In England, A Victory for Freedom

In an unprecedented victory for free people everywhere, a monster mosque costing $27 million that had been planned for the English town of Dudley despite overwhelming opposition from the townspeople has been scrapped. Fifty-five thousand locals had signed a petition against the mosque, but the dhimmi government went over their heads and said it was going to be built anyway. But in the end, the Muslims and the government didn't get their way.

That this mosque would have gone ahead at all after the petitions shows a contempt for the people that is breathtaking. But now it has been scrapped after a brilliant protest staged by the courageous English patriots of the much-maligned English Defence League.

The EDL on Sunday occupied and camped out on the rooftop of the abandoned building slated to be turned into the mammoth new mosque. The EDL's website said that the protesters had "food and water to last them weeks, and a PA system to give speeches." They played the Muslim call to prayer over their PA system, to give the locals a taste of what was in store for them.

Police closed streets as EDL members streamed into Dudley to show support. Riot vans and helicopters converged on the scene, hoping to bring the EDL's protest to a swift end. Muslims also trekked to Dudley to counter the EDL. Senior EDL leadership informed me that thousands of Muslims soon began rioting in Dudley, throwing missiles and objects at the protesters (although they were unable to reach them) -- and in the process, showing the true face of Islam.

EDL leaders also reported that in addition to the thousands of rioting Muslims, numerous Muslim gangs were roaming Dudley. Beatings and stabbings were reported as well. The West Midlands police, the second largest police force in the United Kingdom, could not control the wilding Muslims.

Yet in the mainstream media reports, they held back from reporting on how the Muslims were beating non-Muslims, and they never identified the assailants. What makes this more egregious is that the media has no trouble demonizing the EDL, which, ironically enough, is fighting for the very freedoms those decayed liberal journalist hacks so richly enjoy. Oh, the irony.

The EDL is routinely smeared in the British media, as the Tea Party activists are smeared in the U.S. media. The corrupt, biased media defames any group, person, or organization standing against Islamic supremacism. They tar, feather, and destroy the good name of good people who stand for life, liberty, and individual rights. Libel and slander like "racist," "fascist," "bigot," etc. color every news report of every counter-jihad action. The quisling media is the propaganda arm of jihad. It's despicable. There is nothing racist, fascist, or bigoted about the EDL.

Nonetheless, the establishment is on the other side. Chief Inspector Matt Markham of the West Midlands Police said, "Our priorities are to minimise any disruption to the local community in Dudley and to prevent any further incidents of disorder from occurring." In other words, Islamic supremacists can destroy a town, a city, a country, ruin their whole way of life, and authorities snuff out any expression of opposition to such a plan. Got that? The irony abounds. 

Even so, in Dudley, the giant fortress, which was set to feature a 65-foot minaret, has now been stopped. The mosque plans have been pulled.

Why protest construction of a mosque? The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, once read from an Islamic poem that put it best: "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers."

Islamic expert Robert Spencer explains: "Recently we have seen mosques used to preach hatred; to spread exhortations to terrorist activity; to house a bomb factory; to store weapons; to disseminate messages from bin Laden; to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; to fire on American troops; to fire upon Indian troops; to train jihadists; and much more. In light of all that, it is entirely reasonable for free people to oppose the construction of new mosques in non-Muslim countries."

Yet despite the EDL victory, Muslims are still policing the streets in cars around Dudley. And of course the dhimmi Dudley police are doing nothing about it.

The British political establishment has sold its people down the river and suppressed popular dissent. This is self-enforced sharia law.

Free people should support the English Defence League in its efforts to stand for England and the West against the belligerent invaders and Islamic imperialists.

Pamela Geller is the editor and publisher of the Atlas Shrugs website and former associate publisher of the New York Observer. She is the author of The Post-American Presidency (coming July 27 from Simon & Schuster).
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