Democrat 'Suicide Bombers'

It appears that the Democrats in Congress are having a complete breakdown. I don't know the appropriate medical terms, but in layman's terms, they've lost their minds!

Cap-and-Trade, a bill which claims to respond to the questionable climate change crisis or the oil spill in the Gulf (depending on what audience Henry Waxman is addressing), and a Value-Added-Tax (VAT) are both being discussed as part of the Democrat post-election strategic goals during a lame duck session of Congress. 

We all know that there are suicides every day. It's sad but inevitable, regardless of how many suicide "hotlines" are in place. But the truly dangerous potential suicide is the one who doesn't plan to go alone. Suicide bombers in the Middle East are the most commonly seen exponent of this.

Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any "hotlines" for a political party that wants to commit group suicide. 

Let's just think this through, which the Democrats obviously haven't. Both the Cap-and-Trade bill and a VAT imposition would raise taxes on everyone in the country.  Allow me to say that again -- they would raise taxes on everyone in the country. Rich, poor and middle class, union members, entrepreneurs and welfare recipients, young and old, white, black, and Hispanic, gay and straight, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, atheists, Evangelicals, Muslims, and Buddhists, those here legally and illegally. No one would be able to escape paying these taxes.

There are no obvious supporters who might benefit from governmental largess that might be funded by these taxes. We're in too much debt to generate any support for yet another huge government giveaway program. So these new taxes (or fees, as they might try to label them) would simply be punitive. Democrats would be punishing the entire country for not buying into their grand plans to transform America as we know it. 

These new taxes are not the type that can be withheld from a paycheck, or tacked discreetly on everyone's phone bill. They are the type that will be paid every day. They will be paid at the gas pump. They will be paid at the checkout line in every store in the country. They will be paid every single day. 

So every day, voters will be reminded of the Democrat suicide bombers who did, and continue to do, this damage. Every single day. Every day will bring another reminder. Every time a purchase is made, and our citizens get a little less change back, voters will have more salt rubbed into the wound.

Here is where the Democrats' delusions come to full flower. After passing Cap-and-Trade and a VAT, and rubbing it in the faces of the electorate, daily, for two years, the Democrats assume that they will return to power in 2012, and Obama will be reelected by overwhelming margins. 

After running up trillions in deficit spending, forcing through an unpopular medical coverage bill by relying on parliamentary sleight-of-hand, appointing countless czars who want to control everything from internet access to medical treatment, and appointing a "wise Latina" to the Supreme Court, the Democrats plan to top off this dizzying legislative confection with Cap-and-Trade and a VAT. 

The last gasp of this Congress, the so-called climate bill and the VAT, will do more economic damage to this country than anything since the Great Depression. Yet the Democrats will campaign in 2012 that the country needs to return them to power because we need their firm hand on the tiller of ship of state. 

It seems far more likely that in 2012, even more Democratic members of the House and Senate will find themselves working for progressive think-tanks, and they will find themselves led by the 21st century's first one-term president. The Democrats post-2012 will find themselves ever more marginalized until a Democratic candidate for president will come to be viewed in the same light as Norman Thomas -- a footnote in history books or Wikipedia, and not much else. 

That sounds a lot like a political party committing suicide.