Pushing Junk Science on Children

Humans have angered Mother Nature. Our species must stop multiplying, give up our addiction to huge-screen HDTVs, stop eating so many steer, and travel on twenty-pound electric tricycles forty miles at a time between charging stations. Otherwise, we are doomed.

This is a story about the ruling class promoting ruling class interests. Every year, scientists for sale compete for government grants to perform "research" that advances the human-caused global warming hoax. In order to keep the hoax alive, politicians must generate a steady supply of believers to conduct "research" as well as vote for said politicians, who keep the grants flowing.

Enter the public education machine.

Democrat Representative John Sarbanes of Maryland wants public schools to "get young people invested" in "climate change" and "population growth" in order to "[raise] awareness early" and "promote the agenda." That would be the agenda of junk science alarmism.

Thank goodness for clarity, because until now, Americans were unaware that public schools are supposed to breed fanatics for ruling class politics. Not only has Sarbanes advocated global warming indoctrination, but the congressman's remarks also seem to call for schools to push the debunked overpopulation myth popularized by Paul Ehrlich in his 1970 book, The Population Bomb. Rachel Carson's DDT scare, acid rain, anti-nuclear power hysteria, the population bomb, and the global warming hoax -- the world has been asked to prepare for one faux-disaster after another. In the process, American liberals have used schools and universities to fill young minds with grotesque falsehoods.

Sarbanes's proclamations simply confirm something that any informed clear thinker already knows: Corrupt, power-intoxicated politicians regularly team with "scientists" to promote agendas for personal gain. In Sarbanes's own words,

If we can provide [students] with a framework and help promote educational opportunities, in the beginning as I said, at the earliest stages, they'll just grab hold of it and take it from there. So in a sense it's a wonderful partnership where the adults can create this policy framework and help support it with grant funding and other kinds of initiatives and then the young people are going to take that, and they're the ones that are really going to push it to the next level.

Specifying the creation of a "partnership" to form a "policy framework" that supplies "grant funding" is a bald-faced call for government-run schools to push agenda science that keeps politicians in office and lines the pockets of favored constituents. Corporatism, pure and simple.

As for Sarbanes's "population growth" reference, the congressman is essentially prescribing that public schools push the discredited myth that humans must reduce "consumption of natural resources." Obama Science Czar John Holdren concentrated at length on the "de-development" of the Unites States for the precise purpose of reducing consumption. Holdren paraded the radical mentality in his 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions, with coauthors Paul and Anne Ehrlich. Holdren and the Ehrlichs called for "a stable, low-consumption economy" and preached that global "redistribution of wealth" is "absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided to every human being."

Let's put off for another time the fun to be had by dissecting an Obama minion's call for wealth redistribution and the arrogant contention that some entity must "provide" a decent life to "every human being."

None of Holdren's and the Ehrlichs' predicted horrors have come true, nor are the predictions likely to come true. But Holdren is now in a position to pretend that his fallacies are realities and use federal regulatory schemes to "de-develop" the United States. Holdren can get crazy with Obama's Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein. Sunstein coauthored Nudge, a government elitist instruction manual that discusses how "there's a lot that can be done to manipulate" people to do elitists' bidding.

So, then, Sarbanes is in rarefied radical company, what with Holdren, Sunstein, and Church of Global Warming Pope Al Gore all holding to similar, repeatedly disproved, religious dogma and trying to jam the dogma down Americans' throats using government force. Sarbanes is not alone in openly calling for schools to indoctrinate children in environmentalist religion. The call also comes from the top of the Department of Education.

Secretary Arne Duncan wants to require schools to make children "good environmental citizens." The Secretary advocates indoctrination in the junk science of "climate change" as early as kindergarten in order to inspire kids toward future careers in "green jobs."

Duncan seems to live an alternate reality. This is the same man who falsely declared, "The vast majority of [school] districts around the country have literally been cutting [spending] for five, six, seven years in a row." Yet 99.95 percent of districts have done no such thing. Now Duncan wants to use taxpayer dollars to push another fallacy, the wisdom of "green jobs," on public school students. But as Spain's job-murdering experience proved, the "green economy" is a sure path to economic devastation.

No matter -- truth ricochets aimlessly inside the craniums of agenda-obsessed liberals. Duncan insists that Washington "advance the sustainability movement through education." Environmentalists like to alter their linguistic code to trip up skeptics who are onto environmentalism's severely flawed science. "Sustainability" actually refers to a feel-good but imaginary higher plane of existence achieved when one adopts junk science-based "green" technology.

Neither the Sarbanes nor the Duncan pronouncements should be surprising. America is twenty months into the reign of Obama, a regime that has pushed trillions of dollars of wasteful spending which piles trillions in debt atop existing trillions. The regime added massive Obamacare burdens to already unsustainable entitlements and wants to raise taxes on job creators during the worst job-killing economy since the Great Depression. Amid so much deceitful, fallacy-based agenda-pushing, there is no reason to expect honesty and accuracy in the federal education arena.

A writer, physicist, and former high tech executive, Chuck Rogér invites you to visit his website, www.chuckroger.com. E-mail Chuck at swampcactus@chuckroger.com.
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