The Big, Blue D Stands for 'Devil'

Whom does the Democrat governor of Illinois think he's fooling? Conservatives are haters? Oh, please. Not the lying hate card again.

Whenever Democrats are scared down to their woolies that Uncle Sam's gravy train is about to get a new force of conductors -- who actually check for tickets and promise to balance the books -- their conservatives-are-haters reflex goes into overdrive. And it doesn't take a triple-digit IQ to see through this tacky ruse. 

This reverse use of the hate card is so silly, really, when anyone with half a grain of true historical knowledge and an ounce of common sense knows that the big, blue D stands for "devil."

And, of course, the devil lies. Any second-grade Sunday-schooler knows that, honey.

Don't believe me? Take a little trip down Democrat memory lane.

When the all-Democrat, devilish slave masters dressed themselves up as high society, donned the big-hooped skirts, the fashionable sideburns, and waistcoats, they flaunted their "goodness" in America's finest high society. They preened and pranced, all the while claiming that they were the good white people who gave their slaves far better lives than they could have had in the jungles of Africa. These Democrat do-gooders even trumped up a whole junk-science disciple (sounds a bit like "global warming," doesn't it?) to show that the black man's brain was inferior to the white one and that they -- the slavers -- were the paragons of virtue for putting free clothes on the backs of apes.

When Abe Lincoln ran as the first Republican president, the devilish Democrats took out the hate card faster than they could flip their bullwhips at a black man's back. Abe is a hater! Wants to rob us of our private property rights! He's really just a Negro, all dressed up to look white! The whole Dixie Democrat stronghold refused to even put Negro-Abe on the ballot in their states.

Historically speaking, it took less than a Chicago minute for those Democrat slaveholders to secede from the Union and start a war that came within a hair's breadth of killing America. Their loss, when it finally came, was so ignominious that anyone would have thought the devil had got his due and would slink from history's pages without raising his head again -- at least not in polite company.

But those Democrat devils have got so many heads, it's nearly downright impossible to slay 'em all. They rose again. Oh, yeah. Since outright slavery was abolished by the evil Negro Abe, they first killed him, then morphed their evil ways into a little system -- almost like slavery -- called Jim Crow. 

Now, any decent person would think that at the very least, these Democrat devils would have known better than to try to sneak back into American high society afterward, but these folks have so much diabolical pride that they didn't even bat an eyelash before jumping right back in, still preening like do-gooders. They were always looking out for the black man, don't you know. Trying to keep him separate for his own good.

The devilish Democrat line hasn't changed much; it's just dressed up a little for public consumption. When Democrat-devil LBJ concocted his plan to change the color of the old racist beast's spots, he stumbled onto a winner that's lasted half a century and shows no real sign of letting go. 

LBJ ushered in the age of condescending racism. Now, condescending racism is the same old ugly beast as slavery and Jim Crow. It's designed to addict the still-inferior black man to the slavers' handouts. Since real shackles were outlawed, old LBJ had to come up with something else. Republicans had been beating the equal-civil-rights drum for decades, and cunning LBJ saw time running out on the old Jim Crow system. A whole new order was called for, and it had to be good.

It was. A very, very superior-minded man, Thomas Sowell, has amply demonstrated in his book, Economic Facts and Fallacies, that until the Great Society (the new Jim Crow) was enacted, black incomes were rising dramatically. Black education levels were catching up fast. The middle-class black community -- though still separate -- was as strong as or stronger than its white counterpart. Out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the black community were just a sliver above the tiny percentages in the white community. Well, it took less than a decade of LBJ's diabolical plan to see all that destroyed, and presto! The devil's party had got the majority of blacks right back on the plantation, held firmly in place there with the invisible shackles of addiction to handouts. 

The federal housing ghettos promptly took the place of the old slave quarters, where no white man dared to tread -- not even police officers. The welfare office and the food stamp office became the new slave master's rations queue. ACORN took the place of the overseer. And the most diabolical part of all was that the new system was even better than Jim Crow at producing more numbers of dependent offspring. That's right. The black nuclear family that had thrived under Jim Crow, with just a tiny percentage of illegitimate births, suddenly disintegrated under LBJ's diabolical plot to give more in handouts for the more dependent kids a black (slave) could produce. And voilà. The black community now keeps itself voluntarily in slavery with a never-ending explosion of out-of-wedlock births. To top that off, Democrat devils ushered in control of the public schools by teachers' unions. They promptly destroyed public education in America, insuring that the black ghetto (slave quarters) will go on and on and on.

And here we are, full circle after all these years. The Democrat devils are out there in full force right this minute, trying to scare the daylights out of their slaves and herd them to the voting booths. They've even got their half-black overseer out on the stump, sounding downright "articulate" and looking downright "clean-cut." 

And they're all screaming, "Conservatives are haters!" at the top of their little devilish lungs. 

It's as though they really do believe they can make evil into good and good into evil with nothing more than a thrust of their lying tongues.

If the election of Barack Obama has taught this country a single worthy thing, it's this: souls come in only one color. Just like the African continent has discovered to its dismay and disgust, the color of a man's skin doesn't mean a thing. It's just like Martin said it was. The only thing that counts is a man's character.

So, whether led by a white demon or a black demon, that big, blue D just stands for "devil" -- like it always has. 

And lying is the devil's middle name.

Kyle-Anne Shiver is a frequent contributor to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Big Government, and Big Journalism. She welcomes your comments at
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