NAACP Ushers in The Era of Nonsense

America has entered The Era of Nonsense. At a time when a black man has become the most powerful man in the free world, certain blacks still need the "safety net" of the NAACP.

Even more nonsensical than this co-dependency by these blacks is NAACP president Ben Jealous calling members of Tea Party groups -- Americans fighting for justice for all -- racists. If only Tea Partiers would admit that there is just one racist in their midst, then all would be fine in the world. After all, Jealous doesn't want to condemn the whole movement -- just the racists.

Jealous appears to have selective memory when it comes to who founded the NAACP and fought for the rights of blacks. While most groups are proud of their heritage, it seems the NAACP is intent on revising theirs, and in fact, I found no reference to the NAACP being founded by Republicans on their website!

The same Republicans, black and white, are still fighting for the rights of blacks, yet Jealous portrays us as racists.

Jealous calls the tea parties racist, yet he hasn't attended any. I suspect Jealous believes that Greenland is really green! Jealous doesn't want to actually see for himself that tea parties are not racist, because then he would be forced to find new lies, and the left is running out of lies.  Further, Jealous can't have facts getting in the way of his racist rhetoric, or, God forbid, black people might actually start thinking for "theysefs."

Jealous refuses to believe -- or even speak with -- the many blacks who have actually attended the thousands of Tea Party events without a single racial incident.

However, the NAACP, and its co-conspirators like the Congressional Black Caucus, is constantly associating tea parties to the Klan, as Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) did here.

I fact-checked this and found that at the Democrat-sponsored Klan events of the past, the only featured blacks present were the ones being lynched! Perhaps Jealous and Sheila Jackson Lee overlooked that smidgen of racism that existed in the Democratic Party?

What Jealous seems to not want to acknowledge is the obvious bigotry within the NAACP. This group flatly does not like conservatives, regardless of color.

When Ken Gladney, a young black, was beaten by the SEIU while working, the NAACP held a press conference in St. Louis where their spokesperson called Gladney an "Uncle Tom." The spokesman further added that Gladney was "not black enough," thus establishing the color spectrum for the NAACP. Gladney's color: conservative!

Former president of the NAACP Benjamin Hooks in this article called Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams "Uncle Toms." Two of America's most brilliant minds, two of the most respected black men in America, called Uncle Toms because of their political persuasion. 

As for representing blacks who support the organization, the NAACP's record is dismal -- so much so, in fact, that the organization should be called the National Association for Taking Advantage of Colored People.

Like Jackson and Sharpton, the NAACP is now simply using black people to further its own cause. They have taken a page out of the Operation PUSH playbook and begun corporate shakedowns -- only they are much better at it than Jesse Jackson was.

In 2009, the NAACP sued America's largest banks, saying essentially that they tricked black people into bad loans. In 2010 the suit was dropped after a settlement was reached. I ask you: How much of that settlement directly impacted blacks in their communities?

Jealous wants the Tea Party to condemn a figment, a specter, in fact a ghost -- ironically, a ghost of Democrats past...and present. Present, because the group Jealous represents has racism in its very name, and its members live up to their very real racism on a daily basis.

Was the NAACP needed at one time? Certainly. However, the proud history of the NAACP is under the bus, visiting old friends like capitalism, common sense, and the Constitution. The NAACP has become nothing more than a vendor of victimization, and its members have figured out that race-baiting is where the money is. They have no more interest in serving the needs of blacks than does the Klan.

The NAACP thrives on the evidence that many blacks are comfortable being taken advantage of, as long as it is by other blacks. So as long as the NAACP demonizes whites, the money keeps flowing.

Jealous said in his recent statement:

...we passed over 75 resolutions. They addressed critical issues from education equity, to fixing our broken criminal justice and immigration systems, to our top priority: jobs, jobs, jobs.

If jobs are top priority, then I suggest they pass a resolution that Obama focus less on talking about jobs and more on creating them. 

Finally, I suggest the NAACP pass a racism resolution condemning themselves for discriminatory practices against America, so perhaps then we can end The Era of Nonsense.

Kevin Jackson is author of The BIG Black Lie and The Black Sphere blog. He can be seen regularly on Fox News's O'Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck, and other shows.