The Other America Marches on Washington

Yes, folks, there are two Americas: the authentic America of community builders and the other America, made up of socialist group-thinkers, moochers, and no-accounts, many of them living off government grants or welfare checks.   

The tension between these two Americas has been a constant tug-of-war for nearly a hundred years, since our premier socialist-progressive president, Woodrow Wilson, bore the first rotten fruits of liberal fascism on our shores.

With the election of the first socialist-progressive president in decades, the political tension between the two Americas has reached fever pitch. Independent voters, who were lulled like sheep into the lion's den by Barack Obama's conciliatory, I’ll-make-it-all-better rhetoric, have been expressing buyer's remorse for many long months and now yell "Change it back!" as loudly as they shouted "Yes we can!" less than two short years ago.

Obama lied; hope died. And all over the land, Obama's Intolerable Acts are causing authentic America to rise to her feet in surly indignation. Americans are putting their hope back in God, where it belongs, and vowing to cut big government back down to its constitutionally mandated size. 

Authentic Americans -- those patriots with a profound respect for our U.S. Constitution and do-it-yourself ingenuity, the Americans who prefer liberty to nanny-state-provided luxury -- held a march on Washington on August 28. The event drew more than 300,000 people. True to their good citizenship, these authentic Americans honored the sacrifices of our forebears in speech and song and afterward left the whole scene immaculate.   

This Saturday, October 2, the other America is set to hold its counter-rally, hoping to inspire their like-minded socialist group-thinkers, moochers, and no-accounts to vote a month from now so that they can continue their mad-dog raiding of the producers' profits and tighten the big-government stranglehold on authentic America.

The other America is calling October 2 the "One Nation Rally." Now, there's a real side-buster. They represent the one nation whose every roof and meal are subsidized by the authentic America. They should have held this demand-o-rama on May 1 in solidarity with their fellow socialist travelers around the world.

Who knows how many people will show up, but every far-left community agitating group is on board and is sure to bus in as many warm bodies as they all can find. Knowing the left's penchant for agitprop, we might expect hundreds of gutter-dwellers dressed up in business attire or lots of white-coated "doctors" or scads of Wiccan witches wearing soccer-mom outfits. Perhaps Barbara Boxer -- who thought authentic Americans looked too "well-dressed" to be anything other than "astroturf" protesters -- will be on hand to coordinate the left’s agitprop costumes for the day.

The national chairman of the Communist Party USA posted an urgent appeal for warm bodies on Obama's Organizing for America website:

Which brings me to the One Nation rally on October 2 in our nation's capital. Here is an opportunity to reestablish, reenergize, and repower the coalition of people's organization that elected the first African American president in our nation's history.

Opportunities of this kind are rare. But when they arise, they have to be seized. No stone should be left unturned to bring people and their organizations to Washington. This event's success will be measured by its size. A huge turnout will change the political atmosphere and send a message to friend and foe.

At least the Communist Party USA is more honest than President Obama. They come right out and tell the people they demand equalizing tyranny with a yes-we-can end to the American dream of liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness. Of course, Barack Obama knew he had to rely on deceiving authentic America to get elected. Now, he needs the CPUSA to get out their rusty hammers and sickles to beat the producers back into line.

Another of my favorite groups on the list of One Nation Rally promoters is Code Pink. Oh, how we've all missed those tawdry women of questionable virtue, wearing their pink undies to the halls of congress, running around like screaming banshees demanding an end to "Bush's War" and trying to close down officer recruitment centers.

While the MSM inundates us with stories about Christine O'Donnell's momentary dabble with witchcraft on a high school date, the real Wiccans of Code Pink cast their spells on the Marines in the here and now. Circled around their cauldron, donning pink robes with their faces smeared with red paint (symbolizing the blood of their victims), Code Pink wackos staged a spell-casting event right in front of the Marine officer recruiting center in Berkeley a mere two years ago. This was right before they suddenly turned their spells to drumming up support and bundling lots of money for the election of Mr. Hope & Change. Can't wait to see if they bring their cauldron to the One Nation Rally. Now that would surely be extreme in the extreme.

Of course, even though the One Nation website says there are over four hundred community agitating groups supporting them, the major players here will be the unions. They've got the UAW, the AFL/CIO, AFSCME, and the SEIU all lined up, along with a variety of smaller types and "professional" associations.

Now, as many readers will recall, when the SEIU is involved, things are likely to get ugly. There can be biting off of fingers, assault and battery, destruction of private property. Of course, these violent acts are normally aimed at those authentic Americans who just happen to be exercising their own First Amendment rights, but whenever or wherever SEIU thugs show up, it's a sure bet that they will be uncivil.

Reading the list of One Nation sponsor groups is very enlightening. Their organizations -- each and every one -- stand for some very exclusive special interest group. Whether it is the transgenders or the Queers for Economic Justice or the dozen or more groups that specify themselves as "black" or "negro" or the public-school teachers' union or the women who've turned pink into an ugly word -- you have to have a special interest to join. And you have to have your hand out begging for government money.

No wonder this other America is so hot and bothered by the welcome-mat policy of the Tea Parties. The Tea Parties, with their come-one-come-all politics, threaten the very existence of every special interest group on the left.

These group-thinkers, moochers, and no-accounts of the left know that if the government is tamed back to its constitutionally mandated size and scope, then their free ride is over for good.

And they’ll have to stop their professional rabble-rousing and go out to find real jobs or start real businesses of their own. Growing up is hard to do, and slacker kids of any age will do all they can to avoid it.

Hence this One Nation rally and all the hoopla the state-sponsored media can throw in its direction. What a sham.
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