The Naked Left

The left loves to hide. This is why leftists reject the label "liberal" in favor of "progressive" or some other meaningless term. This is also why leftists must describe their opponents as the "hard right" or "right-wing extremists," rather than simply respond to the serious policy issues their opponents raise.   

The establishment media, which has been obviously tilted to the left for fifty years, petulantly denies any leftist bias. This utter denial continues more than forty years after Agnew's speech against the television elites in 1969 and in spite of polling data, such as a Gallup poll which shows a huge plurality considering the media more liberal than conservative and a Zogby Poll which shows 64% of Americans seeing a liberal bias in the media.  

Why do these elites lie about what they believe? Newspapers used to proudly proclaim their advocacy of partisan positions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking an editorial stand. The problems of the establishment left media are these: (1) They do not compete against each other by exposing the stories which are being ignored or tilted, so these clusters of corporations act like constituent parts of a monopoly or a trust, and (2) they lie about their biases, perversely pretending to be the noble, neutral mediators of public discourse.

The establishment media was once decked out in royal robes. Now it is part of the Naked Left. The nimble, principled, bright media of conservative talent founded on talk radio, cyberspace news and social websites, Fox News, and the rising conservative book industry finds out and reports within hours stories that the leftist monopolist of news used to spike for months.

Colleges used to be places of learning, debate, and free thought -- long ago. Academia is no longer like that. The soft disciplines like political science, history, and philosophy have become pretentious tools in the hands of aging Marxists and their craven pals. Politically correct speech, which sounds like it comes right out of Orwell's 1984, was the serious and severe creation of the once-respectable college administrations. 

One of the biggest stories in the last fifty years is how deeply Soviet agents had penetrated not just our government, but the motion picture industry, journalism, and other choke points in our society. The end of the Soviet Union allowed scholars to prove beyond any doubt not only the guilt of men like Alger Hiss, but also of men and women whom we never dreamed were traitors. Has academia revised at all its estimations of the Red Scare? No. It prefers, instead, to proclaim Marxism and socialism as still "untested ideals" and the unmarked graves of its hundred million or so victims as meaningless statistics. 

But those historians and political scientists have lost whatever fig leaf allowed them to once hail Stalin as a great man. The archives of the KGB, the GRU, the Stasi in East Germany, the inner sanctum of the Kremlin -- all denude these wrinkly old slaves of the left, who run their petty empires in colleges as a dying class of aristocrats, addled adherents of the Old Regime of "Uncle Joe" Stalin leftism. Plenty of diligent conservative scholars have exposed the Naked Left in academia through books, lectures, and articles. These free minds cannot be shackled with the narcotic of tenure and the other debilitating enticements of cushy college sinecures.

Seldom has the Naked Left been more exposed that in the myth of man-made global warming. As Marc Sheppard observes, the so-called science of man-made global warming has been hopelessly manipulated to reach preordained conclusions. Hiding something as huge as the Medieval Warming Period through the scientific equivalent of three card Monte shows that the emperors of bureaucratic "science" have no clothes. Ben Stein has done estimable work in his film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed in showing how politically correct science is the only science treated as legitimate -- no matter how lame its analysis or weak its predictive power. The Naked Left of state-allowed science is simply intellectual slop. Nimble, clever, honest minds have done what dull, regimented, bent minds cannot.

Soon Democrats will face directly an electorate that sees right through them. All the procedural tricks and side deals slavered onto a legislative sandwich with thousands of slices fool only the hopelessly prostituted minions of the left. Ordinary people grasp the awfulness of vast legislation pushed through Congress without a single Republican vote and before members of Congress could feel the full dragon's breath of constituent fury. The left was never more naked than in the crass spectacle last month. 

Truth, courage, and honor have led conservatives through long campaigns against the dying leftist establishment. Much of this work simply involved exposing the left for what it is, and now it is the Naked Left -- having nothing worth wanting, as everyone can now see.

Bruce Walker is the author of two books: Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie and the recently published The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity.
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