Barack Obama: Liar and Demagogue

There are among the population of the country Barack Obama has been chosen to lead those who have experienced firsthand the iron fist of a dictatorial government and who have survived the bloodshed that resulted. Tens of millions died during the past century under dictators. Deep within their psyche, these survivors are extraordinarily attuned to those factors that gave rise to the devastation when dictators have their way. 

They know that the first step along this path is the emergence of a leader willing to do or say anything to promote a destructive and failed political philosophy and to achieve power by manipulating the emotions, fears, and prejudices of the people. But above all, they are mindful that only by exposing those who are determined to undermine their society, without hesitation or fear, can their nation be saved.

Therefore, on behalf of those of us who have live through the worst of times, and based upon the president's words and deeds, it must be stated that Mr. Obama is a liar and a demagogue.

This deception began during the presidential campaign. Falling sway to soothing rhetoric and a deliberately fraudulent campaign to promote moderate positions on the economy and government, many citizens in 2008 voted for Senator Obama. Further, they hoped that by electing a man of African descent, the long national nightmare of slavery and the long civil rights struggle would at last be relegated to the pages of history. Capitalizing on that hope, Mr. Obama campaigned on the theme that as a political moderate, he would bring all Americans together and end the divisive politics of the past, as well as control the scope and size of government.

In the intervening two years since the election, the president, his underlings in the administration, and the sycophantic members of Congress have repeatedly invoked the checkered past of this country in regard to civil rights and never missed an opportunity to remind the people of Mr. Obama skin color. This has been done in a willful effort to capitalize on so-called white guilt, thus keeping alive the tensions in the black community and muzzling dissent, while enacting radical policies anathema to the overwhelming majority of the American people.

There has been no compunction in exploiting race or racial incidents, such as Professor Gates in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Department of Justice and the Black Panthers, or the references to slavery in recent speeches by the president, to sow dissent among the populace. Given numerous opportunities to denounce racial demagoguery by his supporters or the media, the president has chosen to remain silent, thus giving his tacit approval to the onslaught of racial divisiveness and manipulation.

Employing the crassest of political ploys, Mr. Obama has, with forethought, sought to exploit the issue of illegal immigration by making it a matter of race and not law. His opposition to the Arizona immigration law and the false and overheated rhetoric used by both him and his associates constituted a deliberate attempt to disseminate fear and loathing toward fellow citizens by the Hispanic population in order to capture Hispanic votes and ensure Obama's and his party's radical wing's continued and expanded hold on power.

In a time of recession and apprehension about the future economic well-being of the country, President Obama has exploited one of the oldest of man's failings: envy towards those perceived to have more. Whether it is allusions to "the fat cats" in corporate America or snide references to millionaires or the implication that all of the average citizen's problems can be solved by taking away money from the rich (who supposedly achieved their wealth on the backs of the poor), it is an age-old tactic geared to distract the populace by inciting anger against their fellow citizens and to present the government as the final arbiter of "fairness," which results in the massive expansion of governmental dominance.

In furtherance of these aims, the lies and misrepresentations by Barack Obama and his administration are legion. But none are as egregious as those made in order to pass the Health Care Reform Act. Among the lies were assurances that premiums would not rise, Medicare would not be cut, everyone would be able to keep his or her current doctor and insurance, abortion would not be funded, and national medical costs would be reduced. All were total fabrications used to pass the most insidious attack on personal freedom in the history of the country.

It is of no difference who may have written the bill or what it may have contained within its 2,400 pages or whether Barack Obama or the members of Congress had read it. These false claims by the president would still have been made, as his only concern was to take away liberty from the people and vest it in himself and the government.

No president of the United States, or leader of any other country, would have made his primary foreign policy to go about the world apologizing and denigrating his nation, thus mocking the enormous sacrifices generations of Americans have made to save countless millions of people over the past century. Barack Obama, in a grandiose display of narcissism, did so only as a means of ingratiating himself to others and elevating his stature as a world figure.

By his rhetoric and strategy, Mr. Obama has sunk to the same level as numerous demagogues over the past 150 years who employed these same tactics as a means of achieving personal and centralized power. 

The United States is on the precipice of failure. It may follow the well-worn path taken by so many great powers over the centuries and become an entry in the list of the rise and fall of great nations. This country cannot sit idly by and allow a president (or any other national leader) whose guiding personal philosophy is "the end justifies the means" and is thus devoid of honor and integrity, to go unchallenged by being reluctant to confront his words and deeds.

The media, politicians, and general citizenry must not be intimidated by Mr. Obama's skin color or the pall of "political correctness." They must face the reality of who the president is and his radical objectives. Too much hangs in the balance not to speak out forcefully and without apprehension, even after the midterm election, regardless of the outcome, and not to trust or believe whatever the president may do or say in the future. After all, he has squandered all credibility by his actions to date.
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