Socialism Is Theft

All you fans of the Left will recognize that title as a twist on Proudhon's historic slogan, "Property is theft."

That's the personal catechism of Obama and his gang. Or, to put it more honestly, "Your property is theft. My property is untouchable."

Gimme that Air Force One. Gimme that trillion-dollar slush fund. Gimme that vacation in Spain at taxpayer expense. It's mine! The Clintons even took the White House silverware, remember?

Some people have a monstrous appetite for power and privilege, but they always claim to do what they do from compassion for the little people. Kim Jong-Il in North Korea is starving his people from love of the people. He's got a Stalinist propaganda apparatus and real concentration camps to make sure that the people actually go along with that. North Korea has the only permanent diet plan in the world that actually works. Has anybody told Michelle?

But forget Stalinism. In the European Union, the power class are so locked in that they don't bother with real elections anymore. The "elected" EU Parliament makes no real laws, and the real lawmakers are not elected. It's a big socialist front, a bureaucratic coup d'état.

It was Newsweek magazine that recently proclaimed, "We Are All Socialists Now." The readers didn't seem to go for that, actually, and Newsweek has just been sold for $1.00.

Which kind of tells the story.

Newsweek elevated Evan Thomas to its top ranks. Mr. Thomas is the grandson of Norman Thomas,  the longtime capo di capi of the Democratic Socialists of America. The acorn has not fallen far from the oak, either. Which means that the WaPoCo drove Newsweek into the ground by appointing a socialist to run it -- on the assumption, I suppose, that Americans could be forced to love being robbed of the fruits of their labor. What Newsweek meant by We Are All Socialists Now was that Obama got elected, and we're takin' over.

Evan Thomas knew perfectly well who Obama was. But he forgot to tell his readers before the election. Then he celebrated with his headline We Are All Socialists Now! and his readers said, Whatever, baby!  

Now Newsweek is a nonprofit, albeit involuntarily.

Which is fine, as long as Newsweek can get enough leftist billionaires to pay the high salaries its propaganda artists demand. Or maybe Obama will find a few billion bucks for those obedient JournoLists? You can bet they are trying to figure out how. They have to, because without their propaganda apparatus, they are gone.

Ever since that triumphalist Newsweek headline, the Democrats have been trying to boogie away from self-proclaimed socialism, but they can't. Reality gets in the way.

Affirmative action is racial socialism. ObamaCare is the worst kind of medical socialism. One point three trillion additional dollars of deficit spending over one year is socialist socialism. If it smells like it, by golly, it probably is.

Newsweek is all but out of business, but Obama and his gang believe that ordinary people still shouldn't be allowed to decide where their money goes. Which is why you pay for PBS, NPR, and the National Endowment for Offending All Religions Except Islam. It is America's official leftist Ministry of Propaganda, something any self-respecting tyranny has had for the last six thousand years, ever since the imperial powers of Sumer, Egypt, and Beijing.

Egypt had its priesthood to propagandize for the Pharaohs and to all make the lowly slaves worship the State. The Left calls itself Progressive, but it's just a throwback to ancient times. The Left is as Retro as Retro gets.

So the question of theft and property turns out to be --  surprise, surprise! --  a question of Us versus Them. Deep in his bones, Obama knows with Pharaoh-like certainty that it's Us, the victim groups from Harvard Law, who deserve all the goodies they can extort; which is what the IRS does, after all.

Still, a lot of Americans think they own the fruits of their labor.

Property is theft.

Socialism is theft.

Who wins that one?

That's the struggle today. The next few elections will decide. That means you, buster! Stay home come election time, and Obama wins. Forever.
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