The Jews and the Bloody-Minded Professors

No wonder Obama sent Winston Churchill's sculpted bust right back to London. Would you want Winnie's beetling brows staring down at you when your White House is just swarming with bloody-minded professors? If Churchill had done nothing else but simply pin the label "bloody-minded professors" on the fascists and Stalinists who ran much of British intellectual life from the 1930s onward, he would still have been Obama's natural enemy.

Without bloody-minded professors in the cozy West, there would have been no Nazi Germany and no Stalinist Russia.

Fascism and communism were the very sweaty exudations of those professors. Karl Marx was a bloodthirsty intellectual whose biggest hero was Herr Doktor-Professor Friedrich Hegel, the Kaiser's own philosopher in Berlin. Prussia was in fact the model for Hegel's utopian state, complete with mustachioed, goose-stepping soldiers with funny-looking helmets with little spears on top. Karl Marx just loved the idea of a militarized society, and in Lenin's Moscow, his followers finally got their chance.

As you might remember, everything worked just like clockwork, just the way the professors said it would. We saw how everybody prospered wherever Marxism took hold. No more poverty, no more inequality, just love and peace for all. You can see it in North Korea today.

Obama's White House is chock full of the bloody-minded. They have learned nothing since the Soviet Empire crumbled. You can't suddenly open a door in this White House without pinning a leftist professor behind it, like a wriggling butterfly. They infest the place, all of them buzzing with bright schemes to fix the world, if only everybody would finally listen to them.

That was Obama's answer to the Gulf oil disaster, to send in a team of professors with no visible expertise in oil engineering. In a comparable, if not direr, situation in Kuwait in 1992, George Bush 41 sent in Red Adair. We can see today how well the professors have solved the Gulf oil disaster.

Importing café talkers from Harvard Square was also Obama's solution to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and we know how that got solved in a jiffy.

Today, the bloody-minded intellectuals are Obama's answer to the very existence of Israel. And America.

A lot of those professors are Jewish -- by ancestry, but not by faith. Or anything else by faith. They are secularists, profoundly alienated from normal people. Like secularists everywhere, they have fallen in love with a goofy messianic fantasy instead of the bad old beliefs. Their spitting rage against Christianity and Orthodox Judaism is a measure of their alienation. They worshiped Obama -- until it turned out that he couldn't stop the oil exploding in the Gulf after all. But don't worry -- they'll find another savior soon, because they're always on the lookout. 

I have a friend who is a Jewish secularist, and also a bloody-minded professor -- particularly about Israel. Like Obama, he is willing to see Israel destroyed to protect his faith in utopian internationalism. That's who Obama is. Obama doesn't hate America; he only hates America as a country. See, the Founders got it all wrong. Lincoln was wrong to save the Union. Reagan was wrong to invite the Evil Empire to crumble of its own inner contradictions. It would be good for America to stop being a nation and leave everything to Obama and his buds. That's "progressivism." As G.K. Chesterton wrote, the left loves humanity, but it doesn't have much truck with real people.

In Obama's eyes, America and Israel should not be sovereign nations with the ability to defend themselves. They are just obstacles to utopia, an enlightened world run by bloody-minded professors. Peacefully, of course.

So we see the walking contradiction of MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, the son of a Talmudic scholar, who hates Israel so much that his best buds are in Islamofascist terror groups that crank out an endless stream of murder-propaganda against Israel and Jews. These people would have killed Chomsky's family members in Russia, yet Chomsky is the biggest anti-Israel propagandist on the Left. Chomsky has probably done more to reverse the crumbling of the Soviet Faith in the last twenty years than anyone else. All the Palestinian groups are officially sworn to destroy Israel, and it's fine with Chomsky. He's looking forward to the end with bright anticipation. 

The Turkish suiciders on the Mavi Marmara worked hand-in-hand with bloody-minded professors of the left -- Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jodie Evans, and Code Pink. This is the left-fascist alliance of our times, our Hitler-Stalin Pact. Don't ever forget it just because it's not an official treaty. The Left and the fascist Muslims are working hand-in-glove wherever they can, including the White House.

Islamofascists are exactly the same kind of utopians as the left. They just happen to have their heads stuck in the 7th century; they are Dark Age utopians, ready to bring a nuclear Armageddon to clear the way for Paradise on Earth. Al-Qaeda was started by an Islamist intellectual. Jimmy Carter's favorite holy man, Ayatollah Khomeini, was a Shiite scholar who stepped straight out of the 10th century, ready to chop heads for Allah. A million people died as a direct result in the Iran-Iraq war. All because Jimmy decided that Khomeini would be better than the bad old Shah. As for little fascist Ahmadinejad, his favorite suicide theorist, Masbeh-Yazdi, is a Islamic scholar who gave his official stamp of approval to Iran's thugs to rape women and boys before they were executed.

Bloody-minded professors are the unloveliest people in the world. They are the smug enablers for all the totalitarians since the French Revolution. Celebrated philosophers like Martin Heidegger were true-believing Nazis, and famous French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre lent his immense prestige to Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, one after the other. How's that for a triple slam? 

When Israel refused to let Noam Chomsky into the country a month ago, he responded by calling Israel "Stalinist." If you ever see a video of the Knesseth conducting its debates in Jerusalem, notice how Stalinist it looks, how everybody stands up en masse and enthusiastically applauds the Supreme Leader when he deigns, come to think of it, that's Tehran, not Jerusalem. It's also Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, Damascus, and Gaza today. In the Age of Obama, even the United States Senate looks more Stalinist than the Knesseth. Some Stalinist state.

Malcolm Muggeridge saw the rise of British fascism -- pardon me, the British Fabians, who started the Labour Party and the European welfare state in the 1920s. They were all utopians, all raving leftists, and all very pleased to see an ocean of blood in Russia, Spain, China, Germany, Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, and any other place that was far enough from their own cozy lives. All for a good cause. Muggeridge started as a true believer, and then, as the Moscow correspondent of the Guardian during the purposely inflicted Ukrainian famine, he gradually fell away from the Soviet faith.

Muggeridge wrote about an evening with the two fabled founders of the Fabian Society, Beatrice and Sydney Webb:

[Sydney] Webb, complacently stroking his goatee beard, explained how under capitalism there might be as many as thirty or more varieties of fountain pen, whereas in the USSR we should find but one. A much more satisfactory arrangement. As he made the point, his bulbous eyes positive[ly] glowed behind the pince-nez. She, fluttering her hands like a mesmerist to shut him up, spoke about Man as consumer and Man as a producer, and how under Socialism ever the twain must meet. ... "Sydney and I," Mrs. Webb had told me, "have become icons in the Soviet Union." ... She sat warming her hands at the fire, holding them out as though warding something off. "It's true," she said suddenly, a propos of nothing, that in the USSR people disappear." She accented the word, showing her teeth as as she did so. (pp. 206-209)

The mass purges started soon afterward in Moscow.

Churchill's "bloody-minded professors" were not innocent idealists, and they still are not today. Sydney and Beatrice Webb knew what they were lying about in the West while a hundred million people died in Russia, and later, China.

Today's bloody-minded professors are not innocent, either. They know that millions of people will die if they get their way. It's their nature to thrive on the suffering of others. They are idealists, you see.
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