For Libs Who Just Got Scared

Bill Maher, the biggest mud-thrower on the left, recently had his Juan Williams moment. He's afraid that radical Islam will take over the world.

Ten million other libs who get their news from comedy shows can finally admit they're scared, too. They were just waiting for PC permission to think what everybody else in the world has thought for decades. Bill Maher has given them permission to feel fear.

Radical Islam should scare you.

If you're a liberal, please memorize this, because there will be a quiz -- soon enough.

Keep an eye on the headlines. There will be a terrorist strike, and not just one. It will happen in the Muslim world, which means our media will pretend it never happened. Or it will happen in the West, which means that even some liberals will find out -- so that they can go back to denying, rationalizing, and blaming George W. Bush for the new fascist, imperialistic threat.

For decades the left has been in swaggering denial about Islamic imperialism even though it's right in front of their eyes. If they had read a smidgen of history, they would know that Islam has been the most successful imperialistic war culture since the 7th century: more successful than Soviet imperialism, much more persistent than Nazi imperialism, and more real than Coca-Cola imperialism (which exists only in liberal fever swamps). 

The Soviets lasted less than a century. The Nazis lasted for thirteen years. Islamic Imperialism has existed since the 6th century, and it has conquered a third of the world. Islamic reactionaries have now oppressed women, Christians, and Jews wherever they take power for more than a thousand years. Hitler boasted about only a thousand-year world empire. Muslim reactionaries have had their empire for a lot longer than that.

The Muslim world has tried to leave Islamic radicalism behind. After World War I, Ataturk outlawed the symbols of the Ottoman Empire. The Shah of Iran tried to move Iran past the Islamic reactionaries. Egypt tried a military overthrow of the religious establishment. Turkey and Iran were models of modernization in the Muslim world. Many other Muslim countries tried to follow those models.

Then Jimmy Carter allowed Ayatollah Khomeini to overthrow the Shah in 1979. Khomeini promptly started to kill all his opponents, especially the liberals. He got into a war that killed a million people and tried to overthrow the Saudi regime across the Gulf. Twenty years later, Turkey elected an Islamist, and today Turkey has now joined Iran on the radical Islamic front. Pakistan already has nukes and a pervasive indigenous Islamic fascist movement. Israel is surrounded by Islamic fascists in Gaza and Lebanon, controlled by a wannabe Hitler in Iran who doesn't let a day go by without threatening a second Holocaust.

And then, on 9/11/01, nineteen Saudi terrorists killed almost three thousand people in New York City and in Washington, D.C. But actually, that was the second time they tried. The same crew tried to blow up the Twin Towers in 1993, but Bill Clinton forgot to tell us about it.

Astonishing, liberals were still in denial after 9/11. Their heads were buried so deep in the slime of ignorance that they kept explaining away every Islamist murder and cultural provocation. They elected Barack Hussein Obama to prove to the world how lovable they all are and invented the oxymoron "Islamophobia" to explain why millions of people with common sense were scared.

You cannot have "Islamophobia" in the real world, because a "phobia" is an irrational fear. You can't have an irrational fear of somebody pointing a gun at you. That is a rational fear. "Islamophobia" is an imaginary word from people who never check an English dictionary.

Fear of Islamist violence is not a phobia. It is seeing what's real, because it keeps on happening. In Iraq, thousands and thousands of women, men, and children have been killed by purposeful truck bombs in street markets. And no, it wasn't George W. Bush who killed them. It was al-Qaeda paid by Saudi billionaires, Islamic terrorists paid by Iran, and a lot of bombers paid by Iraq's old fascist party, the Ba'ath. It all adds up to really evil mass murders by terrorist throwbacks to the Dark Ages. But the Left just blamed it on Bush.

Now George W. Bush is out of office, and even liberals can no longer believe their own fairy tales. After all, Obama has bowed down to the Saudi King and to the Emperor of Japan. We've apologized! We elected Barack Hussein Obama!

Why don't they love us now?

If any liberals are reading this, a word of advice. Try reading what the Islamic radicals are writing. Look at the video propaganda campaign they are streaming to the West on And keep in mind that children in Gaza, Cairo, and Tehran are watching this stuff day after day after day. It's the biggest brainwashing message they will hear all their lives.

You might also notice that Israel is only one of their enemies. They hate America and Europe. They hate Sweden. They hate liberalism. Islamic radicals constantly kill militant Marxists, believe it or not (just like the other way around). They also hate Hindus, especially in the Kashmir. They hate Buddhists. That's why the Taliban blew up those giant Buddhist sculptures in Afghanistan They hate free women.

Ignore the disinformation from the media for a day or two.

Try to find some facts instead.

You'll be amazed what you will find.

I dare ya.
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