The First Special Interest

President Barack Obama, and the clutch of conspirators he calls advisors, would do well to recall what the first special interest was. They won't, because they have an agenda: not to see that the laws are faithfully executed, as the executive branch is supposed to, but to establish a new form of government.

The founders' goal was to form a government that would serve all the people, so that even the evils embraced by habit, culture, and commerce, such as slavery, would eventually fall to the pressures of ideals with stature, principles that would continually call out our better angels. The people of the United States, forming a perfect union (disparate peoples made into a whole), will fight for and defend great ideas that they know serve all of us. Slavery could not stand in this environment. The voice of its defenders faltered. The voice of a people of character prevailed. People of character are defined not by physical characteristics, but by their willingness to live by devotion and duty to moral precepts. Slavery went away not because blacks ended it -- slavery went away because good people did. A blemish on our national character was removed because the foundational principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution apply to all men, and people of integrity knew it. If we were to live according to the principles set forth at the founding, this evil could not remain. 

We stand as a country where the intent was that all men would enjoy the same rights and liberties. However, there is a responsibility that comes with that, which is that the expression of my freedom does not diminish the freedom of another.

But that great foundational principle is not one that Obama lives by, advocates, or defends. He is a special interest president, there to reward and defend the support of certain groups. For the unions, he overcomes the rights of secured creditors to hand ownership of GM to them, then he refuses to waive the Jones Act so that unions will hold sway in the gulf. For liberal blacks, he refuses to prosecute black racists of the New Black Panther Party (a horrid hypocrisy) if their victims are white. For abortion rights advocates, he opposes any limits on abortion, even to the detriment of survivors of failed abortions. For Hispanics who illegally enter America and seek handouts, he sues Arizona to prevent them from prosecuting illegal immigrant crime.

If you are a special interest, Obama is your guy. The only thing he asks for in return is unqualified power. It doesn't matter what is best for America. It is not about duty and devotion to principles that protect and serve all men equally. It is about using the power of the presidency to serve the special interests of a group and exacting a price for the help. The interests of the group trump the rights and liberties of the ordinary man, and the power of the president becomes greater than both. This is the path to tyranny. The plan is to harness the support of powerful special interests to serve the dual purpose of fracturing society and redirecting powers initially given to the individual to the president himself.

Obama buys power by offering privileges and protection to his pals. President Dwight Eisenhower said, "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon looses both."

What a travesty in the making. Obama uses special interests to gain power over a man's soul. This was done once already. It was called slavery, and the first special interest was the white man.

If the rights to life, liberty, and property are not owned by the individual, then the individual is a slave. As it happened then, it should happen now: Good people should act out of duty and devotion to the moral imperative of being a free people and work to restore a homeland where it is recognized and affirmed that all men are created equal.
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