Fire the Media

The Giant has awakened. The American voter just threw the bums out of Congress -- not enough of them, but a very good start. 

The crucial question today is: Will the Giant just turn over and go back to sleep?

It's happened before.

After Ronald Reagan and the Cold War, the Giant turned over, sighed deeply, and fell back asleep. We figured everybody got the idea, because it was obvious who won on the merits of the case for human happiness and genuine progress, after seventy years of Soviet Imperialism.

Russia and China turned to free markets -- corruptocrat style -- to get their people back to real work for real wages. India and Israel liberated their domestic markets and found amazing success in technology and science. The basket cases of Eastern Europe turned to prosperity. Asia became a powerhouse, except for North Korea. In the new reactionary tyrannies of the Middle East, like Iran, talented people left and became prosperous in freedom.

We saw East Berlin over decades as a miserable Stalinist desert, while West Berlin was living it up. We saw North Korea in man-made famine and South Korea flourishing. Take a group of similar human beings, have history cruelly divide them in two, and run the experiment of Marxist Paradise on half of them. Then look at the results. We saw it over and over again, and no sane person could doubt the outcome. We can see it today in North and South Korea. We can see it in the prosperity and productivity of Iranians who fled the Khomeini tyranny compared to the misery of those who stayed behind to face torture, 24/7 brainwashing, massive corruption, drug abuse, and poverty.

Life keeps running the perfect experiment on socialism versus freedom, and it keeps coming up with the identical answer.

Any sane person knew the answer in 1990 when the Soviet Union crumbled of its own inner contradictions.

The exception is Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, who struck a vein of glittering gold by whipping up racial anger among blacks and white liberals. They knew exactly what they were doing, because you can watch them doing it over and over again. 

Also Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the angry children of amazing wealth who were bringing up a new generation of community agitators. "Agitators" is what they really mean, that "organizer" stuff is just another lie.

And another exception: the Saul Alinsky termites gnawing at the foundations of the healthy parts of society.

All of these plague bacillae were aided, as usual, by tenured radicals in the schools, by bureaucrats and their unions, and by the media narrative of endless anti-Americanism, rage, and resentment.

Don't ever think these people are balkanizing America because they are really compassionate. They are carving up America to divide and conquer, to benefit themselves. It's how they are educated at the "best" schools, and how they make their millions.

That's where Barry Soetoro came in, nurtured and raised by people who were -- let's use the word -- hate-mongers.

Jeremiah Wright.

Frank Marshall Davis

Barry Soetoro's mother and her fellow traveler parents.

The embittered Stalinist wing of the CPUSA.

Ever since Joe McCarthy tried to drive the virus out, the Left has nurtured the seeds of hatred and carefully revised reality and history wherever the young and ignorant might be found. Marxism is a disease of childhood, like the measles, because their immune systems are unprepared for the virus.

It spread among illegal immigrants coming from their own Marxist propaganda machine in Mexico. Among drug users and drug smugglers. Among people who needed anger to boost their self-esteem. Among middle-class kids looking for an ego boost for their fat and self-indulgent lives. Among what Marx called the Lumpen -- the alienated chattering classes who staff the New York Times, the prostitutes -- pardon me, "sex workers," -- the druggies, the angry, the self-labeled failures in life. Among welfare queens and runaway fathers who left their offspring to the mercies of the State.

And -- the virus always spreads among would-be suicide bombers, who often come from well-to-do middle-class families, young males who are feeling lost in their lives. Teenage boys are always the cannon fodder for any revolution, from Hitler to the Black Muslims. Find the alienated young males in any society, no matter how compassionate, give them an identity and marching orders to destroy what has been built over centuries, and you can build Communism or radical Islam. It is boringly predictable, always exactly the same. It doesn't matter which totalitarian ideology they end up with, because you are giving meaning to their pathetic and angry lives. They are cannon fodder for any revolution in sight.

The secret of "community organizing" is to recruit all the self-identified "victims" and whip them up in a state of everlasting rage against  the productive, hardworking taxpayers. Like their own parents. That's how European socialism works, and Obama is nothing but a European socialist with an African front --  not a black American. Dreams from My Father is a fraud, a fairy tale, a Leftist fiction, a false self, like Obama's steroid-built muscles.

Obama is the con man of our age, and all he really knows is how to stir up rage and anger and direct it towards "the enemy" -- which is how ACORN and Alinsky describe the American middle class. Not the "political opposition," but "the enemy." Americans have to understand that in their bones: To Obama, you are the enemy, and they mean that with the utmost seriousness. It's not just a slip of the tongue. Read the ACORN manual or Saul Alinsky. You are the enemy, and that means, like it or not, that they have made them your enemy. Don't ever forget it, because they won't forget it, ever.

That's what twenty years of sitting with Jerry Wright teaches, but Obama got if from every significant person in his life. It's the sea in which he swims. It's the goggles over his eyes. He can see nothing else, because he has learned nothing else. Obama is a monomaniac as well as a supreme narcissist.

Hardworking, decent Americans have watched the forces of resentment and division invade our society, fresh from their conquest of Europe. We are a goodhearted people, and we fell for the age-old beggar scam: Give me a nickel, my children are starving!

We fell for the compassion scam over and over again, even as the children of the poor started to develop diabetes from overeating. Go to any inner-city neighborhood, and the most visible problem is not a lack of food or shelter or clothing or television sets or even computers with web connectivity. Our victim classes are suffering from the diseases of affluence: obesity, diabetes, drug addiction, laziness, family breakdown, kids running wild for lack of fathers, corrupt and harmful schools. You see exactly the same victim class in Stockholm riding the subways. The color of their skin doesn't matter. They are the same people suffering from the same diseases, and starvation in the least of their worries. They are suffering from hostile dependency, just like Europe as a whole.

Europe chose socialism after two wars that laid the cities to waste, and a Soviet revolution next door that penetrated and sabotaged their media. Plus, America took over their military protection. They were infantilized, and they still are.

The Brits are still starving their armed forces, so that they now have two seagoing carriers without planes to fly from them. They were planning to share the French super-carrier the Charles De Gaulle, only to find out that its propulsion system never worked. The De Gaulle can't go to sea, and the Brits have carriers without planes. That's because we have indulged their hostile-dependent complex, just as they have indulged their own hostile dependent voters for socialism.

America has always been different from Europe. The United States saw wave after wave of poor but ambitious immigrants coming to our shores, keeping their families intact and working their hearts out for a generation, two generations, and rising in America. Italian peasants became middle-class producers, still family-oriented and the envy of their cousins in the old country. The Irish, who came fresh from the Great Famine and absentee landlords, started to make it big in the New World. The Jews, literally beaten by persecution in Russia, Poland, and finally Germany, fled to these shores and churned out productive and sometimes brilliant new generations who contributed to society by contributing to themselves. Because that's the secret of capitalism: to make a better widget, and to sell it to millions of widget-hungry people at a better price.

Today it's happening to the quiet Vietnamese boat people who took our side in that war and were put in concentration camps for their loyalty to liberty and self-determination. They were Catholics and Buddhists who could not abide the Worker's Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's terror state. Their story is never told in the American media, but it doesn't matter, because like the Jews, they still have their families, they still have their work ethic. Go visit any major campus today, and you will see mostly Asian faces --  and remember that they got there by years of hard and persistent study. Quietly, behind the scenes, there are blacks and Asians (and whites who still form the majority, contrary to all the propaganda) who are still making it work.

They are the Giant that just woke up.

The Giant has awoken before. He won the Civil War, and went back to sleep. He won World War I and II, accomplished the Civil Rights revolution to abolish Jim Crow -- no, it wasn't just M.L. King, as heroic as he was, but the great decent majority of Americans, who saw the justice of King's cause and passed the Civil Rights laws. Then the Giant turned over and went back to sleep.

The Giant always does that because Americans are so decent that they naïvely assume that others are just like them. So they let the saboteurs of the Left gnaw away at the foundations of our society because they believe the -- pardon me -- b---s--- of the propaganda media.

The Giant won the Cold War against Soviet imperialism, and went back to sleep. But the Cold War did not end, because the Soviets and the power-hungry chattering classes parasitized the tenured positions in the schools, the universities, and the unions. Once they were deeply embedded in the system, they lived off the backs of productive taxpayers, and they spread their toxic of compassion fascism. As Jonah Goldberg writes in his book Liberal Fascism, modern fascism comes in the Halloween cloak of "more compassionate than Thou."

And they stirred up all the angry people in the country.

They created whole new classes of Angry People. American women, the most prosperous, pampered, and beloved group of human beings anywhere in the world, were propagandized and fell for the scam that they were victims of men. Women who were losers in the relentless marketplace of sexual selection --- the same marketplace all of us grow up in in high school  -- the women who were in pain and despair from that marketplace were persuaded that all men are the enemy. Their real enemy was and is biology, but biology was sneered at by the hate-peddlers. The Left always needs an enemy. Keep that in mind, and you can recognize them even if they hide.

Blacks, who were finally able to rise in society based on their hard work and family values, as Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas did, were suckered into migrating to the inner cities, where their family values were destroyed by drugs, the fantasy of sex without consequences, and the Democrat-Media Machine, which has now enslaved urban blacks as surely as they were enslaved by brutal threats, abuse, and dehumanization of the plantation system.

The Democratic Party learned the secret of European socialism, which pretends to be "progressive," but it's the oldest political trick in the world. You can see it in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, where the power-hungry politician Caesar plays on the mob of the urban poor to overthrow the Roman republic -- which is exactly what Julius Caesar did in history. Caesar destroyed the Republic and created a Tyranny. He did it by demagoguery, and by Roman socialism, called "bread and circuses." The bread was bought the loyalty of the poor and the victim classes in Rome. Circuses kept them happy with the biggest sadistic entertainment displays in Western history. Mass rape, bestiality, and an endless flow of bloody fights and mass murders were enacted for the entertainment of the power class and the masses. The early Christians were killed and "processed" in that system of Roman sadistic entertainment, just as were the Jewish rebels after the revolts against the Romans ending in 70 CE.

Well, Shakespeare got it from Plutarch, who got it from Plato and Aristotle. They all saw it right in front of their eyes, just as we see it every day. "Progressives" is as old as the hills.

The Democrats are just another Demagogue party. Some of them specialize in victim propaganda and call themselves "journalists." They are not. They are PR liars, as we now know with perfect certainty, because we see the proof day after day in the "media."

"First, conquer the organs of propaganda," said Karl Marx, and that is exactly what the Left does all over the world.

That has to be where the Giant acts next.

The Giant must fire the media.

It's the easiest thing in the world, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out for twenty years and more.

It's called the "on/off switch" on your TV, or your browser, or your iPhone.

We have become enslaved to the Old Media. All we have to do is patronize the New Media. If everybody who voted Republican in this election did that, the Old Media would crash. And don't worry about your favorite TV show. It will find its way to the web with streaming television if, and only if, you insist that the sponsors not be supporters of Obama's socialism. Use the vote of your money, and you've won the culture wars. That is all you need to know.

Fire the corrupt Machine. Then fire the Old Media.

"First, conquer the Organs of Propaganda."

If the Giant fails to do that, we will be back in 1990, when the Cold War was won, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II won the psychological battle of the Cold War -- which was always a mind war -- and the Giant rolled over and went back to sleep.

Twenty years after Reagan and the crumbling of Soviet imperialism, the Left is back in power, but now inside fortress America. It is Socialism with a Smile, but if you scratch them, the old totalitarian Left reveals its grinning mask. The reason is that the Left as a power-hungry minority with dreams of world conquest -- that's what it is, just like radical Islam -- has to operate by controlling the Organs of Propaganda. They infiltrated the schools of journalism, and from there fed their brainwashed propaganda artists into what used to be a free media. They kept the appearance of free-market competition, and secretly schemed to establish an intellectual monopoly. Today they plan their totalitarian PR strategy from day to day, and it shows up in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the alphabet channels with amazing predictability. The Power Class has a propaganda organ, because all the supposedly different "news" fictioneers tell exactly the same story with exactly the same headlines day after day. Rush does a great job just playing their robotic words.

We don't have a free press any more, and that is the key to our danger today.

"Fire the media" is our next job. If we fail to liberate the Organs of Propaganda, this revolution will go the way of the Reagan Revolution. We will think we won, because any decent, rational, well-meaning person will see the obvious facts right in front of our eyes. And the power-hungry parasites will go back and keep gnawing away at the foundations of what everybody knows works in their own lives. Family, loyalty, hard work, bringing up children in your values, faith, building, building, building.

It's worked right in front of our eyes for more than two hundred years. Marxism is not "progressive." It is throwback to the old times of universal slavery -- it's not just blacks who were enslaved, but peasants, the urban poor, the sailors in the Royal Navy who were kidnapped from the streets of London, whipped into submission, and kept drunk on grog to ensure their obedience. The American founders rebelled against a system barely coming out of white slavery, just like it was coming out of black slavery. And women were often the victims -- as well as the victimizers.

This is the story of the Old World in Europe and Asia, South America, all over the world, where a power class took hold. Only in America and Canada, and in the countries we inspired, like India, has electoral government served to temper the power-hungry class. Look around you and see. Europe is falling back into its bad old habits. The European Parliament is a front. Its members have no power to pass laws. The real power class in Europe is the bureaucrats and the party apparatchiks who have lifetime jobs and no fear of losing an election. They use the Soviet model of elections, but they control the people through the propaganda apparatus, backed with force. That is what Britain has come down to, two centuries after British thinkers inspired the American revolution. America is enabling European dependency like an abused wife enables her alcoholic husband. We are financing Europe's experiment in a Worker's Paradise with our money and the blood of our soldiers. Never forget that.

And now European socialism has infected our schools and universities, our Democratic politicians (and some Republicans), and our media.

We have to fire the media. You have the power to do it, and it's just as easy as casting your vote.

Use the power of your purse to break the Left's stranglehold over the media. If you do it today, the media will crumble in a week. They can survive only as long as they run their con job.

And don't think that the Big Corporations that run them are free-marketeers. Like Big Corporations all over the world, they want to survive, and they do it by forging a steel chain to the power class. The Bigs' real enemy is the Littles, you and me. This is elementary economics. The real creativity in computers and the web comes from the Littles. As soon as they turn into Apple and Google, they serve only themselves. Which is ok, as long as all the Littles see the scam.

So like Russia today, we have a power class. They are the tenured media, the tenured teachers and professors, and the tenured union bosses. Big Media and Big Business constantly work hand-in-hand with Big Government. Breitbart is right about that.

But the key to it all is the power of your purse to liberate the media.

Just like you threw out the bums on Election Day, you have to take the logical next step. America has tenured radicals in its media. They are identical to the Power Class, which keep going even if we vote them out (they turn into fantastically rich lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and keep living off the taxpayers, just one link away from the politicians in the food chain).

We threw the bums out on Election Day.

Now we have to throw out the other bums.

Think about it. Don't believe me, not any more than you believe the New York Times.

Think about it and act.

If the Giant rolls over and goes back to sleep, Obama and his ilk will never leave D.C., or Illinois, or Michigan. They will suck the substance from this country by setting women against men, blacks against whites, and illegals against citizens.

Watch 'em doing it. It's not a secret.

If you don't act, this merry-go-round will keep turning, and the next generation will have to work it out for themselves again and again.

Turn off the legacy media. Use your own God-given capacity think and act. Be peaceful but decisive. Live up to the ideals of your fathers and mothers, who understood what was at stake. Be true to yourself and your family. Be confident of your own judgment. Don't fall for the con artists like Obama and Michelle. They never have your best interests at heart.

Stay decent and calm, and act firmly and wisely. Don't forget you are dealing with lifelong liars. Keep studying them, for your future and the future of your country is still in grave danger.

Election Day is only the first step in a long struggle. That's what they call it "the struggle"...and if you don't recognize that, you are surrendering.

You can fire the media with a mere act of choice.

If you don't, they will be back tomorrow.
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