Apologia for the Left

In the spirit of Obama the Apologist, I have to tell you how sorry I am. But not for myself, because I'm not responsible for anything. Just like Obama, I get to pin my apology on other people.

That might not be your idea of saying "I'm sorry," but it sure is his. "I'm sorry for your sins" is the gag Our Hero likes to pull, to cleanse himself of that per'lous stuff that weighs 'pon the soul. Guilt for the sins of others -- especially the ones who don't happen to look like him. I don't know if Obama ever feels guilty for something he's done wrong. I haven't seen it.

I must therefore apologize in all humility -- for the international Left, starting with Jean-Jacques Rousseau before 1780 and still going strong today.

Call it 2.3 centuries of systematic horrors by the Left to feel really sorry about.

Really. Sorry.

As in "kill myself from guilt" sorry.

This is not a Communist Manifesto, but a Communist Apologia. Like Obama said in Berlin, "Citizens of the world! I'm so sorry!" Didn't he say something like that?

But this is just a rough draft. Ask your liberal friends to add anything I missed. This should be a community effort, as our friends are always saying. Maybe this could start a viral apology around the dark side of the web.

The Black Book of Communism is the best single source for the crimes of the Left, written by a group of French Marxist historians. The authors made their confessions "against self-interest," as the courts would say. They wouldn't accuse their own side if the evidence wasn't overwhelming. It is overwhelming.

Here we go.

1. The Black Book: murders.

"We, the international Left, confess to the murder of 100 million innocent people, as a matter of deliberate Marxist state policy, not as a mistake, and not as a result of having to defend our own lives. Our victims were killed in pursuit of an aggressive, international imperialist movement, as surely so as the Japanese Empire or the Nazis. This wasn't an accident, but mass murder as a matter of deliberate policy."

2. The Black Book: torture and imprisonment.

"We  confess to having routinely tortured and imprisoned tens of millions of human beings in Soviet Gulags and concentration camps. Those starvation camps continue today in China, North Korea, and Vietnam, and as long as we keep telling lies about Marxism -- as the U.S. media do every single day -- we fully understand that we continue to be responsible for those ongoing horrors."

"We're sorry about that."

3. The Black Book: involuntary servitude.

"We, the international Left, confess that we knowingly locked a billion human beings into mental and physical prisons over the seven long decades of the tyranny that we inflicted on Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, and many, many other countries."

4. The Black Book: corruption, bribery, and exploitation.

"We confess that we, the international Left, profited immensely in our own lives from the misery of others, by living in luxury upon the backs of our peasant and worker slaves for more than seventy years, and continuing today at the United Nations, the European Union, and the Democratic Machine in Chicago." 

5. Criminal collusion with fascist tyrannies.

"We, the members of the international Left, confess to enabling, supporting, lying about, and protecting all the worst tyrannies in the world, even if they were our deadly ideological enemies. That includes the European Nazis as well as the fascists of Italy, Spain, Argentina, Iraq, Syria, and Iran." 

6. Criminal collusion with Islamist fascism, including suicide bombers and their sponsors.

"We, the international Left, confess to actively aiding and abetting Islamic fascists against America and Israel, against moderate Muslims throughout the world, and after 9/11/01, against freedom-loving Americans who will not surrender to our extremist ideology." 

"We confess to knowingly and purposely facilitating the massive immigration of brainwashed Islamist ideologues into the West in order to control the major cities of Europe, Paris, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Malmo, and many others. We confess to undermining America's defenses and borders with the same intent to sabotage and undermine the safety, security, and democratic ideology of the United States."

7. Collusion with mass murder in the undeveloped world.

"We, the Western Left, knowingly colluded with all the crimes, past and present, that our ideological friends and allies have inflicted in third-world countries. Such mass murders continue today in North Korea and Vietnam and, in the case of infant girls, in China and elsewhere in Asia."

8. Systematic persecution of people of faith.

"We, the international Left, confess that we have always persecuted people of faith all over the world, and that we continue to do so today in China and Vietnam, Africa and North Korea. For this terrifying policy of massive intolerance and cruelty, we humbly apologize. (Even though we are continuing to scapegoat and slander devout Christians and Jews in Western countries at every opportunity.) "

9. Actively working to destroy free peoples, especially the United States and Israel.

"We, the international Left, have long boasted that we smuggled nuclear weapons secrets from the U.S. Manhattan Project to Stalin's Soviet Union. We told ourselves that we did so for the cause of peace in the world, and we now recognize and confess our criminal folly. By giving nuclear weapons to the Soviets and their allies, we triggered the first nuclear arms race in the world."

"Far from recognizing our own mistakes and misdeeds, we have continued to support and defend the production and spread of nuclear weapons to criminal regimes, notably North Korea, Iran, and Syria. We continue to sabotage free people by enabling nuclear proliferation today."

8. Taking bribes from oil despotisms.

"We confess to allowing ourselves to be bribed and suborned by oil money from the reactionary regime in Saudi Arabia, from the Saddam Hussein terror regime, and from today's suicide-murder cult in Tehran, in order to protect the worst kinds of tyranny inflicted every day upon innocent women, children, and men, and upon Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahá'ís, and even upon atheist Marxists in those countries."

9. Active collusion with worldwide abuse of women and girls.

"We, the Leftist feminists, confess to supporting and enabling the oppression of women and girls, including terrorizing them into submission, wounding them by genital mutilation, and murdering them if they try to escape the control of their tyrannical families and communities."

10. Using lies and indoctrination as standard policy tools.

"We, the international Left, confess to and apologize for spreading lies wherever we go. We apologize for peddling a mendacious history of the United States through the fraudulent People's History of the United States, written by recently exposed member of the Communist Party USA Howard Zinn."

11. Willfully poisoning the wells of truthful information.

"We, the international Left, confess to mass indoctrination by self-serving lies; we confess to regular and repeated slanders and libels designed to destroy individuals and political groups. We confess to undermining and destroying the values of science and scholarship throughout the civilized world, including the fraud of "global warming," numerous public hysterias about nonexistent dangers, all designed to empower the international Left and Islamic fascist forces around the world. We confess to our ongoing efforts to do so via media control conspiracies such as JournoList, in active collaboration with the major corporate media." 

"For these criminal transgressions against human welfare, against genuine progress, against freedom and morality, we humbly apologize."

That would be a nice start.
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