Bam to New York: Drop Dead!

Some New Yorkers literally did drop dead nine years ago, because they chose to end their lives by falling from the top floors of the World Trade Towers rather than wait for the inferno to kill them by burning and asphyxiation. President Obama's Friday night declaration of support for the Ground Zero Mosque was a giant middle finger aimed at New Yorkers and America.

Now, why would I think such a terrible thing about Our Obama? For an answer, cast your mind back nine years to that day on September 11, 2001. You remember it. Some of your neighbors have succeeded in forgetting it, but you remember it.

Those nineteen jihadist mass murderers on 9/11 were the lifelong products of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi propaganda. It's easy to summarize their message even without going to your local mosque, because in Tehran they've cut it down to six words: Death to Israel! Death to America!

Even though the  9/11 killers were Sunnis from Saudi Arabia, that was still the message they imbibed with their mother's milk, just like tiny tots in Gaza are doing today, day after day, on Hamas TV. Death to Israel! Death to America! Normal human minds can resist only so much propaganda before they start hearing it in their own heads, even with the TV off.

Some people say that Saudi Arabia doesn't produce anything besides oil. Not true. They have the biggest hate propaganda industry in the world. Hitler had nothing to compare to it. There's a lot of demand in some countries for that Saudi export.

If you don't believe that millions of young children are abusively subjected to daily hate propaganda on an industrialized scale, just check out the MEMRI website, which translates a good chunk of creative hatred from the Hate States. It's right here at your fingertips. Just click on this link. I dare you.

If you choose not to see the evidence -- like every single liberal I know -- you cannot possibly understand why we get an endless series of brainwashed guys and gals blowing themselves up in Western countries, as well as  India, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else our good friends the Real Religious Fundamentalists can send their suiciders. Day after day of brainwashing propaganda makes those slogans come to mind automatically, without thinking, just like Obama's Big Ramadan Mistake.

Normal parents don't raise their babies to be suicide bombers. If you think paddling a kid on the bottom for being naughty equals "child abuse," what would you call teaching him to kill himself while killing as many innocent bystanders as possible? But watch Hamas and Hezbollah TV for children, or watch Ahmadinejad on the Tehran "news" every single night, and you get that story drummed into your cute little head, no matter how young and innocent you may be.

Those nineteen hijackers were the products of lifelong propaganda, courtesy of our friends the Saudis. That is why they were able to cut the throats of flight attendants without even thinking about it -- with cheap utility knives, without a moment of hesitation or a thought of mercy. Devout Muslims do the same thing on the Feast of the Sacrifice, Eid-el-Adha, except that they slice the throats of sheep, mostly. Or honor killings for errant daughters. But the principle is all the same. Practice makes perfect.

Now consider: What always happens at a mosque, like the Monster Mosque that is now destined to rise in place of those capitalist pig symbols of the Twin Towers? I'm glad you asked that question, because it is the crux of Obama's total and abject surrender to fascist Islamism. What happens punctually every single Friday night at your basic Wahhabi mosque is precisely the same hate sermon that you can see on your computer screen right here. That's their job. That's what "Islam" means: It is total surrender to the commands of Allah, including making war against your basic infidel. If any devout Muslim says it ain't so, just ask him what's been going on in the Sudan for the last twenty years.

Muslim imams have been preaching Holy War against non-believers from the 7th century onward, and they didn't even need a mega-mosque to do it. But as Josef Goebbels explained so clearly, having modern, industrialized media at your disposal makes it so much easier to brainwash an entire nation in record time. That's why the Saudi Supremos train new Wahhabi imams to go out and set up Monster-Mosques in all the big cities of the West. If you doubt it, go to the sources. It's not a secret. They are happy to tell you all about it, because they know they've got the West suckered good. They use our own constitutional protections against us. They call what they do "freedom of religion," but they never get the "freedom for other people's religion" part. It never seems to translate.

Now, what is interesting about our Current Occupant is that he's been subjected to lifelong propaganda himself. Once upon a time, Barry Soetoro was a cute little tyke, no doubt, and then a whole bunch of adults -- Stalinists, Muslims, Jeremiah Wright -- subjected him to decades of consistent  anti-American propaganda. It's the one thing both the Stalinists and the Muslims could agree on: America No, Fidel Si!  If we could look into Obama's unconscious we would find all those slogans he's heard all his life, over and over and over again. They are just on automatic. They pop out if he doesn't ride herd on them.

When little Barry lived in Jakarta before the age of ten, he saw the aftermath of an enormous civil war, at least as horrific as our own Civil War. Perhaps 200,000 people were killed, either by the biggest Communist Party outside of China at the time or by the Indonesian army in alliance with...Islamic fundamentalists. One of the bloodiest massacres in recent history, and little Barry was brought to Jakarta to live there by Mom and Step-Dad for four years, age six to ten.

Propaganda, anybody? Hate preachers? No wonder Obama chose to sit at the feet of Jeremiah Wright for twenty years after Harvard Law School. It must have sounded just like Old Home Week to him.