No 'Vague Orders' in Obama's War Management

President Obama's management of the war in Afghanistan may be falling into a trap that snagged his Democrat predecessors Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter -- at least if a comment by Bob Woodward is to be believed. And almost nobody seems to have noticed.Newsbusters is one of the internet's real treasures. A day does not go by when I don't consult it at least once for the latest on media mendacity, viciousness, and insanity, and I am seldom disappointed.  A good example can be found in Brent Baker's report on the Diane Sawyer interview with Bob Woodward concerning his latest book, Obama's War. The high point is reached when Diane Sawyer claims that nobody in history ever dictated a policy memo until Obama came up with the idea. (Woodward, master of history-while-u-wait, agrees). But the Busters did miss one point worthy of comment. Discussing Obama's superhuman abilities in military command, Woodward makes this statement:"... in the White House, what they're saying is...(Read Full Article)