Our Boy-President

Sigmund Freud might be proud to see what Obama has done to America:

"I do not doubt that it would be easier for fate to take away your suffering than it would for me. But you will see for yourself that much has been gained if we succeed in turning your hysterical misery into common unhappiness."
 - Sigmund Freud, Studies in Hysteria (1895), setting lofty goals for his patients

It should be noted that Freud healed exactly none of his patients. If you count the people he introduced to cocaine, his success rate then was in the negative numbers. The father of psychoanalysis had plenty of demons, including cocaine use, infidelity with patients, and physical attraction to his mother. A sane and rational mind cannot possibly devise what Freud purported as science, and he succeeded only in rationalizing and then dispensing his misery to others.

Barack Obama and a generation of Democrat sycophants seem to have adopted the same scientific method for America. Assuredly, Freud would be well-pleased if he were still alive.

"I told you so." These are words no parent wants to say to his or her children. This means after repeated warnings, a wayward child has continued to the point of self-destruction. After a generation of progressive liberalism was foisted on America by a misguided altruistic elite, we can now say "we told you so." In retrospect, exactly no social ills have been eliminated or even reduced by any New Deal, Great Society, or Yes We Can scheme. If anything can be said, they have made the social ills of the country worse.

Sometimes, parents can create these problems in children because they have lost control. Instead of keeping a firm parenting hand, they don't want to risk emotional separation from the child. The same can be said of Republicans. 

With the exception of Ronald Reagan and -- to an extent -- Newt Gingrich, the Republican Party needed to be firm with Democrats. They needed to tell Democrats they were going to take their toys away -- and mean it. Instead of being firm, Republicans want to be friends -- unfortunately, like too many parents today. 

Being the Party of No should be a good thing as long as Republicans mean it. Democrats for the last generation have run wild with American government like a play toy, doing with it as they please. Many throw tantrums like a child in the grocery store, and Republicans dutifully try to mollify them. For a generation, Republicans have run along behind them to clean up their messes. 

Democrats succeeded in creating this monstrosity of a government, and Republicans succeeded in financing it. Like any wayward child, it cannot go on forever. What is needed now is an intervention before the Democrats succeed in destroying and bankrupting the country. Thankfully, many Americans have called in the Tea Party to bring sanity back to America. 

Most Americans in both parties are still not aware of the situation at hand, or at least the severity. Institutions such as the various old media and academia still insist on providing power for the Democrats, largely because they do not like to held accountable, either. Stroking the ego of media-types and tenure for the academics are the drugs of choice, and these people do not want them taken away. And so they continue to act as the enablers: you give me what I want, and we will give you what you want. There is no concern for consequences as long as the pusher keeps them loaded. 

On occasion, Americans come to their senses and elect real leaders who know how to keep a steady hand. Reagan and Gingrich were two of them. We are on the brink of another, but unfortunately, it boils down to politics instead of governance. Will the American people elect real leaders in 2010 and 2012, or will the process be brought back into politics as usual, with people more concerned about winning elections for their party than doing what is right? 

In previous elections, the situation was not as dire, save Reagan after the Cold-War embarrassments and economic malaise of Jimmy Carter. Americans took one last hit from their drug of media-making in electing Barack Obama. Now, the people must face the reality of the situation or risk losing everything built for over two centuries. Republicans can also act as enablers along with the old media and academia, or they can follow the lead of the Tea Party movement and provide the cure. I am not confident, but time will tell. 

In 2008, Americans elected a boy-president. In short order, he becomes Jimmy Carter on Socialist steroids. He apologizes to the world in a submissive fashion and caves in to Muslim extremism. He also is hell-bent on bankrupting the government in order to finance a permanent power-grab. Worst of all, he is insistent on building a nation of government addicts in the form of welfare, unions, and heavy-handed market Socialism.

Children and governments are born evil. Good parents know how to build controls for their children. Otherwise, an evil nature manifests in both. Both child and government soon think they are the most important without learning the lessons and reality of the world. In time, they believe everybody is born good to rationalize their own behavior. Unfortunately, they also believe there are some -- namely themselves -- who are better than others. Hence Barack Obama in roles as both child and president. 

Obama is not at all different from a boy in the news recently who burned his house to the ground in order to call the police and become the hero. The only problem is his parents died in the fire. The American people, however, need to see the reality and take the matches away in 2010 before Obama does the same to America. 

After 2012, there is no more "next time" and no more "I told you so."
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