Great Nations Don't Decline -- They Just Get Tougher

Hooray, we have a presidential cheerleader for American Decline. I capitalize those words A.D. the way I capitalize a lot of the fantasy slogans of the Left. Capitalizing their absurdities is a way of punctuating their empty heads and empty lives.

In Obama's Übermensch Amplified Voice, "American Decline" is another way of saying, "Na Nana Na Na!" You think you won the midterms? Well, here's my big middle finger to you! That bony digit is growing like Pinocchio's nose, and for the same reason. Watch it grow bigger and bigger for the next two years as this White House drifts farther and farther into Fantasyland. And just keep the man around for the next couple of decades to remind us what he is.

This is what malignant narcissists do when they lose face. The American people are just catching on to Obama's pathology, and you can bet you'll see a lot more of that swelling finger before he rides into the sunset. Pray for it to come as soon as possible.

Is America declining? Not once we get rid of the saboteurs: the Democrats and the lie-a-day media. Just toss out Obama and the Left and watch our screeching tires as we take off. America is ready to roar back as soon as the O'noids get out of the way. Obama is becoming President O'noya. He can bug you, but he will keep us on the boil as long as he does. You want a big incentive to stay active in Tea Party politics? Here's all the incentive you'll need. Just watch this clown make goofy faces for another two years, and you'll be roaring to get back to the polls. Meanwhile, just cut away all the underbrush that gets in the way of the final act of disposal. Get rid of the illegal "czars.".Sell back the car companies and the banks. Get ready to roar.

Fortunately, Obama has made a good start toward his own Decline and Fall in less than two years. When he goes from Decline to Fall, with  a little luck, he will take all the little Marxists with him. If not, just let them know they are no longer welcome in the Land of the Free.

Great Nations don't decline, but they do have ups and downs. Look at Russia twenty years after the Soviet Empire, crumbled from its own silly delusions. Look at China decades after Mao Zedong killed forty million Chinese people. America has never had to deal with those kinds of self-inflicted wounds. We are awesome, and we are just waiting to explode into a new period of prosperity and strength.

And this time, we won't be suckered by the sucker play of the Left. This time, they pay for their greed for power and corruption. It's time for them to grow up and get a job. 

Great Nations come back tougher. That means they see reality more clearly than before. They wipe the delusions from their eyes and confront what's real. Then they go get 'em.

Don't mess with the United States. It's never happened over the last two hundred years. Messing with us will tell us who is our friend and who is our foe. I think we're getting the idea right around now.

Obama is a big downer for America, but he can't change our immense fundamental strengths. Can he stop the Niagara Falls? Can he stop the Liberty Bell? Has he changed you? I don't think so. He hasn't changed me. He hasn't changed America. He is a flibbertigibbet, hooting across the moon on the gloomy night. A lot of noise, but no substance.

Obama will try to weaken us psychologically, but the more he tries, the more he reveals who he really is. The more he drops that smiling mask, the more disgusted he will make us feel.  Even now, a good chunk of the people don't understand what a bizarro this guy is. The defeated Democrats understand it finally, and the Tea Party activists have known it all along. Soon everybody except the most deluded will get it.

We elected this man to raise a black man to the heights of American politics. But compared to Lt. Col. Allen West, who just got elected to the House, Obama is a midget. I'll vote for Col. West or Marco Rubio or Sarah Palin any time I get a chance, because they have guts and a solid moral sense. You don't have to be a Harvard professor to be president. You do have to have your heart in the right place. Harry Truman and George W. Bush showed that strength during a time of supreme challenge. Obama will never get it. He is too blind, too much in love with his own image...and way too blind.

Next election, I don't want to choose between two dishrags running for the White House. I want a real man, or a real woman, an adult who is willing to face real challenges. Not a saboteur, not a clown, not Goofy.

We have to tolerate another 24 months of this freak show. But we don't have to keep quiet about it. Nobody got elected to take away your right to tell it like you see it.

So say it loud and proud, and make sure they hear you.

Go to it. Get tougher, especially when it comes to  our arrogant and foolish power class. I'd love to see a real house-cleaning; we've only started in this election. This is the worst time of corruption since the Spoils System of the 19th century. In fact, this is just the old Spoils System come back to life.

You've got the power to break that corruption and bring in adults who will be responsible to you, the voter.

Don't drop that ball just one day between now and 2012.

It's up to you. The bad guys will attack your morale, and your morals besides. Never forget who they are. Build a new media. Clean up the hog sty in Washington and all the state capitals.

We have work to do.
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