A Nation of Lawbreakers

If you are reading this, you most likely have broken the law. You may not be aware of it, but eventually it will come to light. You will be found out -- just ask Joe the Plumber. 

Seemingly once upon a time, laws protected the individual's rights and property. Those days, unfortunately, are gone. Instead, we have a body of laws designed for a system of conduct of the collective. They are designed to influence the norms of the group, and those who defy the group are dangers. Hence, those of you who might defy the regime are the enemy and soon-to-be lawbreakers. 

For instance, the health care bill will make hoop-jumpers out of all of us. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Only after the health care bill passed did we find out how diabolical it is. All Nancy Pelosi did was pull off the biggest con in history, with no small assist from  the Fourth Estate. According to the bill, if we do not purchase health insurance, then we have broken the law. Unlike auto insurance, we can choose not to drive. However, if we breathe, we must get health insurance. 

There are countless potential violations also included for both provider and insuree. The bill is so monstrously large and convoluted that there is no way the average American can keep track of what is involved, except to follow the recommendation and direction of the federal government -- exactly what the bill  is designed to do. 

But we should have known this was coming. Government has been chiseling at cultural institutions a little at a time, and recently in big chunks, in order to gain power. Another example is the IRS. The tax code has countless thousands of pages which we are responsible for, again under penalty of law and imprisonment. Its job is to make the tax law as confusing as possible for a purpose -- not only to maximize revenue, but also to make examples of whoever they pick and choose. 

Even farmers know what it is like. The reporting requirements required by the Agriculture Department require almost a full-time employee to make sense of it all. Along with the debacle of the '70s, when the Agriculture Department encouraged farmers to leverage their own land, the paperwork requirements helped drive out the family farmer. "Get big or get out" was the motto, and they made it impossible for the family farmer to stay in. 

The purpose of tax laws, the health care bill, and countless laws and reporting requirements is to be as confusing and convoluted as possible. The other side of the coin is the fear attached to all of them. 

According to the Democrats, there are two branches of government: Democrats and Republicans. And right now, they have the power, something they are not ashamed of wielding. Therefore, those of you who adhere to the Tea Party movement or are reading this site -- you are the enemy. Rest assured: They can and probably will find something against you if they so desire. 

And if they can't find anything, they can use political correctness with the compliant media acting as judge and jury. Ask George Allen and Trent Lott in government and anybody in talk radio. And now, the American people apparently are inciting sedition by quoting the Constitution, conducting peaceful demonstrations, and other such treasonous acts. 

In the big picture, freedom lasts for only a season. It occurs in a vacuum as the lust for power must be fended off, much like bacteria. Most amazing is how freedom in this nation lasted for over two hundred years and the only thing responsible was a Constitution respecting liberty, freedom, and the rights of the individual. It can last another two hundred years, but only if the forces of power-lust and greed are not allowed to metastasize. Each generation must pass on the values of freedom to the next generation, much like the Tea Party movement and this site do. 

Laws should serve another purpose, and that is to protect us from ourselves. It was important enough to elucidate a separation of powers in the Constitution. Democrats are playing fast and loose with the Constitution in order to win and maintain power, nothing less. We must act immediately before freedom becomes against the law. 
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