Jerry Wright gets the joke. So do Louis Farrakhan; Father Pfleger, the Catholic race-monger; and everybody except Justice Clarence Thomas and Congressman Alan West, who are not laughing. Actually, they get it, too, but it looks more like tragedy than comedy to them. (Colin Powell, as usual, has gone missing in this one.)

The revenge narrative is central to Obama's personal identity, a lot of which is purely imaginary. Don't forget that he is living Dreams from My Father -- not the reality of his father, because he never knew his father at all.

When Obama bowed low for the international cameras to the King of Saudi and then dissed the Queen of England, it made no sense to Americans. But it makes perfect sense in Obama's narrative of revenge. The swarthy King Abdullah in the racial revenge narrative stands for the despised third world. The fact that Africa was raided for centuries by Arab slave raiders, and the fact that the Quran legitimates abject slavery, has no bearing on Obama's revenge fantasy, because facts don't matter in the world of fantasy. Queen Elizabeth is not a human being, but just the white symbol of British Imperialism. The pre-medieval King of Saudi, a generation away from camel-riding tent-dwellers, stands for the Wretched of the Earth. It's all part of the revenge fiction of the Left.

Obama lives in a world of good and evil. The White Hats are evil, the Black Hats good in this Western B flick.

As usual, the world of psychiatry has a name for this. It's called "splitting," and it's one of the common features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which we know Obama suffers from. Splitting is the tendency to treat others as either all good or all evil. It's a sort of paranoid feature of NPD. Obama has NPD mixed with oppositional-defiant disorder, which is why he actually gives his opponents the fickle finger of fate, right in public where the press can take the pictures. Perhaps Obama is cursed with paranoid thinking; we don't really know. He might be fragile. We know he becomes painfully bored when he is not taking a victory lap, and that is also diagnostic of NPD.

But Obama's inner circle know all that, because they've seen it, especially when Obama's fantasy world runs into reality. That's why Obama had to try to make nice to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for two whole years before figuring out what everybody else has known for thirty. French President Sarkozy has called Obama "aliené," which means "alienated from reality." I hope that's not true, but you can be sure that every intelligence agency and foreign ministry in the world has brought in squads of psychiatrists to figure it out. At the last summit meeting, even the European socialists rebelled against Obama's loose money policy. Two years ago, they would have worshiped at his feet. 

That may be why David Axelrod got out of the White House lickety-split when he realized American voters were catching on. So did Rahm Emmanuel. Michelle Obama seems strangely distant these days, going on separate vacations, and only Valerie Jarrett hangs on in the inner circle to protect the Emperor. Obama has become Richard Nixon.

Barack Obama is neither complex nor sophisticated. He is a very simple man, so simple that Americans can't figure him out, because we are always fooled by his Harvard Law School act. The liberals confuse vocabulary with intelligence. The one is not the other. Obama believes he is what Ken Hamblin only played as a joke on talk radio: the Black Avenger.

This is not because Obama has ever lost a penny by being black, or half-black, but because in his imagination, growing up, he identified with the narrative of third-world revenge. That's what he heard from his Marxist professors all through college. You can read all about it in The Wretched of the Earth, the classic and phony tale of another imagineer, Frantz Fanon.

In Asia and Europe, Frantz Fanon's "wretched of the earth" are now beginning to prosper, since they threw out Marxist socialists. India, China, South Korea, and Eastern Europe are doing well. Africa is still suffering from the likes of Mugabe.

But the revenge narrative of Marxism is still taught in American colleges and universities, and at Harvard Law, it is taken for gospel. In all the reality-challenged ivory towers of academe, they are still hoping that it's 1917, and the Romanovs are about to be shot by Lenin in a basement.

The Black Avenger is a childlike revenge fantasy, but Obama is a very childlike man. Don't forget his long history of abandonment, first by his father when he was a baby, and soon after by his mother in middle childhood. Barry Soetoro suffered from multiple estrangements as he was bundled from Hawaii to Indonesia and then back again, while Mom stayed with her second  husband in Jakarta. If you think that being abandoned hurts when you're an adult, just think about how it feels to a lost and lonely child.

It seems that Obama created a fantasy self out of childlike materials. His fantasy fitted the one held by his Left-wing mentors, who did not love him for being himself. They loved him because he fulfilled their wish for another Lenin to arise and reverse all the humiliations of America's rejection of communism.

The Left has put communism into a racial context by turning class warfare into race warfare. Or haven't you noticed? What else do you think affirmative action is about? It is the Left's revenge, by exploiting the most vulnerable group they could find: American blacks. American workers are too happy with prosperity. You need a really embittered group of people to empower the Left, and if the members of that group aren't mad enough, you make them madder and madder. Peace and love don't empower the Left. Racial rage and scapegoating does.

It should be said that personality disorders are not technically forms of madness. These are character flaws so prominent that they get people into bad trouble. Character flaws are not incompatible with understanding reality. People like Obama are not unusual, and sometimes they do well in real life. Hollywood is rife with narcissists, and so is Manhattan. Washington, D.C. wouldn't exist if it wasn't for all the politicians with diagnosable personality disorders. 

But in the fabled old days when politicians traded favors in boozy, smoke-filled rooms, Obama's personality would have been spotted in five minutes. The Democratic Party before 1968 would have let him thrive as a Chicago politician as long as he didn't touch anything important. The old Daley Machine could have used him.

But elect a man to the presidency who may be psychologically fragile, to keep his finger on the nuclear button? Please. Get serious.

Well, the Left and the media have given us Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama, the man without a stable identity, who has only his imaginary fiction to guide him through life.

If they back off from the TSA groping scandal, expect more "dis the white folks" scandals, because that's what guides Obama's personal psychology. If you were wondering what Obama would do after his midterm losses, now you know the answer.

Just pray it doesn't get worse.
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