The Democrats Will Steal the Election if We Let Them

The longstanding Democrat tactic of stealing elections threatens a reappearance on November 2. It would be foolish to pretend otherwise and rely on the voters' voice to be heard merely because the public has turned on the Democrats.  

A number of comments on my recent pieces dealing with electoral issues (particularly "The American Left Slides Into Psychosis") have mentioned the importance of protecting the vote to assure that standard corrupt Democratic tactics are not allowed to lessen the weight of the impending November avalanche. This is certainly a valid point in this age, when Stuart Smalley has found his way from the tube to the Senate and the Black Panthers have been resurrected from their status as footnote to the '60s to serve as enforcers for humane, progressive liberalism. It will serve us well to take a close look at the Democrat record in this matter, consider what they may be up to regarding this election, and, the most serious question of all, ask why the GOP lets them get away with it.

Democrats and election-stealing by any means necessary go back a long way.

In the heyday of Tammany Hall in the mid- to late 19th century (the name allegedly was derived from that of an early New York-area Leni Lenape chief -- they were practicing PC even then), entire armies of thugs were recruited from Manhattan's gangs to take control of polling places, oust any opposition, and assure that only Row A votes were counted. One description I read years ago stated that some of these goons filed their teeth to points, while others had metal finger caps fitted with sharp nails. This is a step beyond Philly's Panthers, I'm sure all will agree.

In San Francisco during the 1850s, elections were controlled by the Locofocos, a Tammany offshoot that had headed west (to get away from all those teeth, I imagine). In alliance with a group of Southern Democrats called the Chivs, the Locofocos (the name referred to locofoco or "lucifer" matches, which the members used to light their inaugural meeting after Tammany regulars shut off the gas) ruled central California until borax king William T. Coleman reorganized the San Francisco Vigilantes in 1856 and ran them off.

In 1936, Harry Hopkins ordered employees of his vast Works Progress Administration (WPA) empire to vote for FDR. Ballots were closely monitored, and anyone voting for poor Alf Landon was summarily fired. Of such subtle techniques are landslides made.

We could fill the Britannica with further instances with no trouble at all, so these examples will do, with the addition of one more critical instance to show exactly how far the Dems are willing to go.

It's widely accepted (and denied only by fanatic Kennedy stalwarts such as Theodore Sorenson) that the Kennedy-Nixon contest, won by scarcely 100,000 votes, was stolen by a combination of zombie voters from Chicago and Texas votes from the eighth dimension, arranged by VP candidate Lyndon Johnson. LBJ, known as "Landslide Lyndon" for exactly this reason, had been involved in gimmicking elections since the '30s, and he always had a few votes on his person in case of emergencies. Harry Truman, who loathed the Kennedys, told Merle Miller that a late influx of votes from West Virginia also played a role.

This operation was very likely carried out with the cooperation of Joe Kennedy's Mob contacts from his days as rum-running king, a point that should be kept in mind.

So what did Nixon do? A thug and a paranoid in his own way, Nixon was ready to lash out at anyone. But there are numerous episodes in his career suggesting that there was a lot more to this strange and complicated figure, and this is one of them. Because Nixon did nothing. When approached with evidence by GOP officials, he turned them away. "The American people should not know that the presidency of the United States can be stolen." The one time he would have been justified in lashing out, he refused. The fact that Nixon acted out of honorable reasons as he saw them will not sit well with many people, but it's apparently the case. (Some years ago, Sorenson killed a lot of trees writing a lengthy article claiming that it never happened.)

I could also mention the New York State election when, as a small child, I was sent out to tear down posters of the master of evil Arthur Goldberg to assure that Bobby Kennedy would win the state AG contest, but we'll skip that. (The theory was that the cops wouldn't bust a child.)

We have a clear picture of how vicious the Dems can be, how thorough their plans, and how far they will go. Stealing elections is no peccadillo, no charming piece of nostalgia from the days when men wore white gloves and top hats to check the mailbox. The Democratic Party is, in a real sense, built on electoral fraud, and not only in Chicago. The Dems have used the vilest criminal elements to carry out their electoral schemes. They have used fraud to control cities, regions, and entire states. Not even the presidency has been immune. Men have been killed for trying to vote in the United States of America, the same as in El Salvador, Lebanon, or Afghanistan. Those days could return at any time if we let them. (None of this is to suggest that Republicans never steal the vote. But the tenor is different. With Republicans, it's kind of an amateur effort, along the lines of a cottage industry. With Democrats, it's big business, like Big Steel or Google.)

Nothing has changed today. In Giuliani's first mayoral election, a Lower East Side public school was found to be stuffed full of voting machines dedicated to a second term for Dave "Little Man on the Wedding Cake" Dinkins. We also have the Franken thing, the Gregoire thing, the Philly Panthers, the Houston voting-machine warehouse fire, and no doubt many other episodes occurring in Yourtown, USA. The wildest effort of them all was Al Gore's attempt to snag the presidency through legal double-talk in 2000. The flimsiness of the attempt and its ultimate failure are a clear sign of how sloppy the Dems have become. Landslide Lyndon or Joe Kennedy would have had that sewn up within hours.

The oversight machinery has failed almost completely. Local and state electoral boards are a joke, totally corrupted and staffed by people's cousins and similar political riffraff. The miraculous multiplying votes in the Gregoire and Franken cases should have been disallowed on the face of it for the simple reason that the faintest whiff of suspicion irretrievably taints the electoral process. Instead, the cases went to the courts, where they became victim of would-be judicial Solomons. Similarly, the military absentee vote has been an open scandal for the past several elections. This year, local electoral boards are brazenly defying the law by refusing to send out military ballots.

The GOP has also failed. Rudy Giuliani, who would cross the Antarctic Plateau on foot if thought a gangster was hiding on the other side, refused to nail anybody for the attempted schoolhouse caper. Norman Coleman was caught flatfooted when votes for Al Franken started appearing out of quantum black holes in selected counties of the state of Minnesota. (He didn't even hire an attorney until after the fact.) Nor did the Republicans make any serious effort to stand up for military voters in 2006 and 2008. The sole figure to go onto the mat was the much-maligned George W. Bush, who faced down Al Gore in Florida with the help of an at-long-last aroused GOP establishment. The notorious "Blue Blazer riot" in Palm Beach in December 2000, in which at least a dozen GOP activists knocked firmly on windows and shouted fierce imprecations at the vote counters, is a unique event in the history of the modern Republican Party, marking the first time the GOP refused to roll over. Unfortunately, the impulse died away, and the GOP has returned to its customary stance of backing off for fear of getting its Bass loafers scuffed. 

This attitude must change. Nixon to the contrary, it is not an honorable and decent thing to allow a hustler to take office on the basis of falsified returns. This election is crucial in one other sense apart from the obvious issues at state -- as a test of the electoral system. It is clear that the Dems will do whatever they have to do to maintain hegemony. What this means in practical terms is that any GOP victory of less than 1% -- and perhaps even higher -- is in danger. Nothing could be clearer. Michelle Obama's recent violation of election law in Chicago was in no way the cheerful faux pas that has been portrayed in the media, but instead a signal to party officials and the rank and file that anything goes.

And anything is going, as is clearly demonstrated by the myriad local election boards from Manhattan clear across the country that have refused to send out military ballots. (No fewer than five New York counties were forced to settle with the Department of Justice last week for holding back military ballots. When the Holder DoJ is forced to act on electoral violations, it's bad enough to scare the dead.) The GOP must grow a backbone and begin to take at least a vague responsibility for its own interests. No one else, after all, will do it for them.

Though on second thought, I may be wrong there. Because this year, a third force does exist: the Tea Parties. Protection of the vote is a perfect role for the TPs. Up until now, questions of voting irregularities have been treated as a matter between the candidates, or at best between the parties, with no public participation requested or expected. In truth, intrusion by the public is long overdue. At the least, it would serve to brace up a timid GOP. But there is much more scope for action here, in the traditional form of poll-watchers on one hand and on the other, the intense moral pressure that can exerted by community leaders by their simple presence.

There are also novel tactics, such as the billboards warning against voter fraud in Milwaukee. (These have been cast as "racist" and so on by the local media, but what else would you expect?) It would be nice to see these popping up across the country over the next few weeks, along with posters, fliers, and graffiti. I'd also suggest a dedicated website -- one for each state, if possible -- where voters can report violations and irregularities from their home PCs. Keep in mind that the people behind electoral crimes are public officials, among the most pusillanimous life-forms known to evolutionary biology. The simple knowledge that they are being watched will cause many of them to straighten up -- if only for the moment.

It's not a question of how much the Dems will cheat. It's how much they will be allowed to get away with. The public myth is that the United States boasts the cleanest elections in the world. Sad to say, this is merely a mask behind which the political bandits practice their little tricks. The 2010 election should be the one in which that mask is torn away. Let's get those teeth filed and get to it.

J.R. Dunn is consulting editor of American Thinker and will edit the forthcoming Military Thinker.
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