This Is Your Brain in a Crock-Pot

I gotta roll, can't stand still; got a flaming heart, can't get my fill.
 - Led Zeppelin, 1971
Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" lyrics saluted the "if it feels good, do it" culture spawned in the 1960s. Zeppelin had already played to teens' libidos in 1969 with "Whole Lotta Love" at the same time that my high school friends and I mistook John Lennon's "Come Together" as an ode to orgy. Later in the same school year, I walked smack into a post outside the school bookstore as a buddy and I were mourning the Beatles' breakup and agreeing how great it was to still have Zeppelin. Getting a bloody nose while exalting dopers who exalted promiscuity should have alerted me that something was wrong.

Something was wrong. An anything-goes morality was shifting into high gear. The seduction of the American mind was underway. Tools were being fashioned to erase the republic and build a collectivist paradise. One such tool would win the White House in 2008.

Back in 1969, while teenagers debated the message behind a barefooted McCartney on the "Abbey Road" album cover, little Barry Soetoro, son of an absent communist father and future protégé of a communist mentor, was slogging through an unhappy childhood in Indonesia. Barry would take the name Barack, partner with Pentagon bomber William Ayers, and use a school reform project to push left-wing ideology and social unrest on young minds. Barack would become America's most radical president. William would express no regrets for his Weatherman underground's 1970s marching orders to youngsters: "Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents."

My friends and I sort of liked our parents. Besides, decoding song lyrics and procuring fake IDs for beverage purchases left little time for revolution.

Our favorite bands pushed controlled substances and out-of-control sex. Hard radicals like Ayers channeled anger into violence against "the man" and "the system," only to later infiltrate the system and become the man. Soft radicals like Barack Obama infiltrated from the outset. Products of neglectful and often bizarre upbringings, Obama types developed insatiable urges to cure society's ills. No one should feel less-than. Everyone must be made equal.

Although most Americans reject forced equality, since the '60s, we have dutifully bowed to the weak thinking of political correctness, the "inclusiveness" of "diversity," the "fairness" of affirmative action, and the "tolerance" of multiculturalism. We underestimated the dangers posed by evangelists preaching pretty theories that ignore human nature and sane economics. Graduates of the school of Lennon and Zeppelin, we tried to "imagine no possessions" in "a brotherhood of man" where "all are one and one is all." We smiled politely at depravity in order to show that we "appreciate differences."

Too many of us manufactured excuses for personal, family, and societal problems caused by buying into liberal dogma. And our minds weakened.

Then Barack Obama moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Suddenly, synapses in our brains that had gone dormant fired up and began to calculate the cultural and economic ruin assured by liberalism on steroids. We quickly recognized that our lengthy foray into mindlessness had taught us how to distinguish between fact and fancy.

We learned that liberals are conceptually disabled critters who struggle to link cause to effect and place exclusive value on perception over reality. Now we clearly see ideologues clinging to childish innocence, uploading their minds to utopia, and resisting the left-to-right evolution experienced by emotionally healthy adults, a process called "maturing."

Immaturity has drawbacks. Liberals offer people compassionate but hastily conceived "helping" programs that create dependence on help and demand for more. And that's sad, because most liberals really do want to help fellow human beings.

To be fair, liberals do assist owls and the delta smelt. Whales and polar bears? Sure. But improve the human condition? Not a chance. Liberals are weighed down by childhood confusion and paralyzed by a mean truth: useful results flow from useful effort. For illustration, we look to people like Barack Obama, for whom useful solutions don't hold a candle to showy alternatives that win praise and warm the heart.

Yet the heart can mislead. Covering for the shortcomings of sons and daughters may feel good, but smart love teaches children that action and inaction have consequences. Showering people with unearned praise and unearned money might seem nurturing, but coddling must die before character can come alive. Nowhere in the liberal toolbox do we find the powerful love that lets people fail, grow up, and learn to succeed.

Many radicals never grow up. Barack Obama will relentlessly try and miserably fail to establish "social justice." Our president is an ideologue whose upbringing tied his soul into knots, a man whose mind may never escape the debilitating simmer of radicalism. Obama is a misguided man of average intelligence, told since childhood of his brilliance. In a stroke of genius, Barry-cum-Barack calls for shrinking the prosperity of high earners and small businesses in order to help people who could help themselves by taking jobs created by high earners and small businesses.

What a spectacle the American people now witness. Barack Obama grows increasingly agitated at having to account for the awful consequences of his policies. When reminded of his failures, the president treats us to how-dare-you exhibitions of petulance. Our Narcissist-in-Chief refuses to admit any error and continues to push wealth-destroying, class-dividing liberalism to extremes.

Yet in the final analysis, we have ourselves to blame for our country's condition. To be sure, Barack Obama's catastrophic presidency has crowned five decades of ever more leftward government insanity. But our mess is the logical consequence of too many Americans going liberal. Too many of us accepted too many feel-good lies and did too little too late to stop a culture-killing ideology from commandeering education, news and entertainment media, business, and government.

Decisive action is long overdue. Liberals must be reduced to harmless minorities in government. "Conservative" politicians who haven't the guts to support truth, logic, sound economics, objective science, and rational social policy must be fired. It is time to shut down the ideology that almost liquefied the American brain. Liberalism has got to go.

A writer, physicist, and former high tech executive, Chuck Rogér invites you to visit his website, E-mail Chuck at