Let Me Translate: We Don't Believe Him -- or You.

Memo to the ruling class media: We are not ignorant or stupid. We've not forgotten Jeremiah Wright. It's not that we don't "know" what faith Obama subscribes to -- it's more that we don't believe him. Or you. Sorry. Not buying.

Besides, sometimes we just like to tweak you with our poll answers -- and use any poll as an excuse to "vote against Obama" in any way, shape, or form.


Frankly, it has been equal parts comedy and insult to watch the ruling-class media haplessly wrestle with the reality that millions of Americans believe Obama to be a Muslim. They are so clueless.

As if we needed any more proof -- this is simply another positive dose that the ruling-class media and the country are divided by a huge gulf of philosophy, reality, and experiences. And they are just beside themselves that a country that was concerned that Obama's (Christian?) pastor is a crazy nut in the spring and summer of 2008 can totally forget about all that in the summer of 2010 and call Obama a Muslim.

They so miss the point. We have forgotten none of that. If fact, apparently, now more Americans are deciding to look into all of this and process it in light of Obama's actions.

So allow me to help the media out on this thorny, confusing issue:

We know you claim him to be a Christian. We know Obama has at times claimed to be a Christian. We know Jeremiah Wright's Trinity Church claims to be some kind of Christian denomination. We simply doubt it. And the more we watch all of you, the less we are inclined to believe any of it.

(And by "we," I mean folks who would respond "Muslim" or "not sure" to your poll questions.)

We also know Obama's father was a Muslim. We know his stepfather was a Muslim. We know that under Sharia Law, he is a Muslim, and that much of the Muslim world regards him as a Muslim. We know his mother was an atheist. We know Obama sent a bureaucrat out to claim that NASA's top mission was Muslim outreach. We know he skipped the Boy Scouts' 100th Anniversary bash. We know he's had a couple Freudian slips pertaining to his faith. We know he has called the Islamic call to prayer the most beautiful sound on earth

We know that in light of all of this, some sycophantic White House spokesperson has the gall to say how "obvious" Obama's Christianity is. Depends on what the meaning of "obvious" is, I guess.

There's more. So much more:

We know Jeremiah Wright rejects America's founding principles -- which are consistent with what we call Christianity -- and many of us believe our founding principles were divinely inspired. Moreover, we know that Obama is on board with Wright on this -- at least to the point of claiming that our Constitution is flawed in how it grants individual rights and liberty. We happen to think that rights Obama wants to curtail come from our Creator.

We know Obama has appointed proud and unabashed Marxists into his government. We happen to know that Marxism is by definition anti-Christian. We know he has confiscated the wealth of others to redistribute to his union thug friends under false pretenses. We know he turned his back on Iranian protesters in favor of an Islamic regime. We know he publicly defers to folks like Chávez and Saudi royalty more than he does Texas and Arkansas governors. On and on we could go here.

So what is so blamed obvious? 

The only thing obvious here is that if Obama is a Christian, he is absolutely awful at walking out his faith. Or -- as might be said at any basic tent revival -- he done "backslid." (Does anyone in the media have any idea what either of those phrases mean?)

In other words, we are paying attention to what is real and to what you are reporting -- and the two aren't jiving. 

Answering a Poll

Another dynamic here is how the average person contemplates poll answers. I know that in the isolated, sanitized, academic world of the ruling class -- you tend to look at every poll answer as an equal entity. You tend to look at every answer as a window into the soul and understanding of each responder -- and you assume each responder has given equal thought to your little poll.

You overestimate your importance in our lives.

Frankly, we like to mess with your head sometimes. Had I been polled by Time or the Pew Research group, I'm sure I would have said "Muslim." Do I really believe he is a Muslim? I frankly hadn't given it a lot of thought until now -- but I know he's not a Christian under any definition with which I am familiar.

I know he's a Marxist. I know he hates America. I know he is at the very least sympathetic to Muslims. He has a Muslim-sounding name, by the way. 

Further, I know that for all of your bashing of George Bush and Sarah Palin over their overt Christianity, it will tick you off if I say I don't believe Obama to be a Christian. For all of your protestations that there's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, you will panic if we think your guy is one. I know you better than you know us.

So to register my displeasure with Obama's "Christianity" and to simply irritate you, I would have answered "he's a Muslim" to your precious poll. It's my way of voting against Obama before November 2010 and 2012. 

And certainly I am not alone in this thinking.

And none of us are stupid or ignorant or forgetful. We simply understand that we "shall know them by their fruits." Of course, many in the ruling-class, ignorant media probably think we are gay-bashing when we say that. More proof of how out of touch you are.

Can you hear us now?