The Man Who Would Be King

Over the heads of some of the sycophants in the mainstream media there appears to be the proverbial light bulb turning on. After sixteen months of the Obama presidency, questions are being asked about not only his competency, but what motivates this putative savior.

The current President of the United States, acting in a way that would make Nero proud, continues to fiddle while not only the United States burns, but the rest of the world begins to spin out of control. The economy and the financial future of the country are in shambles. The oil spill in the Gulf was allowed to spread with no plan, central authority, or leadership in place to prevent its destruction of the Gulf coast. American weakness and lack of resolve has sent a signal and emboldened our enemies to press their hegemonic strategy throughout the globe and to attack our allies, such as Israel.

The country is in this position because all President Obama wants to do, and is capable of doing, is half his job.

Barack Obama has been the number-one topic of conversation among many of my friends and associates in London. His incompetence and narcissism, and the danger he poses to the interests of the United States and its allies in Europe, are startling people. I was asked, "How does Obama view himself as President?" We happened to be sitting in a hotel which overlooked Buckingham Palace, and the answer to the question came to me.

In the United Kingdom and many other countries with a parliamentary system, there is a distinction between the head of state and the head of the government. In some countries, such as Denmark, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the monarch, either a king or queen, is considered the head of state, and with that office goes all the trappings of royalty. The mundane responsibility of running the government falls to the elected parliament and their chosen prime minister.

Of the world's major democracies, only the United States merges both functions into the office of president.

Barack Obama views himself as the head of state only, and he has no concept of what leadership is -- thus, he cannot be bothered with the day-to-day responsibility of governance. He is, in his narcissistic world, above all that; therefore, he delegates the writing of the Stimulus, health care, and other major bills to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid; appoints czars with power to spend and set policy; prefers to let others, who can be conveniently blamed, solve the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; and continues to castigate the previous administration for all manner of ills, as certainly no one as preordained as he to rule could ever be truly responsible for any failure.

As head of state, President Obama can concentrate on golf, state dinners, White House receptions, travels overseas, backslapping other politicians and world leaders. He can be breathlessly addressed as Mr. President by a fawning media and star-struck citizens. Above all, he can fly to wherever he chooses and have the Secret Service and police part the sea of humanity as he passes through.

Obama's responsibilities as the head of government having been assigned to others, who in many cases are not answerable to the American people, has created untold chaos in Congress and apprehension and fear among the citizenry as reflected in the lack of job creation and polling on major legislative issues. Yet the president appears not to care, as his interests are in promoting his socialist ideology and himself.

The presidency of the United States to Mr. Obama is nothing more than a stage on which he, in his convoluted sense of destiny, can act as head of state for the world. He is much too busy enjoying the trappings of royalty, despite his oft-declared disdain for that class, to be bothered about the dismal long-term future of the United States if the left-wing policies of his government are enacted. 

It appears that President Obama also believes, as the "titular" world head of state, that he can, by sheer force of his will, charm, persuasive power, and denigration of his country, convince the most brutal of global adversaries to live in peace. His mere words, well-delivered via his teleprompter, will solve not only the ongoing global financial crisis, but also longstanding international disputes.

The rest of the world has begun to see through Obama's unrestrained self-absorption. The rejection of the Olympics for Chicago despite Obama's personal intervention and some of the published comments of Nicholas Sarkozy and the whispers in the backrooms of Europe and other world capitals are just the tip of the iceberg; the real consensus of opinion is slowly but surely beginning to reflect the reality and danger of Obama's incompetence and unrestrained vanity.

However, President Obama's makeup is such that he will never accept any criticism as valid when directed toward him, and he will instead seek any excuse to explain away what is said or done as the result of the failings of others. 

Notwithstanding the determination of the founding fathers to avoid having a "monarch," we now have one, at least in his own mind. Unfortunately, it comes at a most dangerous time in world affairs, and with the economic future of the United States hanging in the balance.